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This AP Biology: Exam Prep course prepares you to take the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology Exam. Watch biology video lessons and learn about cellular structure, genetics, mitosis, and more. These lessons are just a portion of our online AP video lessons. 

About this Course

Prepare for the AP Biology Exam through this online biology course. Boost your science vocabulary and learn about basic concepts of biology, like plant and animal reproduction and growth, through this series of short videos, which have been developed by our team of knowledgeable professional educators. This course also explores various systems of the human body, including the circulatory, digestive, nervous and skeletal systems, and introduces concepts of genetics and heredity. Once you've completed a lesson, you can take the accompanying self-assessment quiz to see how well you've absorbed the information.

Course Topics

The Basics of ScienceLearn science vocabulary, the scientific method, units used in science and math, and how to design scientific experiments.
Inorganic Chemistry ReviewUnderstand atomic structure, chemical bonds, solutions, and other basics of chemistry.
Organic Chemistry ReviewExplore biological molecules like proteins and carbohydrates and understand their functions.
DNA and RNA OverviewExamine the building blocks of life and how DNA performs its job inside our cells.
Cell BiologyTake a look at the basic processes that occur inside cells, from transport across the cell membrane to the structure of viruses.
Enzymatic BiochemistryLearn about the important functions of enzymes and how they enact various biological processes.
Metabolic BiochemistryUnderstand how our cells produce energy to sustain life and the processes involved in photosynthesis.
DNA Replication: Processes and StepsExplore how DNA makes copies of itself and how its structure is essential to the process.
The Transcription and Translation ProcessExamine how DNA is read and used to make everything an organism needs.
Cell DivisionTake a look at the process that makes two cells from one and understand the steps involved for division of both regular and reproductive cells.
Genetics and HeredityLearn about the traits that are passed on through DNA, including Mendel's laws of heredity.
Plant BiologyUnderstand how plant cells and processes are different from those in animals and learn the basic structures of plants.
Plant Reproduction and GrowthExplore the alternation of generations that characterizes plant reproduction and see how plants grow from seeds.
Digestive SystemExamine the inner-workings of the human digestive system, including both the structures and the processes that are involved.
Respiratory SystemTake a look at the mechanism of gas exchange and what structures help us gather oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.
Cardiovascular SystemLearn how the heart pumps blood throughout the body and some of the problems that can occur with this system.
The BrainUnderstand the parts of the brain and match them with their corresponding functions.
The Nervous SystemExplore how our nerves gather and send information throughout our bodies.
Urinary SystemExamine the kidneys, their basic structures, and how they help to remove toxins from the blood.
Endocrine and Excretory SystemsTake a look at how hormones work to control processes inside the body.
Skeletal SystemLearn to name the bones in the human body and understand their purpose.
Connective TissueUnderstand the different types of tissues that are needed in various parts of the body and learn their functions.
Muscular SystemExplore the muscle families that work together to create movement and how this movement occurs on the cellular level.
Animal Reproduction and DevelopmentExamine the reproductive process from fertilization to fetal development.
Anatomy and Physiology of Reproductive SystemsTake a look at both the male and female reproductive systems and learn how each structure in the system functions.
The Lymphatic and Immune SystemsLearn how our bodies fight off infection and disease and what happens when these systems fail.
Evolution OverviewUnderstand the mechanisms of evolution and what factors can affect the heredity or survival of species.
Ecology OverviewExplore the big picture of biological organisms by looking at how they function in groups in certain environments.
Animal BehaviorTake a look at social behaviors of animals and how this fits into the biology you've learned.
Phylogeny and the Classification of OrganismsUnderstand the groups of animals on the planet and how each group evolved.
LaboratoryLearn how to conduct biological experiments on topics like mitosis, cellular respiration, genetics, and more.

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