Math 102: College Mathematics

This Math 102: College Mathematics course guides you through a variety of mathematics topics with the help of engaging videos and self-assessment quizzes. Watch video lessons and learn about a variety of mathematical concepts, including exponents, polynomials, complex numbers and statistics. 

About This Course

This course covers topics ranging from real number systems to probability and statistics. You'll learn to use the midpoint and distance formulas, graph inequalities and multiply binomials. You'll also explore the properties of various shapes and learn to determine their area and perimeter. Our lessons are taught by professional educators with experience in mathematics. In addition to designing the videos in this course, these educators have developed written transcripts and self-assessment quizzes to round out your learning experience.

Course Topics

Math Foundations Learn about the different types of numbers, prime factorization, greatest common factors, least common factors and different parts of a graph. Study how to use the midpoint formula and the distance formula.
Linear Equations Study intercepts, standard form and graphing. See how to graph an undefined slope and zero slope and use a system of equations.
Solving and Graphing Inequalities Discover the definition of an inequality and how to graph them. Take a look at set notation, compound inequalities and systems of inequalities.
Graphing and Factoring Quadratic Equations Examine parabolas in standard, intercept and vertex form. Learn about multiplying binomials using FOIL and the area method. See how to complete the square.
Complex and Imaginary Numbers Learn about imaginary numbers and how they relate to complex numbers. Find out how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and graph complex numbers.
Properties of Exponents Study the five main exponent properties and learn how to define a zero and negative exponent, simplify expressions with exponents and simplify expressions with rational exponents.
Properties of Polynomial Functions Take a look at how to graph cubics, quartics and quintics. Discover how to add and subtract polynomials, multiply polynomials, divide polynomials with long division and use synthetic division to divide polynomials.
Simplifying and Solving Rational Expressions Learn how to multiply and divide rational expressions, add and subtract rational expressions and solve a rational equation.
Properties of Functions Study the basics and key terms of functions and domain and range in a function. Look at how to shift graphs on a plane, compose functions and apply function operations. Find out how to add, subtract, multiply and divide functions.
Logarithms and Exponential Equations Learn the definition of an exponential function and a logarithm. Study how to evaluate logarithms, solve exponential equations and solve logarithmic equations.
Logic Take a look at critical thinking and logic in mathematics, logical fallacies, propositions, truth values and truth tables. Find out about conjunctions, disjunctions, conditional statements in math, converse, inverse, contrapositive and counterexample.
Sets Study elements, intersections, unions, cardinality, types of subsets, disjoint, overlap, intersection and union. Learn how to find the Cartesian product and examine Venn diagrams and categorical propositions.
Probability and Statistics Learn how to calculate percent increase with relative and cumulative frequency tables and calculate mean, median, mode and range. Discover methods for calculating simple conditional probabilities, the probability of combinations, permutations and the probability of permutations. Learn about math combinations, shifts in the mean and the probability of independent and dependent events.
Geometry Study the properties of shapes (triangles, circles and rectangles), including perimeter, area and circumference. Look at how to identify similar triangles and the types of angles.

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