Biology 102: Basic Genetics

Watch biology video lessons and learn about genetic research, disorders, theories and more. These lessons use engaging animations and graphics to help you easily retain fundamental genetics concepts. 

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Learn to differentiate between DNA and RNA and between mitosis and meiosis through this course on basic genetics. Our team of professional educators, who have experience in biology, designed the video lessons in this chapter to be brief and easy to follow. You'll get an overview of genetics before exploring more complex topics, like DNA mutation and comparative genomics. Other topics covered in this chapter include cloning and genetic modification. To be sure you've mastered the material covered in each video lesson, you can take the accompanying self-assessment quiz.

Course Topics

The Molecular and Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance Study DNA and RNA, including replication, types and structure. Also learn about prokaryotic transcription, eukaryotic transcription, the genetic code and protein synthesis.
Transmission/Mendelian Genetics Examine an overview of genetics, properties of alleles, and Mendel's laws. Discover complementation tests, exceptions to simple dominance, polygenic traits, epistasis and heredity.
Population Genetics and Evolution Analyze the theory of evolution, the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium and natural selection. Investigate the ideas of inbreeding, genetic fitness and speciation.
Model Organisms and Developmental Genetics Learn about invertebrate and vertebrate model organisms and the pattern formation in the basic body plan. Study different types of genes, such as maternal-effect, gap, pair rule, segment polarity and homeotic.
DNA Damage, Mutation and Repair Examine what causes mutations, including mutagens and irradiation. Also look at DNA base excision repair.
Human Genetics Explore human genetics research that touches on topics, including pedigrees, population genetics and genetic disorders. Study topics related to sex chromosomes and genetic testing.
Comparative Genomics Review topics related to comparative genomics, such as homology, prokaryotes, eukaryotes and chromosomes.
DNA Technology Explore the polymerase chain reaction, cloning, genetic modification and the Human Genome Project.

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The Molecular and Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

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