History 106: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Watch video lessons on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Learn about the events that took place before, during and after the American Civil War, including the rebuilding of the South. 

About the Course

The Civil War and Reconstruction course covers the causes of the Civil War, the South's secession from the Union, major battles, Lincoln's assassination and post-war amendments. The history instructors who developed it are experienced and knowledgeable educators who have put together comprehensive video lessons that cover the tensions over slavery and the political issues that led to the start of the Civil War, the major events that took place during the war and the reconstruction efforts that followed. Each category is broken down into smaller chapters that will cover these topics in-depth. The video lessons make learning fun and interesting. Throughout the lessons, you'll get to utilize self-graded quizzes and practice tests that allow you to see how much you have learned.

Course Topics

Life in 19th Century America Learn about the governmental views of American citizens in the early 1800s. Study some of the characteristics of slavery in early America and learn about how early 19th-century America's demographics shifted because of population and territorial growth. Find out more about the inventions that played a role in the commercial revolution, especially in the northern United States, and the ordered society and lifestyle that characterized the South.
Rising Tension over Slavery Study Henry Clay, the Missouri Compromise and the Mexican-American War. Learn about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Wilmot Proviso and President Fillmore's support for a compromise in 1850 that would resolve controversies over slavery. Find out who played a role in the fight to end slavery and how a Supreme Court case took away citizenship rights from African Americans. Also, learn about the raid at Harper's Ferry.
The Political Situation in 1860 Learn about the birth of the Republican Party and the successes and failures of Abraham Lincoln. Study what led to the split in the Democratic Party and what happened in the presidential election of 1860.
1861: The Civil War Unfolds Learn about the 11 states that seceded from the Union and how the Confederacy was created. Study the start of the Civil War at Fort Sumter and the strengths and weaknesses of each side. Also, examine the First Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Ball's Bluff.
The War in 1862 Learn about President Lincoln's and President Davis's cabinets. Compare the Armed Forces of the Union and the Confederacy, learn about the Anaconda Plan and examine General McClellan's army and his reluctance to engage in battle. Find out about the blockade of the Southern coast and various battles that took place in 1862.
The War Continues: 1863 Examine Civil War casualties as the war moved into 1863. Learn about war politics, civilian reactions, the role that women played and what the circumstances were like for African Americans during the war. Study the battles at Murfreesboro and Chancellorsville and the well-known Battle of Gettysburg. Find out about the Union's attempts to control the Mississippi and the battles that raged in Tennessee.
The Tide of War Shifts: 1864 Learn about General Grant's promotion and his Overland Campaign to end the war. Study some of the battles that took place in 1864 and learn about the siege on Petersburg, a Confederate stronghold. Find out about General Sherman's Atlanta Campaign and his march to the sea. Study President Lincoln's re-election campaign.
Conclusion of the Civil War: 1865 Study the last 100 days of the Civil War and the fall of Richmond. Learn about General Lee's surrender, the assassination of President Lincoln and the capture of President Davis. Also, study the costs of the war.
Reconstruction Learn about President Lincoln's legacy and how President Johnson planned to reunite the country and rebuild the South. Study the Republican Party's ideas on reconstruction, the passage of the 13th-15th constitutional amendments and President Johnson's impeachment. Find out how reconstruction impacted African Americans and how some southerners planned to restore white supremacy. Also, learn about the election of 1876.

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