Praxis Math Core Academic Test: Practice & Study Guide

The Praxis I Math exam measures mathematical skills and concepts needed to prepare for a career in education. It focuses on key concepts of mathematics and the ability to reason in a quantitative context to determine your aptitude before enrolling in a teacher education program or obtaining teacher licensing. Use our engaging videos and self-assessment quizzes to prepare for the Praxis I Math exam. 

About the Course

Schools use the Praxis I Math Test, or Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics, to determine an applicant's readiness for teacher education programs. States also use the test for teacher licensing. This test is offered only in a computer-based format and contains questions that cover four major categories: numbers and quantity, algebra and functions, geometry, and statistics and probability. It consists of a 85-minute period which test-takers answer 56 questions, with an on-screen calculator available. The test uses several types of questions, including single-answer multiple-choice, multiple-answer multiple-choice, and numeric entry questions.

Course Chapter Objective
Praxis I Math: The Real Number System Review the different types of numbers, basic arithmetic, and learn how to work with fractions, factors and least common multiples.
Praxis I Math: Square Roots and Exponents Learn how to find, evaluate, and estimate square roots and exponents.
Praxis I Math: Ratio and Proportions Find out more about calculations with ratios and proportions by solving real world and mathematical problems.
Praxis I Math: Algebraic Expressions Discover how to read, use, and evaluate algebraic expressions, as well as perform basic functions with them.
Praxis I Math: Equations and Inequalities Get a grasp of variables, graphs, equations and inequalities in this chapter.
Praxis I Math: Functions Learn how to write, identify and use functions, as well as how to add, subtract, multiply and divide functions.
Praxis I Math: Congruence and Similarity Discover the properties of shapes, similar triangles, and how to shift graphs on a plane.
Praxis I Math: Right Triangles and Trigonometry Find out more about triangles, including properties of right triangles and how to find distance with the Pythagorean Theorem.
Praxis I Math: Circles Learn how to find the area and circumference of a circle, as well as how to graph circles by identifying the formula, center and radius.
Praxis I Math: Geometric Measurement and Dimension Get a good grasp on how to find the area of triangles and rectangles and learn how to calculate the volume of basic shapes.
Praxis I Math: Modeling with Geometry In this chapter, you'll find out how to apply geometric concepts in modeling situations.
Praxis I Math: Basic Statistics and Probability Discover statistical variability, distributions, sampling, and probability. You'll also learn about the probability of independent and dependent events.
Praxis I Math: Categorical and Quantitative Data Learn about what quantitative data is and how to summarize data using tables.

Praxis I Math Test - Preparation and Registration

We host simple and engaging video lessons in each subject area of the test to help you prepare for the Praxis I Math Test. The chapter on equations and inequalities will help you understand parts of a graph, intercepts, standard form, graphing, and how to graph inequalities. Other chapters will introduce concepts like functions, congruence, similarity, square roots and exponents. Every lesson includes a quiz written by the instructor, offering you the chance to test your knowledge of the material.

You can register for the Praxis I Math Test online, but if you need extra time or other accommodations because of a disability or language barrier, you'll have to mail your registration form and identifying documentation. Since you'll be taking a computer-based test, you'll receive 30 minutes of practice time to get familiar with the software and hardware before you begin. The Praxis I Math Test is offered continually, but if you want to re-test, you'll have to wait at least 3 weeks. A fee waiver is available for low-income college students who are currently enrolled and are required to take the test. However, there's a limited number of waivers available, and students can only receive one waiver per year. Make sure to bring your test ticket and photo ID to the testing location on the day of the test.

Praxis I Math Test - Scoring

Because the test is only available on a computer-based platform, your scores will become available after 2 to 3 weeks from the testing date. It's possible to get scores earlier by using a scores-by-phone service for an additional fee. You can also send your scores to up to 3 institutions or licensing agencies for free, and you can order more score reports for an extra cost. You are only scored on correctly answered questions, and you aren't deducted points for wrong answers or unanswered questions. Passing scores depend on the institution requiring you to take the exam, but your report will show you the qualifying score for your state. You'll also be able to see the score range achieved by the 25th through the 75th percentile.

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