Business 106: Human Resource Management

Learn about the many facets of human resource management through this series of video lessons. The short, engaging lessons and self-assessment quizzes make learning easy! 

About this Course

With these engaging and informative video lessons, you can get an overview of how human resource management (HRM) fits into a business organization and study some of the theories related to this field. You'll learn basic concepts covering organizational staffing, performance reviews, employment law and labor relations.

This course's human resource management topics are broken down into easy-to-follow chapters that provide in-depth coverage of the information you need to learn. Lessons are taught by professionals in the business field who have created videos that provide relevant training but are still fun to watch. Quizzes also accompany each lesson, so you can test your comprehension of the subjects covered in the lessons.

Course Topics

Category Objectives
Overview of HRM Field Find out the primary objective of human resource management and study its history. Learn about how HRM fits into an organization, external factors that affect human resource management and how the HR function supports the organization. Study the differences between HRM and personnel management, generational values in the workplace, major job attitudes and HR ethics.
Scientific Management in Human Resources Explore the Classical Scientific School of Management and Fayol's theories on worker satisfaction and staff management. Also study Fayol's management principles and Frederick Taylor's theories on productivity and efficiency.
Job Analysis and Design Get the definition of job design and how empowerment and job design are connected. Learn about job reengineering and redesign, the four methods of job evaluation and performance standardization.
Staffing in Organizations Study hiring and staffing, recruitment and common selection methods. Get info on job bidding, absenteeism and turnover, termination processes, resignation, retirement and reasons people quit their jobs. Also study the transitional matrix.
Training and Development in Organizations Learn how to assess an organization's training needs and find out about the different types of employee training programs and new hire orientation. Examine on-the-job training, mentoring and job rotation. Study career management and development, career stages, employee discipline methods and Goleman's Domains of Leadership.
Performance Appraisals Examine the benefits and uses of appraisals, performance appraisal types and the uses of reliability and validity in assessment. Learn about critical incidence, critical appraisal and forced rankings. Study the Management by Objective method and explore reasons for job dissatisfaction.
Employee Compensation Issues Learn about direct and indirect compensation, common compensation systems, compensation equity and mandatory and voluntary benefits. Get info on retirement compensation systems, like 401(k) and pensions, incentive plans, profit sharing and stock ownership. Also examine executive pay trends.
Employment Law and Employment Rights Study at-will employment, privacy and safety. Learn common practices for promoting a work-life balance and understand workplace stress and its consequences. Examine HRM regulations, equal employment opportunity regulations and provisions, uniform guidelines and wage and income regulations. Explore health and safety laws, union regulations and the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991.
Labor Relations Find out the purpose of the NLRB and the history of the AFL-CIO. Study collective bargaining and learn why workers join unions. Examine closed and open shops, the unionizing process and integrative and distributive bargaining strategies. Find out about strikes, lockouts and bargaining impasses. Also study the executive orders of 1962 and 1978 and labor relations trends.
International Human Resource Management Learn about the four global staffing approaches and expatriate staffing. Find out how human resource managers interact with host-country and third-country nationals.
Current Issues and Trends in HRM Examine Affirmative Action, workplace diversity, ability and disability diversity and age diversity. Get examples of gender and cultural diversity and explore workplace violence. Find out about human resource information systems and alternative work arrangements.

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Employment Law & Employee Rights

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