Business 101: Principles of Management Final Exam

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1. Which step is NOT part of Deming's philosophy?


John, wanting a first home, sat down and thought to himself the following:

1. I could stay where I am and not buy a home.

2. If the house I really like is more money than I can afford, I can cut back on other expenses or get a roommate to help pay the monthly mortgage.

In which stage is John in the decision making process?

3. In The Weeds Landscaping is a small landscaping company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The two owners are responsible for their own area of the company: Sean is tasked with the design-build division and Curt is responsible for the maintenance department. Both Sean and Curt manage the functions, responsibilities and employees of their respective functional area, while the employees perform the job-related tasks. Sean's design-build team and Curt's maintenance team are both examples of _ work teams at In The Weeds Landscaping.

4. What is all encompassing and takes an entire company's commitment to quality? This is the driving force behind how all companies view their customer experience.

5. The organizing function is carried out once a _, or an outline for how to achieve some organizational goal, is in place.

6. Julie, human resource manager at The Downtown Hotel, abruptly lost their front desk supervisor. This left the front desk unsupervised and in disarray. The decision to promote Katie, a front desk clerk, was the only option to get the front desk back in working order. The process Julie orchestrated is called:


Which of the following are part of the external environment?

1. customers

2. competition

3. people that are generally under the control of the company

8. In the strategic management process, what is environmental scanning?


True or false:

1. External forces can have a significant influence on a company's current operations, growth and long-term sustainability.

2. It is imperative that managers continually monitor and adapt to the external environment, working to make proactive changes earlier on rather than having to take a reactive approach, which can lead to a vastly different outcome.


Let us say we want to grow a garden. Our PERT time frame analysis for the first step, determining where the garden could be, looks like this:

Optimistic time: 1 hour

Pessimistic time: 3 hours

Most likely time: 2 hours

What is the expected time?

11. What causes change in organizations?

12. The purchasing department monitors client reviews to determine whether the ratings on the website are similar to those of actual past customers. This makes it possible for purchasing to add more travel packages to the company's inventory. In regards to TQM, the purchasing department can be credited with:

13. Gantt's alternative paid employees based on how well they improved their performance at the organization. This system was called:

14. Bob is the CEO of Bob's Marketing Ventures, where he is responsible for setting the overall direction of a company. Bob is in which level of management?

15. If a company was evaluating the things it does well and poorly, the actions it could take in the marketplace, and things that could happen to negatively impact its business - what type of evaluation would it be conducting?

16. Which of these theories is focused on changing existing processes to increase production efficiency and customer satisfaction?

17. The entire team at Fun Time Travel work together to make viewing, planning and booking a vacation on their website a pleasurable and easy experience. This requires an inter-departmental approach to TQM. In regards to TQM, the entire team can be credited with:

18. You can say 'We want to move our business to Baltimore,' look at the business world through environmental scanning, and then figure out how you're going to get there. You will have to come up with a _ to go out there and accomplish what you want to accomplish.

19. Using a _, you can capture your thoughts, review them and, if needed, add more branches, hopefully continuing on until you find your answer. Each decision you make leads you to another decision (or would/could choice) and that choice leads you to another.

20. Work specialization, also called a _, allows a manager to take complex tasks and break them down into smaller more precise tasks that individual workers can complete.

21. Which of these steps in Kotter's change model provides employees with a clear understanding of what the change is all about?

22. Max Weber belonged to the

23. If a staff training course included lessons in 'avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, and collaboration', what would they be studying?

24. Regarding self-fulfilling prophecies, McGregor, a behavior management theorist, acknowledged both types of managers as being a legitimate means of motivating employees. However, he stated you would get much better results through the use of which theory?

25. As a _, Bernard has to stay abreast to current industry standards and changes occurring in both the internal and external business environments. This also includes monitoring the performance of employees and their level of productivity.

26. Kelly's job description is changing to include a greater deal of responsibility but for the same pay. Kelly is upset, and feels overwhelmed by this change. Manny is a manager with good , so he is able to empathize and communicate his understanding of Kelly's frustration with the change to her. Manny quickly works to find ways to motivate Kelly to continue to work at a higher level, despite the additional workload being placed on her.

