Business 104: Information Systems and Computer Applications

Watch business video lessons and master the concepts and terminology of introductory-level computer information systems and learn real-world applications for these systems. These lessons utilize fun graphics and engaging animations to help you easily retain critical info. 

About the Course

Explore how electronic information transfer and storage systems work and learn about their practical applications in the business world through this course. Our experienced, knowledgeable educators have put together brief but comprehensive video lessons about information systems in organizations, hardware and systems technology, systems and application software, data management and enterprise business systems, among other topics. They've also developed written transcripts and self-assessment quizzes to help you get the most from this course.

Information Systems in Organizations Learn what an information system is and study the different components of a system.
Hardware and Systems Technology Take a look at computer system components, like memory, processing devices, keyboards and printers.
Systems Software and Application Software Find out about computer software, including security, operating systems, file extensions and types of software programs.
Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Examine the Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Learn about related concepts, such as the World Wide Web, email, search engines and Internet business.
Network Systems Technology Take a look at the components of a telecommunication system. Learn about networking hardware and operating systems, wireless computing, hotspots and 3G.
Enterprise Business Systems Find out about enterprise business systems, transaction processing systems and customer relationship management.
Decision Support Systems and Specialized Information Systems Examine specialized information systems, decision support systems, business intelligence and management information systems. Also learn about other important systems used in the business decision-making process.
Systems Development Study the process of software development and graphical user interface. Look at management tools and the roles of systems.
Data Management Learn why information systems use the database approach to data management. Also, study data hierarchy, database management systems, object-oriented systems and relational databases.
Business, Social, and Ethical Implications and Issues Examine information technology and how it impacts society and privacy. Additionally, take a look at the impact of e-commerce, telecommuting and globalization.
Introduction to Programming Learn about programming, tools used in programming, programming coding and the steps in the programming process.

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