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1. Which of the following psychologists is know for his experiment in which he classically conditioned a baby to fear rats?

2. This is a fancy word for the brain's ability to adjust to damage or new experiences.

3. A dissatisfied theatergoer exhibiting the fundamental attribution error might

4. Some argue that the altered states of conscious are the bridges between the conscious and the unconscious. This idea is similar to that of which psychologist?

5. The difference between somatoform disorders and malingering is that

6. Emotional intelligence refers to the abilities to both recognize and

7. The importance of ethics in psychological research has grown as the field has evolved. Some of the most famous studies in psychology could not be conducted today because they would violate

8. Fill in the blank: Sheila plays her flute every day. This is likely to result in Sheila growing a larger ______

9. The cochlea is a structure in the ear that is filled with fluid and with small hair cells that support bundles of what?

10. A game of peek-a-boo entertains newborns because

11. Patients with Parkinson's disease at found to have deficiencies in what?

12. Which of the following psychologists created an 8-stage model of development, with each stage being characterized by a pair of opposing behaviors?

13. Suppose you are at the gym lifting weights. Which type of neurotransmitter are you most likely to produce in this situation?

14. Suppose that a team of psychologists noticed that when presented with a math assignment, most children had no response to it. However, when presented with money, children would become happy. The psychologists decided that instead of giving the children just a math assignment, they would present the children with money at the same time so that children began to associate math assignment with money. The children became happy when presented with both and eagerly answered the math questions. Eventually, the money was removed and the children were presented only with the math assignment. The psychologists found that the children's response to the math question was the same with or without the money present. Based on this study, which of the following statements is not true?

15. Who argued that a person's circumstances, such as educational and socioeconomic factors, should be kept in mind when evaluating intelligence.

16. Reliability and validity are principles related to making sure that your study is actually testing what you think it is.

17. Differentiation describes the process of

18. Mike just found out that his mom was in a car accident and died. Mike refused to believe his father when he told him the news, and called his father a liar. Mike went to the hospital and demanded to speak to his mother, even though the hospital staff kept explaining that she had passed away. According to Freud, this is an example of what defense mechanism?

19. An example of assimilation is a child who has only seen brown horses seeing a white horse for the first time and

20. Matthew enjoys completing word and number puzzles. Matthew is skilled in math and is able to solve college-level math problems, even though he is a sophomore in high school. Matthew is also able to use reason effectively to solve problems. Based on this description, Matthew has a high level of which intelligence?

21. Which of the following is not one of the four lobes of the brain?

22. Positive psychologists believe that

23. Psychology is the scientific study of how we think, feel and

24. What is another term used for social needs?

25. Every year for Christmas, Leon tells his children about the year his father bought him his first bike. The children start to notice that every time Leon tells the story, he changes the details a little bit. This caused confusion both for the children and Leon, since Leon could no longer remember exactly what happened. This example demonstrates which concept?

26. Who is especially well-known for non-directive or client-centered therapy?

27. Name the area of the eye that the arrow in the picture is pointing to.

28. Molly is a 8-year-old female who enjoys riding around in her family's Toyota Camry, which she calls 'car'. When Molly and her family take a train to visit her aunt Susie, Molly also calls the train a 'car.' Molly's father corrects her, and informs her that she is riding on a train. Molly's father also explains the differences between a train and a car. Molly takes in this new information and adjusts her concept of a 'car' accordingly. According to Piaget, this is an example of what process?

29. A child who refuses to help a classmate cheat is in

30. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy, a person who has reached their full potential and reached all that they can accomplish is said to have achieved which need?

31. George Miller's study titled, 'The Magical Number 7, Plus or Minus Two' demonstrated which of the following?

32. Who is considered the father of social psychology?

33. Which of the following characteristics is not associated with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep?

34. Which of the following statements supports Howard Gardner's theory of intelligence?

35. Finish the statement: After light passes through the lens, light hits the retina where photoreceptors called rods and cones _____________________.

36. What branch of psychology is the study of how we change over our lifespans?

37. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy, confidence, being a well-noted figure in your professional field, academic achievements, and successful participation in sports fall under which need?

38. Denial is an example of one defense mechanism according to

39. Lila has a stuffy nose and an ear infection. Lila's mom brought her a slice of her favorite apple pie in order to cheer Lila up. Once Lila took a bite, she noticed that the pie did not taste as good as it normally does and refused to eat it. Lila's experience demonstrates the close relationship between which of the following two senses?

