English 104: College Composition

This English 104: College Composition course prepares you to earn real college credit. Watch college composition video lessons and learn about grammar tips, sentence structure, essay organization and more. These lessons are a part of our online video lessons. 

About this Course

Improve your reading comprehension and learn about grammatical conventions and rules of citation through English 104: College Composition. Our team of experienced professional educators put together the brief but thorough video lessons in this course, which can earn you real college credit. This course introduces you to the various parts of an essay and contains tips to help boost your writing skills, such as using strong diction and choosing appropriate tone and point-of-view. Once you've finished watching each video, you can take the accompanying self-assessment quiz to see how well you've retained the presented information.

Course Topics

Conventions in Writing: Grammar Learn about some of the important aspects of English grammar, like independent and dependent clauses, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, punctuation usage, comma splices, parallelism, pronoun usage, subjects, verb tense, subject-verb agreement and dangling modifiers.
Conventions in Writing: Usage Find out how to make your writing better with good diction, develop style, tone, point-of-view, idioms, phrasal verbs, active vs. passive voice, logical sentences and sentence clarity.
How to Revise an Essay Study how to write a thesis statement and topic sentence. Learn about organizing an essay, using sources, structuring paragraphs, improving sentence structure, writing a great argument and using rhetorical skills.
Using Source Materials Take a look at topics that will help you choose the right sources and use them correctly, like bibliographies, plagiarism, citations, reference materials, MLA format, APA citations, Chicago Citation Style and works cited page.
Parts of an Essay Discover what it takes to put together a good essay by looking at how to engage readers, brainstorm, write an outline, write a strong essay body, use transition sentences and structure an argument.
Essay Writing Study types of essay, like personal essays and persuasive essays. Learn to write quickly but well and practice essay writing, editing and proofreading for spelling and grammar.
Reading and Understanding Essays Improve reading comprehension by using context words. Also learn about determining the best audience for an essay and peer editing.

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