Music 101: Intro to Music

This Music 101: Intro to Music course prepares you to earn real college credit. Watch video lessons and learn about operas, symphonies, experimental music and more. These lessons are just a portion of our online video lessons. 

About the Course

Explore different eras of music, from Renaissance to modern-day rock, through our Music 101: Intro to Music course. This series of brief video lessons also covers various types of music and prominent composers. Additionally, this course features self-assessment quizzes and other practice tests that can help you gauge how much you've learned.

Our experienced, knowledgeable educators have put together several comprehensive video lessons that make learning fun and engaging. These lessons vary in topic from how to read notes on a staff to identifying the roles in an opera. Each category is broken down into smaller chapters that cover topics more in-depth.

Course Topics

Elements of Music Study how to read notes on treble and bass clef staffs. Also examine sharps, flats, key signatures, timbre, instrument families, tempo, rhythm, musical forms and meter.
Opera and Orchestral Music Learn about what an opera is, roles in an opera, types of operas and orchestral music.
Jazz Music Examine the elements of jazz and famous jazz masters.
Musical Theater and Popular Music Explore Broadway masters, such as Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim.
Medieval Music Discover medieval music through looking at the birth of harmony, motets, courtly love songs and composers.
Renaissance Music Take a look at Renaissance singing, sacred and secular music, composers and types of music.
The Baroque Period in Music Find out about musical instruments, like the organ and the harpsichord. Also study music patronage and Baroque composers.
The Classical Period in Music Study the form of classical music, the piano, the history of the symphony and composers from this period.
The Romantic Period in Music Learn about emotional expression and composers in Romantic era music.
Twentieth Century Music Examine atonality, experimental music and composers of the 20th century.
Rock Music Study rock music.
World Music Explore music from East Asia, West Asia, West Africa and Eastern Europe, in addition to Oceanic and Latin music.

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