AP Calculus AB & BC: Exam Prep

This AP Calculus AB & BC: Exam Prep course prepares you to take the AP Calculus AB and BC exams. Watch calculus video lessons and learn derivatives, integrals, exponentials, and more. These lessons are just a portion of our online AP video lessons. 

About the Course

Get an in-depth look at continuity, integrals, and limits through this online calculus course. Learn to graph functions, simplify equations, and calculate derivatives as you prepare for the AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC exams. Our team of experienced, professional educators designed the videos in this course to be brief yet engaging; they also crafted short, multiple-choice quizzes to help you measure your proficiency in the topics covered in the course.

Course Topics

FunctionsDefine functions and learn how to work with them in complex equations and more.
Graphing and FunctionsLearn how to graph functions on the Cartesian plane and find the slope of a point.
LimitsUnderstand how to describe and determine the limits of functions.
ContinuityExplore continuity in functions and the different types of discontinuity.
Exponential and Logarithmic FunctionsLearn about derivatives for logarithmic and exponential functions.
Exponentials and LogarithmsUnderstand the concepts of exponents and logarithms and how to solve equations involving them.
Exponents and PolynomialsExplore exponent properties, rational exponents, polynomial equations, and simplifying equations.
Applications of DerivativesLearn how to use derivatives in math problems and real life through linearization, Newton's method, and optimization.
Calculating Derivatives and Derivative RulesUnderstand how to calculate derivatives with limits, use the chain rule, and graph various derivatives.
Differential EquationsExplore equations that include derivatives and how to solve ordinary and partial derivative equations.
Area Under the Curve and IntegralsLearn about Riemann sums and how to calculate the area under a curve with integrals.
Graphing Derivatives and L'Hopital's RuleUnderstand how to graph derivatives using differential calculus and L'Hopital's rule about indeterminate forms.
Integration and Integration TechniquesExplore the techniques used in integration, like the substitution technique and integration by parts.
Integration ApplicationsLearn how to use Newton's method for root-finding problems, areas between functions, and volumes of revolution.
Rate of ChangeUnderstand how motion is related to slopes, tangents, and the derivative in calculus.
Geometry and Trigonometry in CalculusExplore basic geometry and trigonometry concepts and how they're related to calculus.
Using Scientific Calculators for CalculusLearn how to use your scientific calculator for functions, exponentials, graphing, and more.
Infinite SeriesUnderstand summations of infinite sequences of numbers and the various types of infinite series.

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