Business 107: Organizational Behavior

Video lessons in this Business 107: Organizational Behavior course can teach you about employee motivation, organizational design, decision making and more. Use them along with the matching self-assessment quizzes to master the same topics covered in a college-level organizational behavior course. 

About the Course

Business 107: Organizational Behavior is designed to teach you, via short video lessons, what you would learn in a traditional class on the subject. Our lessons, which include complementary self-assessment quizzes, explain theories, effects, tools and concepts related to organizational behavior. They were developed by professional educators with experience in the field.

The Evolution of Organizational Behavior Learn about how organizational behavior got its start and what the field looks like today.
Management and Organizational Behavior Explore the structure and role of management in an organization.
Foundations of Individual Behavior Examine the individual in the workplace and the terms used to talk about individual behavior.
Personality and Behavior in Organizations Look at types of personality and how they fit into different organizations.
Emotions and Moods in the Workplace Discover how emotions and moods affect an employee's ability and performance.
Attitudes and Values in the Workplace Learn about job satisfaction, involvement, absenteeism, identification and values in the workplace.
Ethics in the Workplace Examine social responsibility and discrimination within an organization along with other ethical issues.
Perception and Attribution Explore how what we perceive and how we attribute causes affect behavior in an organization.
Learning in the Workplace Look at conditioning and shaping of employees within organizations.
Employee Motivation Discover multiples theories on how to successfully motivate employees.
Individual Decision Making in Organizations Study decision making styles and models on the individual level.
Workforce Diversity Learn about different types of diversity in the workplace and the effect this has.
Organizational Communication in Business Explore various ways that communication can happen within an organization.
Groups and Work TeamsExamine what constitutes a group and how groups act within an organization.
Group Decision MakingUnderstand the ways in which groups can make decisions and the positive and negative effects of each.
ConflictLook at types of conflict in the workplace and ways in which resolution can happen.
LeadershipExplore what leadership means in an organization and the ways power can be asserted.
Leadership TheoryDiscover the leadership theories of Fiedler, Hersey-Blanchard and others.
Leadership StylesLearn about the various types of leaders and what effect each style has on employees.
Organizational Design and StructureExamine centralized, mechanistic, network, informal and many more types of organizations.
Job DesignLook at different approaches to job design and how managers determine employees' roles.
Organizational CultureExplore the cultures within and around organizations and the various effects they have.
Organizational ChangeUnderstand what causes organizational change, what this looks like and why it can be important.
Managing Workplace StressLearn about stress, its effects and how to manage it.
Career ManagementStudy the development of a career and the factors involved.
Global Implications of OBLook at organizational behavior in international settings.

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