Business 103: Introductory Business Law

Watch business law video lessons and learn about areas including contracts, basic U.S. law, the court systems and more. Take the self-assessment quizzes to gauge your understanding of introductory business law principles. 

About this Course

Explore the history of constitutional law and learn about employment and international business law through Business 103: Introductory Business Law. This series of brief yet comprehensive video lessons and quizzes provides an extensive examination of contracts, including contract terms, legal capacity and breaches, as well as assignment of rights and delegation of duties. You'll also learn how to create an agency relationship and form various business organizations, including partnerships and corporations. Designed by a team of professional educators with experience in business law, this course can help you understand fundamental business law principles.

Course Topics

History of American Law Explore how American law began, the early stages of development and the earliest forms of law in the country.
Sources of Law Look into the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the branches of the government and law at the state and local level.
Constitutional Law Explore the highest law in the land, including deeper looks into the 1st, 5th and 14th amendments.
American Legal Systems Examine the legal systems in the U.S. Study court functions and see how civil law differs from criminal law.
Legal Procedures Analyze substantive law vs. procedural law. See what happens when a lawsuit begins, including pleadings, motions, jury trials and jurisdiction.
Contracts: Basics Study the basics of contract terms. Learn about parties to a contract, contract termination and types of contracts.
Contracts: Capacity Discover the legal capacity of a contract, including contracts with minors. Study other contract issues that may arise.
Contracts: Third-Party Beneficiaries Take a look at topics such as intended and incidental beneficiaries, beneficiary's rights, rights of promisor and promisee and the intended beneficiaries of government contracts.
Contracts: Assignment and Delegation Explore how rights are assigned in a contract. Learn more about the rights of individuals entering a contract and how duties under a contract are delegated.
Contracts: Statute of Frauds Examine the Statute of Frauds. Learn more about contracts that fall within the statute, exceptions to writing requirements in the statute, promissory estoppel, certainty of terms, rules of interpretation and construction, implied terms and excused conditions.
Contracts Scopes and Meanings Study certainty of terms, rules of interpretation and construction, implied terms, the parol evidence rule, conditions and excused conditions.
Contracts: Breach of Contract Study types of breaches, anticipatory repudiation, remedies for breaches of contracts and defenses to enforcement of a contract.
Contracts: Discharge of Contracts Explore how a contract can be discharged.
Legal Environment Analyze legal ethics, including the social responsibility of corporations, government regulation and environmental law.
Securities and Antitrust Law Discover concepts related to this area of law, such as securities regulation, registration requirement, remedies for violations of registration process, exempt securities and transactions, securities fraud and insider trading.
Property Law Examine topics that include trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets. Also, study topics related to real property laws.
Employment and Labor Law Analyze key ideas related to employment and labor laws. Learn about minimum wage, child labor, family and medical leave, workers compensation, social security, retirement benefit plans, workplace safety, collective bargaining and wrongful termination.
Creditor's Rights Explore the rights of creditors, such as collection rights, secured transactions and creditor rights in bankruptcy.
Product Liability and Consumer Protection Define product liability and consumer protection, while learning about defective products, credit protections, privacy protection and unfair competition.
International Business Law Find out more about related concepts like treaties, commercial activities, sovereign immunity and trade regulations.
Torts Examine concepts related to torts, including terms, transferred intent for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, conversion, defenses to intentional torts, negligence torts, strict liability torts and vicarious liability.
Agency Discover how to create the agency relationship and the duties of the agent, liability of the principal and liability of the agent.
Types of Business Organizations Analyze how to create a partnership. Also take a look at how to legally create a corporation. Study the role of stocks and dividends, the tax structure and the liability of corporations.
Sales Take a look at the Uniform Commercial Code. Learn about the formation of UCC contracts, acceptance by buyer, rejection by buyer, seller's right to cure, meanings of UCC contracts, modification and consideration and the Statute of Frauds under the UCC.

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