27. A chain of command is an order through which authority is shared from top to bottom. In this arrangement, operations are kept close to top management and uniform sets of policies and procedures are followed. It is prominent in which type of organization?

28. The Japanese, through this school of management, believed the company was an organism that needed to have all its parts working to improve how it functioned. That improvement was not limited to just what the company needed to do, but also how employees could do their jobs better and more efficiently. It put everyone in a position of accountability to be the best they could be and was not limited to just having management decide to improve a process but rather demanded that the entire company continually work to do their jobs better, even if they were not asked to.

29. All of the following are examples of organizational controls except:

30. Think of the Thanksgiving dinner scenario. Someone, usually mom or grandma, has to make a list of all the items (materials) they will need - the turkey, of course, as well as all the other items (cranberry sauce, potatoes, green beans - man, this is making me hungry). In operations management, this step is:

31. Define the management function of leading.

32. When Martha, the middle-level manager at Nino's, learns about Tommy the CEO's strategic plan for increasing productivity, Martha immediately begins to think about possible _ plans to ensure that happens. _ planning for Martha might include things like testing a new process in making pizzas that has been proven to shorten the amount of time it takes for prepping the pizza to be cooked or perhaps looking into purchasing a better oven that can speed up the amount of time it takes to cook a pizza or even considering ways to better map out delivery routes and drivers.

33. According to Fayol's 14 Principles of Management, which principle of management is represented in this example: Fayol and the Principles understand that they should specialize in their specific areas; however, there needs to be a leader. Fayol assumes the role as leader and gives everyone orders. He says 'Play this. Do that.' But with that comes responsibility. He knows that, whatever task he delegates to the band, he must make sure that the task is completed, that the task is done in a productive way and that it yields results.

34. A person who act as a catalyst for change is called a

35. Which theorist felt that people are motivated to fulfill five basic needs, which he called physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization?

36. 'Controlling' is one of the four primary management responsibilities in an organization. All of the following are also primary management responsibilities except:

37. Which classical management theory focuses on development of management processes and principles for an entire organization?

38. 'Path-Goal' is a type of leadership theory that focuses on developing a clear path to achieve goals. Which of the following leadership styles are associated with this theory?

39. The company Human Resources department is generally responsible for all of the following processes except:

40. What type of personality often emerges in the business environment as the authoritarian or autocratic leader?

41. Why do managers study employee motivation theories?

42. What is designing the processes required to ensure a product can be made in the shortest amount of time with as little waste and as efficiently as possible?

43. In PERT analysis, what is the definition of optimistic time (O)?

44. _ stressed the importance of total quality management. However, he summed it up by saying total quality management begins at the top of an organization and works its way down. At Beefy's Burgers, _ set the standard for quality during his shift by training each employee on how to properly make a burger and invited mystery diners to come to Beefy's to rate the quality of the burgers. If he found that a diner was displeased, he retrained employees. _ allowed the staff to engage in a well-deserved burger-eating contest at the end of a profitable shift.

45. Which of these answers best describes a learning organization?

46. Surfboards are a relatively differentiated product with a small target market. There are few companies who manufacture boards. But Big Waves is not immune to changes in the _. A change in safety codes may mean a stricter set of standards, making design changes almost impossible. This can affect customer satisfaction.

47. Bob is rating his co-workers and employees on the LPC scale. Which type of person can lead a team in both favorable and unfavorable situations?


Mary was just hired as the Human Resource Manager for HRM, Inc. Her responsibilities most likely include:

1. Recruitment

2. Promotions

3. Turnover

49. The careful monitoring of an organization's internal environments (aspects within the company's four walls) and external environments (aspects external to the company) to look for early signs of opportunities and threats is called

50. We looked outside our window and saw what the business market looked like, we researched the key areas of it to make sure we knew what we were dealing with, and then we developed a strategy of how to move to Baltimore. Now we have to _.

