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Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology Final Exam

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1. Which disorder is a general term for disorders that cause disturbances in consciousness, memory, identity or perception?

2. Our membership in particular groups, largely determines our everyday interactions. This membership is referred to as our

3. Sensory memories include

4. Objects appearing fuzzier the further away they are is defined as

5. In Watson's experiment, the baby initially

6. Psychodynamic research focuses on

7. Light enters the eye, moving through in the following order:

8. Which personality disorder is characterized by an inflated sense of self-worth and little regard for the feelings of others?

9. Which branch of psychology studies group behavior and how we interact in social situations?

10. This is a fancy word for the brain's ability to adjust to damage or new experiences.

11. Which of the following is a psychotic disorder that is characterized by patients who lose touch with reality?

12. A child who refuses to help a classmate cheat is in

13. The highest level of Maslow's hierarchy is the self-actualization need. Maslow estimated that less than what percent of adults achieve this need?

14. Using Roy G Biv to learn the colors of the rainbow is an example of

15. Reliability and validity are principles related to making sure that your study is actually testing what you think it is.

16. Sometimes we change our attitudes and behaviors so people will like us. This behavior is called normative conformity, or acting within social

17. Leonardo DiCaprio is suggested to have cross-cultural attractiveness because he

18. Which of the following statements regarding personality is not true?

19. The influence of a drug is impacted by all of the following except

20. American psychologist Howard Gardner first recognized that people have different ways of learning and problem solving. He then proposed

21. Studying the endocrine system's function and its relationship to behavior, is part of

22. Coercive persuasion involves all of the following except

23. What is the practice of physically altering the human brain in order to bring about psychological results?

24. Which of the following refers to the ability to detect a change in a stimulus' intensity?

25. One conclusion of Albert Bandura's experiment is that

26. Who argued that a person's circumstances, such as educational and socioeconomic factors, should be kept in mind when evaluating intelligence.

27. Psychology is the scientific study of how we think, feel and

28. Your sympathetic nervous system gets you ready to fight or flee when you're faced with a crisis, and your parasympathetic nervous calms you down and

29. People with Broca's aphasia have damage to the Broca's area in which part of the brain?

30. A study that seeks to determine the effectiveness of a fast food commercial that tests some people before lunch and others after lunch fails

31. Short bursts of brain activity while you're asleep are called

32. Substance-related disorders are divided into two groups, substance abuse and substance

33. Schizophrenia is known as a psychotic disorder, characterized by patients who lose touch with

34. What term quite literally means 'good genes,' and refers to the goal of improving the genetic makeup of a population.

35. According to Plaul Ekman, the six basic emotions are anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.

36. The importance of ethics in psychological research has grown as the field has evolved. Some of the most famous studies in psychology could not be conducted today because they would violate

37. According to which theorist does physiological arousal precede emotion?

38. A person who is always on time for work scores highly in

39. A highly energetic person who is considered the life of the party may score highly in

40. What branch of psychology is the study of how we change over our lifespans?

41. Stress can cause grey hair because it

42. The main difference between Jean Piaget's stages of development and Sigmund Freud's stages of development is that:

43. Which of the following is not one of the types of heuristics?

44. John Watson experiment involved the unconditioned stimulus of

45. Pain disorder is type of somatoform condition characterized by debilitating pain that does not have

46. The frontal lobe of your brain helps you speak, coordinate your movements and

47. The difference between support groups and other forms of therapy is that support groups

48. Which of the following does not play a major role in hunger?

49. High analytical intelligence is linked to a person's ability to

50. Personality theory suggests that prejudices are formed based on

51. Low levels of serotonin may cause

52. There are three kinds of averages, known as central tendency of data, that are used in statistics. They are the mean, median, and

53. Playing a musical instrument can

54. Coming up with multiple solutions to a single problem is known as what kind of thinking

55. Therapists with the highest rates of success with their patients

56. Which theory of motivation proposes that our need to feel balanced, or homeostasis, is what causes motivation?

57. Denial is an example of one defense mechanism according to

58. The temporal lobe of your brain processes information about what you

59. Behavior getting influenced by a combination of reinforcements and punishments is an example of

60. A person's perceptions and beliefs about himself is referred to as

61. While deciding on how to approach a battle, an army unit that is exhibiting groupthink might

62. What kind of psychologists study how you learn, solve problems and make decisions?

63. Which of the following is not one of the four lobes of the brain?

64. Signs of major depression, a mood disorder which affects 8%-12% of people at some point during their lives, can include

65. Three types of research study designs are

66. What fundamental question underlies many theories in developmental psychology?

67. Members typically share experiences and get feedback from each other, with the therapist serving as a facilitator, in this type of therapy

68. The scientific method is a systematic process of gathering measurable evidence. The first thing to do is to formulate a

69. When we tend to assume that other people's actions are directly indicative of their personality, that is called the

70. In Keller and Marian Breland's experiment, raccoons didn't put coins in a piggy bank when they

71. According to Yale psychologist Irving Janis, close-knit groups maintain solidarity by

72. People who were formerly labeled as psychopaths because of their willingness to steal, lie and cheat show signs of

73. Selective attention involves

74. Psychology is a science because it's about measuring non-observable cause-and-effect relationships.

75. The study of prenatal and infant development fits under this branch of psychology

76. Personality theory proposes that prejudices are based on personal experiences that occur

77. An embryo becomes a fetus at around

78. The study of how phonemes and morphemes produce meaning is specifically called

79. There have been various attempts to assess personality based on physical features. One of these attempts is known as

80. Psychologists today study behavior through five main lenses: cognitive, humanistic, social, developmental and clinical. This was true even in the 1950s.

81. Wolpe's behavioral approach focuses on trying to improve specific thought pattterns

82. Emotional intelligence refers to the abilities to recognize and

83. Unlike authoritarian parents, authoritative parents are a healthy mix of

84. Phineas Gage's severe brain injury changed his:

85. The difference between Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) is that

86. Which of the following statements regarding the sleep cycle is not correct?

87. Different cultures have varying ideas about other characteristics that make someone attractive.

88. Many psychologists believe in the existence of a general intelligence. General intelligence can best be described as

89. What kind of psychologists study the lines of communication between your brain, glands and muscles.

90. Who is especially well-known for non-directive or client-centered therapy?

91. The humanistic psychologist who offered a supportive environment for clients to delve into their feelings was

92. John Dollard's hypothesis suggests a link between aggression and

93. Individual, couples, marriage, family, and group, are all examples of types of

94. Instincts are defined as

95. The pituitary gland is known as the 'master gland' because it

96. The goal of introspection was to learn

97. Sensation is passively receiving information through sensory inputs, and perception is

98. An example of regression to the mean is

99. Who developed the theory of six basic emotions- anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise based off his studies in Papua New Guinea?

100. Phrenology associates personality and character traits with parts of the

101. What branch of psychology emphasizes individual potential?