Business 110: Business Math

This course can help you learn about business math topics such as financial analysis, linear equations and inequalities. Each lesson is followed by a brief, multiple-choice quiz for immediate feedback on your progress. 

About the Course

In this course, experienced instructors share their business math knowledge through a series of video lessons. Topics of study range from linear equations and inequalities to financial analysis, with each topic broken down into several in-depth chapters. Throughout the course, you'll be able to gauge your knowledge of business mathematics through quizzes and practice exams.

Course Topics

Number SenseSolve problems using percentages, fractions, mixed numbers and decimal numbers. Compare and order fractions and decimal numbers. Change between decimals and percentages and decimals and fractions. Convert common units of measure. Use the order of operations. Understand and interpret bar graphs and pie charts.
Linear Equations and InequalitiesWrite and graph linear equations. Solve simultaneous linear equations. Extrapolate values using a line graph. Interpolate data.
Graphing and Evaluating Equations and FunctionsDetermine the equation of a line using point-slope formula. Graph undefined slope, zero slope and 1- and 2-variable inequalities. Use the distance and midpoint formulas. Graph basic functions and functions of functions. Determine the domain and range of a function.
Quadratic Equations and FunctionsSolve quadratics that are not in standard form. Solve quadratic equations by factoring and using the quadratic formula. Complete the square.
Probability and Statistics for Business MathCalculate mean, median, mode and range. Understand standard deviation and shifts in the mean. Understand probability of simple, compound and complementary events as well as independent and dependent events. Calculate statistical significance. Calculate expected value given a probability distribution table, and compare expected value to actual results to calculate residual error. Understand probability distributions. Calculate weighted averages. Understand percentiles.
Depreciation/Salvage ValuesCompute and record methods of depreciation. Understand depreciation for partial years and changes in estimates. Report depreciation of a plant asset on a balance sheet. Understand accelerated depreciation.
Interest and PurchasesInterpret index numbers. Understand common credit terms. Calculate deferred payment price vs. cash price. Calculate total interest for financing options. Calculate markups and markdowns. Calculate effective annual rates of interest given nominal rates and present and future value/balance amounts. Calculate percentage increases and decreases. Understand promissory note terms.
Financial AnalysisCalculate present and future values. Calculate fixed costs given two total cost/unit scenarios. Understand common financial ratios. Calculate stock EPS, stock yield and rate of return. Understand preferred stocks and bond types and terms. Calculate bond yield.
Business Math ApplicationsCalculate gross pay, net pay, taxes and time and a half. Calculate property tax. Convert amounts using exchange rate information.

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