51. All of the following are examples of budgets an organization might prepare except:

52. All of the following theories relate to ways of motivating employees except:

53. After encoding, the _ will then transmit the message through a channel, or a method of delivery; think of things like e-mail, phone conversations, instant messages, face-to-face discussion, or even a text message.

54. If a manager used the terminology 'delegating, participating, selling and telling', which management theory would he referring to?

55. Big Waves is a smaller company with few employees. As a smaller company, they have fewer management levels and manage in a more personal way. Fewer employees mean everyone in the organization is responsible for meeting goals. This is descriptive of:


True or false:

1. Fiedler's contingency theory contends that there is no one single leadership style that works for all employees.

2. The effectiveness of workers depends on how good a match exists between the leadership style of the leader and the demands of the situation.

57. One of the most popular needs theories is Abraham _'s hierarchy of needs theory. This individual proposed that motivation is the result of a person's attempt at fulfilling five basic needs: physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization.

58. The marketing department is responsible to get the cyber-word out to potential clients. Marketers use a wide variety of media sources, like social networking, email and even texting, to get the word out about Fun Time's website. If they notice traffic is not moving toward the website or that clients are not staying online long enough, they will make strong suggestions to the IT department and the research and development department to make changes immediately. The marketing team can be credited with:


Which of the following are examples of the internal environment?

1. events inside the organization that are generally under the control of the company

2. economy

3. factors inside the organization that are generally under the control of the company

4. political and social conditions

60. If a manager was using the terminology 'forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning', he would be referring to the work of which theorist?


_ wanted to revolutionize the way Beefy's Burgers produces burgers. He told the employees that in order to succeed, they must redesign their processes and systems to:

1. Plan

2. Do

3. Check

4. Act

62. Bob was just hired as international manager for Images R Us, Inc. He is in charge of and needs to be aware of negotiating, the work environment, and communication, among other things for those countries in which Images R Us does business. In other words, Bob needs to have which characteristic?

63. When a company terminates many people in an attempt to save money, the company is:

64. Which management theory approach focuses on systems that, when put together, make a whole unit, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle?

65. All of the following are examples of marketing controls except:

66. Which leadership style is characterized by a manager who excels at getting others to like them?

67. Let's go to Santa's workshop. Each of the departments needs to have a strong working relationship with one another for the smooth execution of Christmas. But, let's say for a moment that there was a breakdown in communication between the mail and shipping departments. Letters from children were coming in, but the mail department was not inputting the correct information on the shipping labels to ensure that the right toys went to the right children. As you can imagine, this would be a Christmas disaster. By using a _ structure as you see now, the breakdown in communication can quickly be discussed and resolved, ensuring that both the mail department and shipping department are able to work collaboratively on a solution.

68. The first step of the strategic management process is known as _. In that process, political factors include _.

69. As a manager, you can account for the _ needs of your employees by offering praise and recognition when the employee does well, and offering promotions and additional responsibility to reflect your belief that they are a valued employee.

70. Which of the following involves giving an employee additional tasks similar to his current work?

71. The decision to promote Katie, a front desk clerk, was the only option to get the front desk back in working order. While the decision worked out well to fill the gap in supervision, it left a gap in another area of the operation. Since Katie knows how to do both jobs, the company decided it wasn't necessary to fill the gap. However, asking Katie to perform both jobs caused stress, which led Katie to quit her job. This resignation is known as:

72. After conducting the SWOT analysis, managers need to ensure that which of these things occur?

73. If a manager was evaluating a country to determine if the company should do business there, he would likely use which of these theories?

74. Why might we perform a payback analysis on a proposed investment?

75. What is the importance of 'hygiene factors' in the workplace, according to Herzberg?

76. The laissez-faire leader provides their employee with which of the following?

77. Because Catelyn and Cory are merging two companies into one and consequently two sets of employees into one, they will need to ensure that they make the necessary _-oriented changes to blend the two groups seamlessly. This might include holding some team building events, offering training for new job functions, providing leadership training to any employees who will now assume a management position and offering opportunities to allow employees to demonstrate their area of expertise to managers and co-workers.

