History 101: Western Civilization I Final Exam

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1. How did Julius Caesar contribute to the fall of Rome's republic?

2. Which of the following was NOT a contribution made by Leonardo da Vinci?

3. The first animal to be domesticated was probably

4. What was the result of the Great Schism?

5. At 15, where was Charles de Bourbon a duke?

6. Which of the following did not flourish during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I?

7. What is the significance of the development of the Greek alphabet to Homer's epics?

8. Which of the following best represents the central tension that led to the decline of the Roman Republic?

9. Which culture of the Ancient Near East was known for its fierce and violent warriors?

10. How did the decline and fall of the Roman Empire affect Christianity.

11. What common thread exists among nearly every hierarchical system in history?

12. How did the Renaissance affect the Church's influence on governing?

13. What did not occur in the High Middle Ages?

14. Who was named the Father of the Nation in the Roman Empire?

15. How would Socrates approach someone who believed that the Earth was flat?

16. What structure developed during prehistory to keep labor and resources divided among growing populations of agricultural groups?

17. Under feudalism, a serf was a

18. All of the following are benefits of writing, except:

19. Renaissance art differed from Medieval art in that it

20. Which of the following statements best characterizes the political impact of the Crusades?

21. Which of the following is NOT an example of how the political system of the Roman Empire helped its rise to an empire?

22. Who was first to experience great profit by conquering land in the New World?

23. Which of the following represents a distinction between belief and knowledge, an issue very important to Socrates.

24. What was the importance of the sacraments before the Reformation?

25. Which of the following was NOT at stake during the Great Schism?

26. What sparked the beginning of the Peloponnesian War?

27. Which was not a responsibility of an English peasant?

28. Who did Leonardo da Vinci study under?

29. Which of the following was the most important aspect of the Renaissance in the formation of the nation-state?

30. Describe the Defenestration of Prague.

31. Which of the following explains the meaning of Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave?'

32. Settled agriculture had many advantages and disadvantages in creating thriving civilizations. Which of this is most likely to be a disadvantage?

33. Which writer became known for his great works during the Elizabethan Era?

34. Who was not struggling for power in the High Middle Ages?

35. Who was excommunicated after capturing control of Jerusalem?

36. Which characteristic of the Renaissance contributed to beginning of the Reformation?

37. Who won the Battle of Crecy?

38. How did the Quran affect the spread of Islam?

39. During the Italian Wars, Spain defeated the

40. Which tribe was most likely to assimilate into its surrounding culture?

41. Which of the following best explains the role of Christianity in the rise of the Byzantine Empire?

42. How did the Hundred Years' War impact Europe?

43. How was Renaissance art not influenced by humanism?

44. Which did not contribute to the fall of the Roman Empire?

45. Explain the role of a fief in the feudal system.

46. Who was not involved in the Long War?

47. Which is not a characteristic of humanism?

48. Which emperor created a code of laws that is still considered the basis for Western law?

49. What was a key difference between Pedro Alvarez Cabral and Vasco Nunez de Balboa?

50. Which of the following is NOT true of the significance of the crossbow?

51. Which was not an effect of the rise of feudalism?

52. Although the plebs of Rome could vote in the Assembly of the Centuries and the Assembly of the Tribes, they still held very little political power before 494 BCE because

53. How was the peasant uprising in Germany resolved?

54. Which culture heavily influenced early Roman culture?

55. Which leader was the most successful in leading Athens' democracy?

56. Achilles refuses to fight until

57. Virgil wrote the Aeneid for his patron,

58. Each time Odysseus gets close to home, his hopes are dashed by the actions of

59. Identify the distinction between Pedro Alvares Cabral and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.

60. How did Charlemagne affect the feudal system?

61. Which did not influence education in the High Middle Ages?

62. What was Augustus' relationship to Julius Caesar?

63. Which city became the center of the Byzantine Empire?

64. Which of the following did not contribute to the success of the agricultural lifestyle over nomadic culture?

65. Which was a result of the Protestant Reformation in Europe?

66. What was the theme that tied much of Renaissance art, from music to painting to architecture, together?

67. Who of these was not one of the Five Good Emperors?

68. How did the Roman aristocracy initially respond to the movement to have lands more equitably distributed?

69. What created some unity after the fall of the Roman Empire?

70. What was the impact of Sulla's destruction of the Roman tribune and assembly?

71. Christian Humanism mixed the teachings of the antiquities with

72. Which of the following was NOT an action, goal, or belief of Martin Luther?

73. Why is this style of architecture significant to the Renaissance?

74. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the decline of the Byzantine Empire?