40. Individuals with high levels of musical intelligence are most likely to do which of the following?

41. Finish the statement: Guided meditation and hypnosis are similar in that they _____________

42. The order of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, from bottom to top is:

43. The highest level of Maslow's hierarchy is the self-actualization need. Maslow estimated that less than what percent of adults achieve this need?

44. Collectively, a person's perceptions and beliefs about himself are referred to as

45. The difference between substance abuse and dependence is that people with substance

46. Which of the following psychologists is famous for using classical conditioning in order to train dogs to to salivate when they hear a bell?

47. Which of the following psychological treatments are no longer performed due to issues of effectiveness and ethics?

48. Solomon Asch's experiments showed

49. Henry has an ear infection. He feels dizzy when he stands and seems to be confused at times. Which of the following is most likely affected by Henry's ear infection?

50. Psychologists today study behavior through five main lenses: cognitive, humanistic, social, developmental and clinical. This was true even in the 1950s.

51. Psychology is a science because it's about measuring non-observable cause-and-effect relationships.

52. Neurotransmitters travel across the

53. The theory stating that physiological arousal precedes the experience of emotion is attributed to

54. James is a newborn baby. Which of the following statements regarding James' perception abilties is most likely to be false?

55. Your short term memory is most similar to which part of a computer?

56. Sam is a researcher studying the relationship between sunlight and depression. Sam believes that people who spend more time out in the sun have lower rates of depression. Sam creates a questionnaire that asks participants to record the hours that they spend in the sun and rate their depression. Which of the following statements regarding Sam's research is not true?

57. There have been various attempts to assess personality based on physical features. One of these attempts is known as

58. Sexual interests are repressed and things start to get solidified into character traits and personality during which of Freud's psychosexual stages of development?

59. Katy is a 16-year-old girl who is obsessed with reality television. Katy compares herself to the women she sees on television. Katy feels that she is 'too fat', so she is very careful about what she eats. Katy will only eat once or twice a day, and she will maximize her caloric intake at 300 calories per meal. Based off this description, Katy is most likely suffering from which type of disorder?

60. Agatha Christie was a famous writer. She has sold billions of books worldwide. Agatha Christie is best known for her crime novels, though she has also written short stories and plays. Based on this description, Agatha Christie has a high level of which intelligence?

61. Studying the endocrine system's function and its relationship to behavior is part of

62. Which of the following psychoanalytic drugs block the reuptake or reabsorption of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which can lead to increased energy, panic and anxiety?

63. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the need for love and affection fall under what category of needs?

64. The frontal lobe of your brain helps you speak, coordinate your movements and

65. The following image depicts Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development. Look at the box that contains the red question mark. What is the name of the missing level?

66. When we tend to assume that other people's actions are directly indicative of their personality, that is called the

67. James is a 20-year-old male. He finds it difficult to sleep, though he rarely gets out of his bed. His appetite has decreased. James has lost interest in playing basketball and spending time with his girlfriend, which used to be his favorite two activities. James also has low self-esteem and is easily irritated. Based on this description, James most likely has which type of disorder?

68. Alfred Bandura conducted an experiment that demonstrated that children who watched violence on TV were more likely to imitate the violent behavior when presented with a Bobo doll to play with. Bandura's experiment is an example of which concept?

69. Complete the sentence: Before information can be stored in the brain, it must be _________

70. A runner who trains twice as hard after suffering a big loss in a race is experiencing

71. When a therapist pairs an unpleasant stimulus with a behavior the patient is trying to discourage, it's called

72. A team of psychologists conduct a study on the effects of Drug M on test scores. The psychologist took a group of 30 students and divided them into two groups of 15. One group received Drug M and the other group received a sugar pill. The psychologists told all 30 participants that they were receiving Drug M, even though only half of the participants received the treatment. The psychologists found that the test scores of all 30 participants improved 40% on average, regardless of if they received the sugar pill or Drug M. This study and its results demonstrate which of the following concepts?

73. Pam has been recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and is seeking treatment. Which of the following treatments would work best for Pam given her diagnosis?

74. Which of the following events signified the beginning of the scientific study of psychology?

75. Babies sleep better and cry less with

76. Which of the following statements is not correct?

77. Suppose you are riding in a car along a freeway. You notice that the car in the lane next to you appears to be moving faster than the train that is 3 miles in the distance. You know that trains move at a faster speed than cars, however from your point of view, it appears as if the car is moving faster. This is an example of which depth perception cue?