78. Which of the following might be used to evaluate the financial condition of a company?

79. At what level are human skills important?

80. The _ structure is best suited for companies that operate in a stable and certain environment. In general, a _ structure is easy to maintain and rarely needs to be changed when an organization operates in a stable environment.

81. Which type of leader would be most effective in a situation of crisis?

82. What is job rotation?

83. Which of these steps in the planned change process requires managers at all levels to be aware of the internal and external forces that potentially compromise the success and long-term sustainability of the organization?

84. What does the Hawthorne effect imply?

85. Managers have _. Leaders have _.

86. Data has a split personality. It is easy to see how the _ data tells them how often something occurred or how long a situation has been present, but from that information they need to develop a _ analysis (the how and the why it is happening through first-hand observations or those of others).

87. Which of these terms describes a psychological phenomenon in which participants in behavioral studies change their behavior or performance in response to being observed?

88. Which of the following describes a mechanistic organization structure?

89. In the communication process, the _ will initiate the communication process by developing an idea into a message. This is also known as _.


Motivation can come from many factors, such as:

a. Position within the company

b. Decreased pay and instability

c. Benefits

91. As a _ manager, Bob believes that his workers hate the idea of having to go to work and do so only to earn a paycheck and the security that it offers. He also believes that they also dislike change and tend to resist it at all costs.

92. Define change savvy.

93. The Hawthorne studies paved the way for _ and have significantly shaped the manner in which employee motivation is accounted for in the workplace.

94. Which type of organization structure is designed with employees reporting to both a functional and a project manager?

95. Josh is the CEO of Simple Socks, Inc. whose mission is: 'To provide the world with high quality socks at a fraction of the price.' Josh will use this _ statement to guide his _ planning efforts by creating strategic plans that are focused specifically on quality and cost efficiency. This might include looking into higher quality materials or pricing out different manufacturers to get the lowest price on their end, which will result in a lower cost to the customer.

96. Classical Management approaches can be seen in contemporary organizations

97. At Take & Bake a Cake the _ work team is responsible for the whole product line, including pricing, marketing, inventory, customer ordering, packing the ingredients, shipping, customer service and website management. Each team member is tasked with an individual segment but is ultimately responsible for the entire Take & Bake a Cake product line. Members often take turns performing the different tasks for which the team is accountable. This is thought to increase job satisfaction and flexibility for all employees.


True or false:

1. The controlling process is simply a set of steps a manager uses to determine whether organizational goals have been met.

2. Sam wants to make $100,000 more this year that he did last year so he can replace older equipment in the repair shop. Raising the price of repairs can do this. This is a customer service-related goal.

99. If a manager follows the work of Henry Mintzberg, he will likely explain his role in terms of these competencies:

100. Job was just hired as the international manager for Banks R Us, Inc. He knows there will be different laws, rules, formal norms and informal norms that will come into play that he manager has to understand and learn. Banking will be different, accounting statements will be different and labor laws will be different. Job will use all of these tools to _ his operations.

101. In the decision making process, in the first step we typically say, 'What are we trying to fix?' What is this step called?

102. If a manager was evaluating his staff to determine if they are motivated by achievement, power, or affiliation - which theory would he be applying?

103. _ worked the register at Beefy's. He was also a business student at the local college. He used Beefy's as a field study on TQM. When customers sent back burgers, he looked at the price of inferior products and its toll on the overall organization. Non-conformance to quality standards causes waste, and wasted product costs money! _ gets that Beefy's Burgers is a fast food joint. He did not demand a high-quality burger like those served at a steakhouse. He demanded that the burgers served at Beefy's meet the standard that Beefy's sets for their burgers.

104. Communication is used to gain information from a variety of internal and external sources during this function of management.

105. Once a process or system is developed, it:

106. Megan found room for a fifth sale rep on her team. According to Weber, she should look to recruit and place a new sales rep based on a person's ability to successfully perform the duties of the position. Hiring someone she is friends with, for example, would be a poor decision by Megan, as there is no guarantee her friend is a competent sales rep. In a bureaucracy, this practice is characteristic of:

107. Secondary needs include:

108. What 5 basic needs underlie motivation, according to Abraham Maslow?

109. Which of the following is NOT considered a major function of a management position?

110. The knowledge economy can be defined as

111. The ISO 9000 audit is a:

112. After the message is transmitted, the message moves through the channel to the _, who completes the communication process by interpreting and assigning meaning to the message, which is also known as _.