75. Why did Christopher Columbus fail to reach India?

76. What does the Greek or Eastern Cross have in common with Byzantine central-plan churches?

77. Which was not associated with colonialism in the 1400s?

78. What lasting effect did the urban revolution of the 12th century have on European Society?

79. We can trace the roots of Insular art to

80. What treaty resulted in the break-up of Huguenot military forces?

81. Which of the following was NOT a reason for the emergence of the nation-state?

82. Which of the following is true based on Hammurabi's Code?

83. Which of the following best explains the relationship between Pax Romana and the decline of the Roman Empire?

84. What was the central dispute between England and France during the Hundred Years War?

85. What did the Inquisition entail?

86. Protestants were known by many different terms in different countries. All of the following refer to Protestants EXCEPT:

87. What is the Severan Dynasty most remembered for?

88. What was significant about the Battle of Agincourt?

89. Henry VIII was

90. Which of the following was not an effect felt after the fall of the Roman Empire?

91. Which of the following best describes Plato's relationship to Socrates?

92. The term Machiavellian usually means

93. What best explains Christianity's connection to Judaism?

94. Henry, King of Navarre, became

95. Which of the following is a difference between Sumerian and Assyrian architecture?

96. During the five daily prayers, Muslims should face .

97. How did feudalism contribute to the success of Viking attacks?

98. Why were parliaments important to the development of the nation-state?

99. Which of the following inventions were necessary to make cities possible

100. Which did not lead to a schism within the Church in 1054?

101. The basic goal of all hierarchies is

102. Under the Clarendon Constitutions, clergymen were

103. What happened to papal authority in the Late Middle Ages?

104. What was special about the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland?

105. How did Jesus Christ both connect and divide Christianity and Judaism?

106. Which of the following represents the largest breakthrough to the accuracy of timekeeping in the Middle Ages?

107. Which of the following is not essential to the rise of civilization?

108. How were knights able to control their horses during battle?

109. What was the global cooling phase in the 14th century called?

110. Which of the following architectural elements was used to make the dome of the Hagia Sophia float higher than any previous dome?

111. Which of the following controlled much of Europe when the Peace of Augsburg was issued?

112. Why did the Fourth Crusade hasten the decline of the Byzantine Empire?

113. Which of the following was essential to the transition from villages to cities?

114. Martin Luther's 95 Theses called for what?

115. The first record of monotheism appears around

116. How did the differences between Abu Bakr and Ali Talib affect the future of Islam?

117. What was a key difference between Hapsburg rulers Maximilian II and his son Rudolf II?

118. How did the Germanic peoples affect the rise of the Byzantine Empire?

119. What was NOT an economic result of European colonization?

120. In what way did Martin Luther's 95 Theses start the Protestant Reformation?

121. Which of the following best represents how feudalism was able to sustain itself?

122. Which of the following is NOT one of the Five Pillars of Islam?

123. Which of the following is an event that came out of the drama with Mary, Queen of Scots?

124. Which of the following best characterizes the society of Sparta?

125. Which of these was a major achievement of the Byzantine Empire?

126. Which of the following best describes Christianity's relationship with the Roman Empire?

127. What would Socrates most likely say about the religious beliefs of the Greeks?

128. What was the result of the Hundred Years' War?

129. Which of the following materials is NOT typical of Roman architecture?

130. Which of the following was an effect of Luther's theses on Germany?

131. Which of the following groups of people did not have a voice in shaping Roman law?

132. The conclusion of the Thirty Years' War helped create early nation-states. How?

133. The Bronze Age is defined by the new metal common at the time, but why was this so important to the development of cities?

134. Which of the following best reflects how Rome was able to expand its empire.

135. Why was Joan of Arc significant to the Hundred Years' War?

136. What structures, inspired by Sumerian architecture, did Assyrians create to hold temples?

137. How was Christianity able to thrive amid persecution in the Roman Empire?

138. Which of the following countries remained largely unaffected by the Protestant Reformation?

139. Describe the effect of the Reformation on France.

140. Explain England's Golden Age.

141. Which theme had an effect on various aspects of the Renaissance time period?

142. Which of the following is vital in understanding and comparing cultures of the Ancient Near East?

143. What was Hernan Cortes most known for?

144. Middle Age armor that would deflect a blow or otherwise distribute the force of the blow over a larger area instead of into its wearer was called what?

