Business 109: Intro to Computing

This Intro to Computing course introduces basic foundational topics related to computing. The engaging video lessons in this course offer you an overview on the history, impact, components and interconnectivity of computer systems, the Internet, and programming. 

About the Course

Whether you wouldn't know a processor chip from a memory chip or you've been building and configuring computers for years, there's something for you to learn in this course. The lessons cover everything you'll need to know for a strong foundation in computers, including current terms, processes, tools and methods used in information technology. The instructors are professionals and experts in the field, but use language and provide information in an easy-to-follow and engaging format. Each lesson contains a short quiz that you can use to gauge your comprehension of the topics covered.

Application SoftwareLearn about application software intended for personal, business and workgroup use. Specific programs are also covered, such as office suites, presentation applications, graphics software and communication programs.
Systems SoftwareFind out how software controls the computing environment, from start up to peripheral devices to what you see on the screen. Lessons in this chapter discuss security, maintenance, file systems and file types.
Computer HardwareThe lessons in this chapter start out with the basics, such as input and output devices, and shows you how to identify each component of a computer and what they do. You'll also learn how to set up redundancy using hardware to prevent data loss.
Social Impacts and History of ComputingExplore the beginning of the technology era, see how computers have impacted society, and careers available in the technology industry.
Data CommunicationsThese lessons define the different types of database systems and data types. Learn about the components of a database, how to manage databases, and securing information in a database.
World Wide WebDiscover the origins of the Internet, how it keeps people and business connected, and how to protect your privacy online. You can also learn about Internet programming and scripting languages, search engines and Internet protocols.
Networks Access and Architecture These lessons show you the networking options available to interconnect computers and systems, how they work, and devices you can use on a network.
Software DevelopmentLearn the lifecycle of developing software, such as applications, drivers or operating systems. You'll also be introduced to the methods and tools available in software development.
Programming MethodologyThese lessons start off with the five basic elements of programming and explain exactly what programmers do. Learn the advantages and limitations of different types of programming and languages, as well as how to troubleshoot and simplify code.

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