113. Bob's International is stuck. Their international manager can't figure out why all of the profit can be taken out of the company and sent back to the corporate office in the U.S. Can you help out the international manager? Why is this?

114. Imagine if, for Thanksgiving dinner, we had too many pieces to be made in one kitchen. We would need additional capital (more ovens or stoves) to make the dinner happen - these are our _. So, for example, if we have one oven and need three turkeys cooked, we obviously have a _ problem (not enough ovens).

115. A manager developing a change strategy using the Force-Field Analysis model would do which of the following:

116. In centralized organizations, with variable work, one manager would generally only be adequate for up to _ employees. With fixed work, as many as _ employees can be managed by one manager.

117. _ includes those communications between organizational members and external parties.

118. A manufacturer uses several different suppliers of flour to make the product they produce. According to systems management theory, they have which type of system?

119. All of the following are principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) except:

120. Just above esteem on Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid is this, which describe a person's need to reach his or her full potential.

121. John wants to purchase his first home. He can only afford $600.00 a month for a mortgage payment. Jon does not own a car and has to take the bus to work, so the house needs to be near a bus station. Also, John needs three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is during this stage John is:

122. A manager who feels that 'the ends justify the means' would be demonstrating which characteristic?

123. According to the Gantt chart, the _ elements of painting the vehicle would be to strip any original paint, primer, apply your first, second and top coats, and finally, wash, wax and buff the new paint job.

124. As an entrepreneur, Bernard the Boss is focused on process improvement. He looks for ways to improve productivity and efficiency within his organization and directs the change process from development to implementation. Bernard is in which category of managerial roles according to Mintzberg?

125. This began the human relations movement for management. If all management had to do was spend time, express interest in workers' personal well-being, and reward them for a job well done, workers would feel motivation to work harder. In fact, behavior towards work would be positive.

126. What is diversity?

127. All of the following are reasons to prepare a budget except:

128. Was the Internet creative, innovative and did it drive change?

129. In QMT, this can be looked at like a traffic cop directing all the parts of traffic. Materials can go that way and employees can go this way, while capital has to wait for the light to change. In the end, these three areas come together to help the final product leave the factory or be presented to the customer.

130. Which of the following is used to make long term projections for a business?

131. Which type of power is the result of the manager's position within the organization and includes the power bases of legitimate power, reward power and coercive power?

132. All of the following tools might be used by a manager to make a decision except:

133. Which is the best description of a team in an organization?

134. A _ is something that you're very good at, but your competition is not. Disney would be an example of a company with great internal strengths in the area of human resources and employee development. They are known for their excellent employee training via Disney University.


Joey 'Tin Can' Bruno is a trash-sorting supervisor for Trash Management Company (TMC). He supervises 30 trash sorters. TMC is a union shop, so Joey has little autonomy to hire or fire employees. In fact, he cannot even discipline an employee without a formal hearing. Joey doesn't get to know the guys in his facility, either. Joey tends to stay in his office during breaks and lunch. While working, he tends to watch over the guys as they sort trash, often giving strict direction.

Joey has a low LPC and is _ oriented. His trash-sorting department is situation _.


True or false:

1. A person can become a leader without a formal title.

2. A leader has no formal, tangible power over their followers.

137. _can be described as communication between a small group of individuals, typically in a face-to-face setting, where participants engage in minimally restricted dialogue with each other.

138. A law office may have multiple smaller layers of management on all levels throughout the organization. This structure is necessary because there are so many departments.

139. As the plan is progressing, and again after it has been completed, it is time to _.

140. If a manager wanted to use Expectancy Theory to motivate his employees to work longer hours, what action would he take?