78. Inferential statistics are important to a study because they allow researchers to

79. Lila was suspended from school due to fighting with a classmate. As a result, Lila's parents took away her driving privileges for two months. This is an example of which concept?

80. Which theory states that physiological arousal precedes emotion?

81. The reality principle refers to the ego

82. Sally is in touch with herself and knows who she is. Sally also knows what she needs and what she can accomplish. Sally has valuable insights regarding her own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and motivations. Based on this description, Sally has a high level of which intelligence?

83. Which of the following developed a theory of moral development that explains how children develop their ability to make moral decisions and has three levels: pre-conventional, conventional, and post conventional?

84. Sally is having trouble concentrating in class. She is finding it difficult to learn the new math concepts that she is being taught in school. Sally also has trouble moving. Sally most likely has a deficiency in which of the following neurotransmitters?

85. Tina is a behavior therapist who is warm and empathetic with her clients. Joe is a cognitive therapist who often mocks his clients as a way to get them to 'toughen up'. Joe also unintentionally makes offensive comments about cultures that he does not understand. Given this description, which therapist is most likely to have high success rates with their patients?

86. The study of how phonemes and morphemes produce meaning is specifically called

87. The goal of a descriptive study is to

88. Pain disorder is a type of somatoform condition characterized by debilitating pain that does not have

89. A team of psychologists are conducting a study to measure the effects of tutoring on math test scores. The psychologists believe that students who receive tutoring will have higher test scores than those who do not have tutoring. The psychologists recruit 20 students and divide them into two groups of 10: Group A and Group B. Students in Group A receive tutoring, while the students in Group B don't. Which of the following statements regarding the study is not true?

90. Phil is a quarterback on his high school football team. Whenever the team wins, Phil attributes it to his stellar abilities as a football player and his athleticism. Whenever the team loses, Phil attributes it to the weather, the referees not being fair, and other external things. This is an example of what?

91. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the need for food and sleep classify as what kind of needs?

92. During fugue states, people



_(blank) is passively receiving information through sensory inputs, and _(blank) is interpreting this information.

94. Jane was just dumped by her boyfriend. When Jane comes home, Jane's mom asks her what is wrong. Instead of talking about her break-up, Jane yells at her mom and tells her she never gives her any space and throws a pillow at the wall. This is an example of which defense mechanism according to Freud?

95. The difference between fraternal and identical twins is that

96. A new student at a high school is displaying normative conformity by all of the following except

97. According to Freud's stages of psychosocial development, the Oedipus complex comes into play during which stage?

98. Coming up with multiple solutions to a single problem is known as what kind of thinking

99. Fill in the blanks: Taking in information using your sense of seeing is an example of ________, while interpreting what you see as a brown box is an example of ____.

100. Jake has lung cancer and is undergoing chemo therapy in order to treat his cancer. As a result of his treatment, Jake loses all of his hair. When Jake's family visits, he makes a joke about being bald. According to Freud, this is an example of what type of defense mechanism?

101. Jake is a teenager who feels intense anger most of the time and is involved with several fist fights at his school. At the suggestion of his counselor, Jake signs up for a mixed martial arts program where he learns discipline and patience, among other things. As a result, Jake no longer fights at school and develops relationships with his peers. According to Freud, this is an example of which defense mechanism?

102. Unlike authoritarian parents, authoritative parents are a healthy mix of

103. The conflict between trust and mistrust defines the

104. A child in the preoperational stage

105. Name the area of the eye that the arrow in the picture is pointing to.

106. The following image depicts Piaget's stages of cognitive development. The names of the stages have been removed and replaced with numbers. Please choose the option that correctly pairs the names of the stages with the numbers that represent them in the image.

107. Genie is a 25-year-old single female who lives alone. Genie is extremely uncomfortable interacting with other people, and worries that others will judge her. Genie has had trouble making friends since childhood, and spends most of her time alone. Genie believes that other people will disagree with her and that she will say something to offend someone. Based on this description, Genie most likely has which type of disorder?

108. Which of the following demonstrates the concept of self-awareness?

109. The main difference between Jean Piaget's stages of development and Sigmund Freud's stages of development is that:

110. Many psychologists believe in the existence of a general intelligence. General intelligence can best be described as

111. Our membership in particular groups largely determines our everyday interactions. This membership is referred to as our

112. What is the highest need or goal according to Abraham Maslow?

113. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, what is the chronological order of his hierarchy of needs?

