English 101: English Literature

This English 101: English Literature course prepares you to earn real college credit. Watch English literature video lessons and learn about such authors as Shakespeare and Chaucer, and such literary eras as Modernism and Romanticism. These lessons are just a portion of our online videos. 

About the Course

Explore various literary periods and theories and learn to analyze literature through English 101: English Literature. This course covers famous fiction writers like James Joyce, Chaucer and Samuel Beckett, while also examining nonfiction elements in literature. You'll learn about restoration comedy and romantic prose and poetry as well as explore prominent works of literature, like Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales. You can measure your proficiency in English literature by taking the self-assessment quizzes that accompany each video lesson. All materials in this course were developed by our team of experienced, professional English instructors.

Course Topics

Literary Terms and Analysis Learn about the literary periods and literary theory. Study how to analyze literature and some test-taking strategies.
Old and Middle English Literature Examine medieval literature, including famous pieces like Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales.
The Renaissance in English Literature Find out about Renaissance literature with a look at Shakespeare and some of his famous work.
17th and 18th Century English Literature Take a look at John Bunyan, John Milton, Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson and Ann Radcliffe. Also learn about restoration comedy.
Romantic Prose in English Literature Explore romantic prose through looking at work by Mary Shelley, the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen.
Romantic Poetry in English Literature Discover romantic poetry. Learn about Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, among others.
Victorian Literature Study work by Dickens, George Eliot, Robert Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Turn-of-the-Century Literature Examine writing from Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Joseph Conrad, W.B. Yeats and E.M. Forster.
Modernism in English Literature Learn about T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, D.H. Lawrence and other modernists.
Nonfiction in English Literature Take a look at politics, Victorian thought and utilitarianism in literature.

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