141. If you were starting a new business, which of these key planning documents would you create first?

142. If you look at Maslow's pyramid you can see how the needs are organized with basic physiological needs, such as air, food, water and sleep, at the _ and the idea of self-actualization, or when a person reaches the full potential in life, at the _.

143. In systems management theory, no matter what system is present, there are times when the system will work right and have _, or order to a process where all the parts work harmoniously and in unison with each other. Or, there are times that _ will be present, and that is discord or a lack of predictability, a gradual decline into disorder.

144. Fiedler's contingency theory states that there are _ elements that dictate a leader's situational control.

145. Which change model starts with 'unfreezing' employees by helping them understand how the current methods are hindering the success of the organization?


True or false:

1. For all organizations, specialization is the answer.

2. Work specialization is particularly beneficial in manufacturing.

147. If a manager feels that follower maturity is a major indicator of an employee's readiness to perform work, they would be following which model of leadership?

148. A _ leadership role generally involves organizing and directing people to perform tasks, like the job of commanding officer (CO) in the military.

149. You walk into a room, and it's your job to get everyone seated before a lecture is to begin. Now picture that each one of the people in the room speaks a language other than your language. You have to _ and get them into their seats before the speaker comes out

150. Mary, the new Human Resources Manager for HRM, Inc. recently placed a help-wanted ad in a local newspaper. Mary is focusing on which activity by doing this?


True or false:

1. Much like your vital organs, communication is necessary for all business activities in some form or another. Put simply, vital organs are necessary to sustain life in a human, and communication is necessary to sustain organizational success.

2. Put simply, communication is always easy for the manager.

152. E-mail or instant messaging channels might be acceptable in organization A, but organization B prefers face-to-face channels. This is an example of:

153. If a manager was trying to project the completion date for a large project, which tool would he be likely to use?

154. Which is NOT an area of QMT?

155. It is important not to take customers for granted. A goal to increase customer satisfaction from 84% last year to 90% this year is set. Customer service satisfaction must increase by six percent this year. This is a _ goal.

156. Which of the following might be used for evaluating a business decision?

157. A manager following the work of Frederick Taylor would likely do which of the following:

158. If you were dissatisfied with living in your parents' basement at age 40, you might go out and find your own apartment. In doing so, you will fulfill the need for privacy, independence and the ability to bring a date home without having to explain why you still live with your parents. Fulfilling these needs is most likely part of which?

159. This type of plan is designed with the entire organization in mind and begins with an organization's mission.

160. This step is used by a manager to determine how they will distribute resources and organize employees according to a plan.

161. Documentation for termination includes:

162. In PERT analysis, what is the definition of most likely time (M)?

163. The Least Preferred Co-worker ranking system is about:

164. Which of these styles would describe a leader who is a role model, and demonstrates the actions that they expect from their followers?

165. Mr. Quigley is a lawyer in the criminal law department. He oversees a few paralegals, several secretaries and a driver. Through a process called _, he passes orders from top managing partners to the employees below him.

166. All of the following are examples of human resources controls except:

167. If .75 Euros buys 1 US Dollar, what is the exchange rate from Euros to Dollars?

168. Data has to be pulled from the data system the company uses in order to be assembled into something a manager can view and understand. The MIS houses _ data, and it is by no means organized and formatted for the manager to view. Rather, reports are compiled, saved and run at regular intervals to pull data from the system so it can be reviewed.

169. This type of leader is concerned with finding the best methods and resources to get the work done, making decisions relating to organizing and assigning work as an individual, and continuously monitor the performance

170. The _ structure was used to separate the Eastern and Western regions of an organization. Each division has a foreman who serves as the top-level executive and also has three landscapers underneath him or her. The owner and CEO remains at the top.

171. As a manager, you can account for the _ needs of your employees by making sure each of your employees know one another, encouraging cooperative teamwork, being an accessible and kind supervisor and promoting a good work-life balance.

172. When stating the problem, it is important to:

173. Which of these organizational changes involves making changes to the overall goals, purpose, strategy, or mission of an organization?