145. The Elizabethan Era saw advancement in all areas except for which of the following?

146. This illuminated page from the Carmina Burana is important to art historians because

147. Which does not describe Machiavelli's political theory?

148. How did the Byzantine Empire emerge?

149. The census, in which William called for all of England's property to recorded, was compiled in the

150. Why was the request for Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel uncommon?

151. How is this painting of Jesus an example of humanism?

152. Why was the invention of the longbow important?

153. What was the significance of the harrow to agriculture?

154. What was the purpose of creating a republic in Rome?

155. Which country claimed the most wealth and profits from the race to explore?

156. Besides religious reasons, Europe's nobles went on crusade to

157. Which did not inspire monastic movements?

158. Which of the following is NOT true of Plato and Socrates' relationship?

159. Which of the following accurately describes the consequences of Socrates' death?

160. Which of the following was a conquistador?

161. Which of the following describes Greece's land?

162. Which of the following best represents a distinction between the philosophies of Plato and Socrates?

163. How was feudalism weakened during the Renaissance?

164. Why was religion a driver of the Thirty Years' War?

165. All of the following inventions helped keep armored knights in their saddles except

166. What led to the declining population of Native Americans in the West during the Age of Exploration?

167. Whose crew was the first to circumnavigate the world?

168. The 3rd Century Crisis began with the end of which group of rulers?

169. How was the dispute with Mary, Queen of Scots resolved?

170. What was unusual about France's involvement in the early parts of the Thirty Years' War?

171. What was Mohammed's role in the birth of Islam?

172. How did France eventually triumph during the Hundred Years' War?

173. Which of the following was not something Jews were forced to wear to identify themselves in the Late Middle Ages?

174. In which areas did Islam not become popular in the 14th century?

175. All of the following are examples of the weakening of Church power in favor of secular governing EXCEPT:

176. How did Mohammed's death affect Islam?

177. What, exactly, is the purpose of a windmill?

178. What event caused France to enter the Thirty Years' War?

179. What made Ponce de Leon so famous?

180. Which is not associated with Jamestown?

181. Who was Mary, Queen of Scots and why was she important?

182. Which of the following did not lead to peasant revolts in the 14th century?

183. What was the purpose of the earliest tools?

184. How did the Second Caliphate alter the spread of Islam?

185. Which of the following accurately describes the Peace of Prague?

186. Who wrote 'The Utopia?'

187. How did the Hapsburg Dynasty play into the beginnings of the Thirty Years' War?

188. Which did not contribute to the rise of the Roman Republic?

189. In 1606 the King of England gave what group of investors a charter to settle in North America?

190. What were Greek myths used to explain?

191. Which of the following are characteristics of Baroque painting?

192. Which of the following was an immediate result of the Age of Exploration?

193. Who did not hold authority in the Medieval Warm Period?

194. What helped Islamic scholars in their quest to gather and translate the world's wisdom?

195. How did feudalism limit the power of the king?

196. What office of the clergy had the responsibility of choosing the pope?

197. Which is not associated with the Protestant Reformation?

198. Which of the following best explains the significance of the Code of Hammurabi?

199. The encomienda system granted explorers

200. Which statement is false?

201. What purpose did cylinder seals serve?

202. How many levels existed for initiates of the Mithras cult?

203. Most archaeologists dislike Heinrich Schliemann because

204. How did the Commercial Revolution affect the populations of Europe?

205. What was England's greatest weapon in the Hundred Years' War?

206. How did the aristocracy benefit from prejudice against the Jews in the Late Middle Ages?

207. Egypt flourished due to the Nile River. Why did other areas with rivers, like the Euphrates and Tigris, not see the same level of advancement?

208. Why did the pharaohs have supreme power in Egypt?

209. Which of the following is not a reason Ancient Greeks traded with other cultures?

210. The Law of Moses is central to which major faith?

211. These two individuals are found in both the Quran and the Gospels of Christianity.

212. Which did Shakespeare NOT write?

213. What best describes feudalism?

214. Why was Martin Luther unhappy with the Church?

215. Why is Huldrych Zwingli important to the Reformation in Switzerland.

216. The Pantheon is famous for

217. Which sophisticated culture lived on the Greek island Crete?

218. Why did the first civilizations arise in Mesopotamia?

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