114. Dana took a white pill at a party. About 10 minutes after taking the drug, Dana started seeing unicorns and talking rainbows. She also started having visions of her recently deceased aunt chasing her. This led Dana to be extremely paranoid and anxious until the effects of the drug wore off. Which type of psychoactive drug did Dana most likely take?

115. Chunking results in which of the following?

116. What branch of psychology emphasizes individual potential?

117. There are three kinds of averages, known as central tendency of data, that are used in statistics. They are the mean, median, and

118. Jake is a 25-year-old male seeking individual therapy in order to treat his fear of hamsters. Jake's therapist suggests that they use exposure therapy to help Jake cure his fear. Jake's therapist is using which of the following approaches to individual therapy?

119. Lina is a 6-year-old female whose family owns a minvan and uses it for transportation. When Lina starts attending school, she rides a yellow bus for the first time. Even though this is the first time Lina has seen a yellow bus, Lina has already recognized that the yellow bus is also a form of transportation just like her family's minivan. According to Jean Piaget, this is an example of what process?

120. John decided that he was finally ready to get back on his motorcycle. Without giving it any thought, John started his motorcycle and was riding it in no time. John's memory of how to ride his motorcycle is an example of which type of memory?

121. Which of the following is not associated with Stage 1 sleep?

122. What term quite literally means 'good genes,' and refers to the goal of improving the genetic makeup of a population.

123. Which of the following is not one of the three main ways in which treatment effectiveness is measured?

124. Michael received straight A's on his report card. His parents rewarded him for all of his hard work with a new car. At the end of every semester, Michael's parents continue to reward him for his good grades. This is an example of what?

125. Tom is a 2-month-old baby. He likes to suck on his pacifier and his toys. Which of Freud's stages of psychosocial development is Tom currently in?

126. Jim's parents were very demanding of him as a child. As an adult, Jim is obsessed with order, is overly tidy, and never late. According to Freud, which of the following terms can describe Jim?

127. You are a psychologist interested in assessing the state of psychological care for women who have lost children. What type of research design would you most likely use for your study?

128. Finish the analogy: Sensation is to receiving as ______ is to interpreting

129. Which of the following concepts best demonstrates how biological influence can limit conditioning?

130. Magic Johnson is considered one of the best NBA players of all time. He was in great shape, had good hand-eye coordination, and was aware of his body and how to use his talents to score points for his team. Based on this description, Magic Johnson most likely had a high level of which intelligence?

131. According to Paul Ekman, the six basic emotions are anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.

132. Gina is conducting research where she is trying to discover if behavioral, cognitive, or psychodynamic treatments are better for patients with substance related disorders. If Gina wants her research to be non-subjective, which method should she use?

133. Suppose that you are driving on a highway to go to an amusement park. You look at the rides from the distance and they appear hazy. As you get closer and closer to your destination, the rides start to look clearer and you can make out more details. This is an example of what depth cue?

134. The scarcity principle suggests that we're more likely to buy something when

135. Different cultures have varying ideas about other characteristics that make someone attractive.

136. Name the area of the eye that the arrow in the picture is pointing to.

137. Sound first enters the ear and reverberates around which structure?

138. Mrs. B would like for Jane to be able to sit in her seat for 1 hour without moving. The first week, Mrs. B rewards Jane with extra play time for sitting in her seat for 20 minutes. The second week, Mrs. B rewards Jane with extra play time only when she sits in her seat for at least 30 minutes. The third week, Mrs. B rewards Jane with extra play time only when she sits in her seat for at least 40 minutes. The fourth week, Jane is able to sit in her seat for 1 hour, and Mrs. B only offers extra play time when Jane sits in her seat for the full hour. In this example, Mrs. B is using what?

139. Which of the following psychologists theorized that passion, intimacy, and commitment are the three components to love, and that various combinations of these aspects can lead to different types of love?

140. Which of the following is not a conscious deliberate behavior?

141. Schizophrenia is known as a psychotic disorder, characterized by patients who lose touch with

142. Things that are unchanged as we grow are called

143. A rise in endorphin activity is associated with

144. Parauresis, or the fear of using public restrooms, is an example of

145. Which of the following is the proper order in which soundwaves enter the ear and are processed?

146. While watching her younger sister graduate, Lisa was able to recall her own high school graduation that took place just three years prior. Lisa's memory of her high school graduation is an example of what type of memory?