Characteristics of organic structures include:

1. Well-defined hierarchy

2. Individualized job specialization

3. Highly integrated and dependent functional areas

175. Organizational culture is:

176. Julie hired Max. Max had the experience and education, was out of work so he was available immediately and also knew a few people who are employed at The Downtown Hotel. Max started making big mistakes, like giving new guests keys to occupied rooms, mixing up room service orders, and giving out incorrect change. Max did not perform up to standards, and in a process known as _, he had to be let go.

177. If a nuclear power plant wanted to simulate what would happen in the event of an emergency, they obviously would not create the emergency in the plant to see what happens. The manager of this nuclear power plant would want to work through the problem in a simulated environment to see what would happen and how they should react. The most probable tool used would be:

178. If you wanted to implement Behavior Management principles in your organization, you would do which of the following?


Put the following in the correct order to lay out the strategic management process:

1. strategy implementation

2. strategy evaluation

3. environmental scanning

4. strategy formulation

180. Path-Goal Theory involves:

181. Pat is the new international manager for Global Credit Reports, LLC. He is told to have a global mindset. To Pat, what should this mean?

182. Why would a company provide training to teams to improve their effectiveness?

183. If a manager was implementing change in his department using Thorndike's Reinforcement Theory, which action would he be most likely to take?

184. Which would be the most effective action a manager could take to improve productivity and motivation of his staff?

185. Crosby's contribution to TQM was:

186. Let's say we are going to invest in energy-efficient lighting. We know that the initial investment would be $15,000, but we also know that our energy cost savings would be $5,000 a year. By using basic math we understand it would take us 3 years to earn back our initial investment of $15,000. What decision making tool was used?

187. When developing a new marketing campaign for Yee Haw Automotive, a _ team was used. The team consisted of Mary from finance, Rebecca from marketing, Hector from sales, LeRoy from parts and service and Wild Bill the general manager. Each team member brought a unique perspective to the group due to their functional expertise. The result was a marketing campaign that truly reflected what Yee Haw stands for as a car dealer. Not only was the marketing campaign a success, but the process of working interdependently increased cohesion between each of the functional areas.

188. If a manager was going to introduce principles from Fredrick Taylor in the workplace to increase productivity, he would likely implement which of the following:

189. Melissa the marketing manager has a goal of increasing sales during the month of February. Melissa needs to first spend time mapping out the necessary steps she and her team of sales representatives must take so that they can increase sales numbers. The steps are then organized into a logical pattern so that Melissa and her team can follow them. With which step of the four functions of management is Melissa involved?

190. Which leadership style would be most effective in a crisis situation?

191. Sam, the manager of TQM Auto Repair Shop recently set goals for his business. First, Sam must _, or a set of 'requirements' for his business.

192. Why do employees resist changes in their organization and workflows?

193. Which of the following actions might a follower of the Contingency School of Management take?


True or false:

1. Organizational communication serves as the glue that holds everything together while, at the same time, acting as a magnifying glass by making this more clear.

2. An example of downward communication is if Johnnie was unhappy with the particular process related to his job, he could report this to his manager and make suggestions for how to improve the process.

195. Top-level managers, such as CEOs or presidents, will design and execute _ plans to paint a picture of the desired future and long-term goals of the organization. Essentially, _ plans look ahead to where the organization wants to be in three, five, even ten years.

196. The Hawthorne studies were designed to find ways to _ _.

197. What is a learning organization?

198. Dagne is the new international manager for Globally International, LLC. She is told that when she is _, she should understand aspects such as how taxes are handled in a foreign country and how that impacts their business and the employment or staffing requirements and laws per country.


True or false:

1. The use of work teams has become a routine way of managing organizations.

2. The lesson identified the different types of work teams commonly found in contemporary organizations, including functional, cross-functional, dysfunctional, and self-directed teams.

200. If a manager gave his team a speech describing what the department would look like a year in the future, which principle would he be counting on to help change the department to match his description?

201. Which job redesign strategy provides an employee with more tasks to do as part of their job as well as the responsibility and authority needed to complete those additional tasks?

202. Where does planning fall in the order of managerial functions?

203. When a top-manager asked his employees to help him to come up with new prices for their products, he was using a

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