AP Psychology: Exam Prep

This AP Psychology Exam Prep course prepares you to take the AP Psychology Exam. Watch psychology video lessons and learn about cognition, psychoanalysis, biological processes, and more. These lessons are just a portion of our online video lessons. 

About the Course

Explore the five senses and their relationship to psychology through this online course. Developed by our team of professional educators, these brief video lessons can serve as a basis for your psychology education or a refresher on topics you've already studied. Either way, you'll be prepared for the AP Psychology Exam; passing this test can qualify you for college credit. Topics covered in this set of lessons include the history of psychological theory, development of the psyche, and biological functions of the brain and nervous system. You can test your knowledge of psychology through the short multiple-choice quizzes that accompany each lesson.

Course Topics

History and Development of Modern Psychology Learn how the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors began and branched into one of the furthest-reaching disciplines.
Research Methods Used in the Study of Psychology Understand the process of psychological research, the ethical ramifications of experiments, and the measurements that are gathered.
Intelligence Testing Explore intelligence tests and other types of tests used by psychologists.
Biology in Psychology Learn about the brain, the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and how these biological structures impact our psyches.
The 5 Senses and Psychology Explore our five senses and how our brains interpret sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
Sleep and Other States of Consciousness Understand how sleep, dreams, and other states like hypnosis affect our psyches.
Learning and Conditioning Learn about learning via classic psychological experiments and various theories in the field.
Memory and Cognition Explore the processes like memory, reasoning, and problem solving that make up cognitive functions.
Psychology of Emotion Learn theories that attempt to explain where emotions like fear, stress, and happiness come from.
Child Development in Psychology Understand the leading theories about the development of various mental processes and functions in children.
Personality Development and Theories Explore classic conceptualizations of the self and how we become who we are.
Study of Social Psychology Learn about the psychological implications of groups and how other people affect our psyches.
Abnormal Psychology Understand the attributes and classifications of various types of psychological disorders.
Treatment Methods for Psychological Disorders Explore the different ways in which psychological therapy can be administered and the pros and cons of each.

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