EPT: CSU English Language Arts Placement Exam

The English Placement Test (EPT) is a college assessment exam specifically for California State University. The exam tests your reading and writing aptitude to determine the college level that fits your current skills. This EPT course covers all of the concepts you'll need to understand and the skills you'll need to develop for the EPT. 

About the Course

California State University's EPT is required for all first-time students admitted to the school. The 3-part test allows a total of an hour and 45 minutes to complete. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions for the reading and composing skills sections, plus a written essay. The EPT is offered several times a year at CSU campuses, and you'll need to make sure you've taken the exam by the deadline based on the semester you plan to register.

Preparing and Registering for the EPT

This EPT course helps you prepare by covering the skills you'll need for the exam, such as organizing and structuring an essay, analyzing a passage of text, and writing with clear sentence structure. In addition to the engaging video lessons in each chapter, you'll have the opportunity to evaluate your understanding of the subjects through short quizzes available with every lesson. The quizzes also help you establish a testing strategy and introduce you to the question format you'll experience on the EPT.

Registration for the EPT is available online. The school assigns you a username and password to access the system, check your exemption status, and register for any required exams. If you have taken other college-readiness exams, such as the SAT or ACT, you may not need to take the EPT, depending on the scores you received. If you need to test outside of California, there's an additional fee, and testing dates are limited to once a month. On the day of the test, you'll need to bring your social security number, photo identification, your test ticket, and soft-lead #2 pencils. You won't be allowed any study materials, electronic devices, photographic equipment or any type of paper.

Scoring the EPT

Scores for the EPT are available about four to six weeks after the test date. You can view your score reports online or have them mailed to you. The report will show your total score as well as a breakdown of the scores you received in each section. The essay score ranges from 0-6 and takes your writing skills, reasoning, organization, development, mechanics, and clarity into consideration. The scores for both the reading and composing skills sections range from 120-180.

EPT: Essay

During the essay portion of the test, you'll be presented with a passage about a general-knowledge topic. After thinking through the topic, you'll write an essay in support of or opposing the viewpoint in the passage, using reasoning, examples, and experiences to support your conclusion. This chapter on essay writing guides you through evaluating a passage, building your arguments, formulating your reasoning, and writing a strong essay. You'll be able to learn about rhetoric, proofreading, and writing an attention-grabbing thesis statement, then quiz yourself and write some practice essays to hone your skills.

EPT: Reading Skills

There are 45 questions in the Reading Skills section. You'll read a short paragraph and answer a series of questions about the vocabulary, word choice, relationship, or meaning of specific sentences or the paragraph as a whole. The Reading Comprehension chapter in this EPT course teaches you reading strategies that help you analyze and find the main idea of a passage. You'll be able to learn how to use inference in poetry, draw conclusions from a statement, identify mood and tone, and use context to determine the meaning of words. The Logical Relationships chapter shows you how statements can contrast or contradict each other, explain consequence, clarify an implied meaning, or show cause and effect.

EPT: Composing Skills

The Composing Skills portion of the EPT also contains 45 questions. Some ask you to choose the best word or words to complete a sentence, some look for the most appropriate transitional sentence to complete a paragraph, and others ask you to identify the best supporting statement for a topic. The EPT course includes a chapter that teaches you how to compose grammatically and structurally correct sentences and paragraphs. Learn about clarity, avoiding mixed structure sentences, word choice, logical fallacies, types of clauses and faulty comparisons. Take each lesson's corresponding quiz to test your understanding of parallel sentences, sentence fragments, and sentence boundaries.

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