147. Three types of research study designs are

148. Social learning is when we

149. An infant's ability to perceive depth was demonstrated by which experiment?

150. Leo dreamed that he was falling into a bottomless pit. He spent the entire dream free falling without any indication where he was falling to or if he would ever hit the bottom. Leo's therapist suggested that Leo's dream is due to his fear of failing, and rather than being afraid while he is awake, Leo is doing it while he is asleep. Leo's therapists is most likely using which theory?

151. Which of the following is not one of the three psychological approaches that was common in the early 20th century?

152. Kids become independent of their parents and direct their sexuality at another person during which of Freud's psychosexual stages of development?

153. Fill in the statement: If the result of a statistical test has a _________ chance of occurring due to chance, it can be called statistically significant.

154. Parents who leave a young child home alone are

155. Which of the following is not a part of the peripheral nervous system?

156. Which of the following psychologists believed that, as humans, we work to construct our psychosocial identities throughout our whole lives?

157. Which of the following statements is correct?

158. Dr. Oz has two clients who are the same age, gender, and are both diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Client A is more optimistic and uses his wife and job as motivation to improve. Client B is pessimistic, believes that he cannot be helped by Dr. Oz, and is hostile in his therapy sessions. Given the descriptions of Client A and Client B, which client is most likely to improve?

159. The temporal lobe of your brain processes information about what you

160. In this type of therapy, members typically share experiences and get feedback from each other, with the therapist serving as a facilitator.

161. Jake is a student working on a mathematic problem. He tried to use several different mathematic formulas to solve his problem, but he was still unsuccessful. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in Jake's head and he found the solution. Jake's sudden discovery of the solution to his mathematic problem is an example of which concept?

162. The ability to be aware of your body's motions and position is called what?

163. Jill has been told on several occasions that she is 'people smart'. Jill is able to relate to other individuals easily. Jill most likely has a high level of which intelligence?

164. Sensation is passively receiving information through sensory inputs, and perception is

165. A woman with bulimia may suffer from all of the following except

166. About how long does it take for an embryo to develop into a fetus?

167. Finish the analogy: Conscious is to somatic nervous system as Unconscious is to __________

168. Meditation has been shown to

169. For the results of a study to be thought to support a hypothesis, researchers must prove that the results have

170. Finish the statement: After sound enters the ear through the pinna, it then _________

171. The scientific method is a systematic process of gathering measurable evidence. The first thing to do is to formulate a

172. What is the lowest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

173. Which of the following concepts is associated with Gestalt Psychology?

174. The study of prenatal and infant development fits under this branch of psychology

175. Lithium is primarily use to treat

176. You are a psychologist collecting data on the most popular baby names of 2014. Which of the following measures of central tendency are you most likely to use to summarize your data?

177. Which of the following statements is correct?

178. Substance-related disorders are divided into two groups, substance abuse and substance

179. A new medication called Drug X has recently hit the market. Drug X promises to cure lyme disease after just one dose. Suppose that you are a psychologist intent on conducting a research study to test Drug X's claims. Which research design would you most likely use?

180. The brain processes emotions

181. Neuroplasticity refers to

182. Your are a psychologist interested in determining the relationship between self-esteem and obesity. Which of the following research designs would you most likely use for your study?

183. Light first passes through which eye structure?

184. The pituitary gland is known as the 'master gland' because it

185. What kind of psychologists study the lines of communication between your brain, glands and muscles.

186. The difference between clinical and research psychologists is that

187. When you make a judgment based on probability, you use which type of heuristic?

188. Johnny's parents give him a $5 increase in allowance every month that Johnny completes all of his chores without assistance. This is an example of which reinforcement schedule?

189. Personality theory proposes that prejudices are based on personal experiences that occur

190. What kind of psychologists study how you learn, solve problems and make decisions?

191. Which of the following is not one of the three ways in which prejudices are formed?

192. Maisy had a dream that she was locked in a dark basement and could not get out. Maisy's therapist told her that her dream was the result of repressed sexual desires. Which theory is Maisy's therapist most likely using?

193. American psychologist Howard Gardner first recognized that people have different ways of learning and problem solving. He then proposed

194. Which disorder is a general term for disorders that cause disturbances in consciousness, memory, identity or perception?

195. Finish the statement: The frequency theory of hearing says that the neurons attached to the cilia will fire off __________

196. Jane is a psychologist who believes that each of us is driven by our own goals and feelings. Jane also believes that each of us is motivated by our will to be the best that we can be. Jane is most likely to follow which of the following psychological approaches?

