Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities

Watch humanities video lessons and learn about art, philosophy, architecture, music and more. The course features fun graphics and dynamic animations to help you easily retain critical humanities info. 

About this Course

Get an introduction to the humanities, including visual arts, music and literature, through this course. Explore the history of art, examine different styles of architecture and learn various dance terminology through our series of brief video lessons, which were developed by our team of experienced, professional educators. Other topics covered in this course include the medieval theater, poetic techniques and philosophy through the ages. You can test your mastery of each topic covered in this course by taking the self-assessment quiz that accompanies each lesson.

Course Topics

Visual Art Study the different elements of art, such as color, texture, shape, space and perspective. Discover more about mediums and how emotion is portrayed in art.
Art History Travel through various periods, including Greek, neoclassical and modern, to learn about the history of art. See how different styles were born and investigate the influences of each time period on art.
Architecture Discover architecture throughout time. Explore designs and styles from periods including Egyptian, Baroque, Rococo and Gothic Revival.
Dance Explore dance terminology, the history of dance and learn more about specific types of dance, such as ballet, jazz, and modern.
Drama/Theater Dive into theater's history. Study dramatic terminology and technique. Learn more about medieval theater, Shakespeare, Romantic theater, modern theater and various playwrights.
Film Study film techniques and influential filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock. Explore different style of film, including silent and Japanese film.
Music Learn all about the elements of music, like pitch, tempo and style. Increase your knowledge of the history of music, and explore the works and styles of various composers.
Literature Explore the different time periods of British and American literature, including: Middle English, Neoclassical, Victorian and Romantic. Master literary techniques and terminology.
Poetry Explore poetic techniques. Study poetic styles that include Greek, Elizabethan, Augustan and Victorian.
Philosophy Learn about early Greek philosophers. Dive into a study of religion and philosophy. Explore philosophy in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Neoclassical period, Romantic period and the 20th Century.

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