Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development

This Psychology 103: Human Growth and Development course can help you earn better grades or study for an exam. Watch entertaining psychology video lessons and learn about human growth and development from infancy to late adulthood. 

About this Course

Let our experienced, professional educators help you examine topics ranging from brain development, memory, and information processing to mood disorders and attachment theory. You'll also learn about theories of growth and development, genetic and environmental influences on development, and prenatal stages of development. Each video is accompanied by a written transcript, many of which link to related lessons for expanded learning opportunities, and a short self-assessment quiz.

Theoretical Approaches to Human Growth and Development Discover the different theories and their strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at ideas from Freud, Erikson and Piaget.
Research Methods and the Study of Human Growth and Development Learn how the scientific method is applied in this area, how data is collected and what research methods are used.
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Development Explore the genetic code, and learn more about how genetics affect intelligence and temperament. Also, look at the role genetics plays in the development of psychological disorders.
Biological Development Examine the different stages of development, starting at the very beginning. Study how the brain develops, and look at growth in newborns, adolescents and adults.
Sensory and Perceptual Development Study perceptual development in infants, children and adults. Look at how the five senses are developed.
Cognition and Cognitive Development Analyze the development of information processing and intelligence. Learn more about Lev Vygotsky's theory and how intelligence changes throughout life.
Creativity and Intelligence Development See how creativity and intelligence influence the IQ. Also look at theories on creativity and intelligence development.
Language Development Discover the stages of language development and see how external factors can influence it.
Social Development Go over the theories of social development, along with the stages. Examine Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Levinson's stages of adult development and Dodge's social information-processing model.
Social Relationship Development Explore the attachment theory and see how it works in infants. Also take a look at the family system and the impact of different parenting styles.
Atypical Development Examine abnormal development, social norms, developmental abnormalities, mood disorders and mental disabilities.

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