197. Jamie was asked a question about her birthday party last year. After a few seconds, Jamie was able to recall that her birthday party was at the local skating rink. She remember that they ate chocolate cake, and she gave a description of the venue. Jamie's recollection of her birthday is an example of what memory process?

198. Your sympathetic nervous system gets you ready to fight or flee when you're faced with a crisis, and your parasympathetic nervous system calms you down and

199. Signs of major depression, a mood disorder which affects 8%-12% of people at some point during their lives, can include

200. Which of the following created a 4-stage model of cognitive development in which he believed that all children went through the four stages in order, and that children acquired specific skills during each stage?

201. What fundamental question underlies many theories in developmental psychology?

202. Suppose you are a psychologist trying out a new psychological test called Levi's Anxiety Inventory (LAI) that is meant to measure anxiety. You decide to administer LAI to several of your clients. You find that LAI is not able to accurately predict the level of anxiety in your clients, but it is able to predict depression. Which of the following statements regarding the LAI is correct?

203. Name the area of the eye that the arrow in the picture is pointing to.

204. Vincent van Gogh was a famous 19th century Dutch painter. He was known for his dramatic style and use of vivid colors. Some of van Gogh's famous works include Starry Night and Sunflowers. Based on this description, one could conclude that Vincent van Gogh possessed a high level of which of the following intelligences?

205. Pam's husband died two years ago in a car accident, leaving Pam to raise their 12-year-old son Leo. Pam noticed that once she started seeing Jim, Leo began acting out and skipping school. Leo has become defiant and refuses to follow rules. Pam thought that once her and Jim got married, Leo's behaviors would mellow out, but they've only gotten worse. Given the description, which of the following psychological treatments would be most beneficial for the family?

206. According to Erikson's stages of identity formation, the last childhood stage is called latency and is defined by a conflict between which two forces?

207. What happens during the process of encoding?

208. Most antipsychotics

209. Studies have shown that obsessive-compulsive disorder is best treated with

210. Infant development is a complicated process shaped by the interplay of what two factors?

211. Amy is a 22-year-old college freshman. She likes to wear the latest fashions and keeps her hair and makeup flawless. Amy likes to be the center of attention everywhere she goes. When Amy does not get the attention she feels she deserves, she becomes overly dramatic so that people have to pay attention to her. Based on this description, Amy most likely has which type of disorder?

212. The phenomenon of after-image supports which of the following theories?

213. Which branch of psychology studies group behavior and how we interact in social situations?

214. According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, financial security and living in a safe neighborhood fall under which category of need?

215. Which conflict is central to the oral-sensory stage of development according to Erik Erikson?

216. Individual, couples, marriage, family, and group, are all examples of types of

217. Frank is a skilled basketball player. Frank is able to excel at basketball without putting forth much effort. Though Frank plays well during practice, he performs his best in front of a large crowd on game days. Frank's improved performance can be best explained by which theory?

218. John was expelled from school for a full year because he got into a fight with another student and knocked him unconscious. John's behavior is an example of what?

219. Babies shut their eyes when exposed to a bright light and pull away from a sharp object. These behaviors indicate which of the following?

220. In relation to prenatal development, alcohol, radiation, and methamphetamine are all examples of what?

221. What are the chronological stages that an egg must go through during prenatal development?

222. Which personality disorder is characterized by an inflated sense of self-worth and little regard for the feelings of others?

223. Which of the following psychologists conducted an experiment using monkeys that showed that the need for love has nothing physically to do with survival, but it is very important to normal development?

224. A baseball player's schema from his home ballpark can

225. Wolpe's behavioral approach focuses on trying to improve specific thought pattterns

226. Tim is learning how to play the piano and read sheet music. Tim had trouble remembering the notes on the line on a treble clef. In order to improve his memory of the notes, Tim memorized the phrase 'Elvis' Guitar Broke Down Friday'. What is the name of the technique that Tim used to improve his memory?

227. Luke's mother is a therapist. She spends several hours reading journals to keep up on the latest research. Therefore, Luke now believes that people who are therapists spend several hours each day reading. This is an example of an attitude formed through what?

228. Sometimes we change our attitudes and behaviors so people will like us. This behavior is called normative conformity, or acting within social

229. Larry has not been feeling well for the past two weeks. Larry is extremely fatigued and has gained 10 pounds. His energy level is so low that he does not exercise at all. Which of the following statements regarding Larry is most likely to be true?

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