Science 101: Intro to Natural Sciences

Watch video lessons and learn about physical and biological sciences in this natural sciences course. Course topics include geology, astronomy, biochemistry, and cell biology. 

About This Course

This course covers the topics in both the physical and biological sciences and is equivalent to a natural sciences course taught during the first two years of college. Our instructors are experienced educators with the in-depth scientific knowledge necessary to teach an interdisciplinary course. Watch as they break each chapter into easy-to-digest video lessons that make the concepts of natural sciences relatable and fun. Self-grading quizzes and practice tests allow you to see how much you've learned, so you can review only the topics you need to.

Atomic Structure Learn the structure and function of atoms and how to distinguish between covalent, ionic, and peptide bonds.
Properties of Matter Take a look at the states of matter and other distinguishing features of matter.
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics Discover the different kinds of energy: chemical, electric, kinetic, radiant, and thermal. Also get an overview of the laws of thermodynamics.
Mechanics Study Newton's three laws of motion and learn the difference between speed, velocity, and acceleration.
Relativity Learn why the theory of relativity shook up our understanding of the relationship between space and time and put Albert Einstein on the map.
Electricity Learn how different kinds of waves are interpreted as a light or sound.
Magnetism Study the electromagnetic spectrum.
Waves, Sound and Light Find out about different types of waves, properties of sound, and the light spectrum.
The Universe Learn about the origins of the universe, starting with the Big Bang. Explore star and galaxy formation and the planets in our solar system.
Atmospheric Science Study the forces that shaped Earth. Also take a look at the weather and how it impacts the atmosphere.
Geology Learn about the makeup of the Earth's center, surface, and surroundings.
Biomolecules Study the structure and function of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.
Biology of the Cell Learn what makes up a cell and what processes take place within one, such as osmosis.
Biochemistry Foundations Review key biochemistry topics, such as DNA & RNA, anaerobic respiration, aerobic respiration, photosynthesis, and oxidation/reduction.
Chemical Nature of the Gene Get an overview of protein synthesis, mutations, and the genetic code. Also learn about how the makeup of a gene affects its function.
Cell Processes Discover key cell processes, such as the cell cycle, mitosis, meiosis, and sexual cell reproduction.
Introduction to Plant Biology Get an overview of plant structure and function, with special attention to shoot system growth, root system growth, and plant reproduction.
Human Anatomy Study the structure and function of the following systems: circulatory, digestive, excretory, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, respiratory, and skeletal.
Animal Reproduction and Development Explore the animal reproductive cycle, including sperm development, ovulation, embryonic development, and gestation.
Genetics Learn about Mendel's laws of inheritance, sex-linked and sex-limited traits, and chromosomal linkage.
Ecology Gain an understanding of how different organisms, populations, and communities interact with each other and their environment.
Evolution: Theories and Principles Study crucial concepts of evolution, such as the Harvey Weinberg Equilibrium, natural selection, and speciation.
Human and Social Biology Take a look at different types of behavior, such as innate, learned, and social. Also learn about populations and different aspects of demographics.

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