Praxis II Marketing Education: Practice and Study Guide

The Praxis II Marketing Education test is part of the high school marketing teacher certification process in the majority of U.S. states. Review the lessons in this chapter on marketing education to help you prepare for the Praxis II. 

About the Course

In addition to completing requisite education, most states require teaching candidates to pass one or more Praxis tests, which are administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS). The Praxis II Marketing Education test is aimed specifically at aspiring high school marketing teachers and is offered just four times each year. This 2-hour exam features 120 multiple-choice questions in eight content categories: marketing education programs, general business principles, marketing-information management and planning, channel management, pricing, product/service management, promotion and personal selling.

We've produced this online study guide to help you prepare for the Praxis II Marketing Education test. Chapters in this study guide cover market research and segmentation, marketing channels, promotion and product management, along with the following topics:

  • Professional development
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Business law
  • Business communication
  • Management
  • Information management
  • Strategic planning
  • Pricing
  • Selling

The Praxis II Marketing Education Test is intended for aspiring teachers who have completed a 4-year education program with relevant courses in marketing education. It measures your knowledge of marketing education topics, in addition to how well you can apply principles of marketing. You also might be asked to analyze complex situations related to marketing.

Praxis II Marketing Education Test Preparation & Registration

Our study guide on marketing education can help reinforce what you learned during your postsecondary training, and it might even introduce you to a few topics you've yet to encounter. This guide is divided into several chapters, which are further broken down into individual lessons. Each lesson includes a brief video taught by an experienced professional educator, along with a self-assessment quiz that features questions like those you'll see on the Praxis II.

As of 2013, the Praxis II Marketing Education test was available only in paper format. You must register with ETS by mail or phone or online approximately one month before your desired test date to qualify for regular registration; late registration is available but comes with a fee of $45-$75. On test day, you'll need to bring your admission ticket, a current photo ID, several sharpened No. 2 pencils and an eraser with you to your testing center.

Praxis II Marketing Education Test Scoring

Because not all marketing education programs cover the same material, test-takers aren't expected to answer every question correctly. Instead, they need to achieve a minimum composite score. These scores are established by the individual states that use the Praxis II and thus can vary widely.

Your score will be available online approximately one month after you've taken the test. You also can have your score sent to your state's licensing agency and/or 2-3 institutions, which you'll need to indicate during the registration process.

Marketing Education Programs

Approximately 14% of the Praxis II Marketing Education test covers marketing education programs. Questions in this content category are likely to focus on development and evaluation of marketing education programs and the role of career and technical education groups in marketing education. You also might be asked about professional development and characteristics of cooperative education programs.

General Business Principles

Questions about general business principles make up approximately another 14% of this exam. This category is likely to focus on management and communication, as well as business law. It also might test your knowledge of supply and demand and management of financial resources.

Marketing-Information Management and Planning

This content category, which makes up around 14% of the Praxis II, focuses on collecting and interpreting market research data. You also might be asked about strategic planning and methods for market segmentation.

Channel Management

Around 12 questions - or 10% of the test - center on channel management. Questions might cover strategies for physical distribution and inventory, as well as the structure of marketing channels. Your knowledge of inventory mathematics also might be tested in this category.


For this section of the exam, you'll be asked about the role of pricing in marketing, as well as pricing strategies. You'll also need to demonstrate your ability to perform pricing mathematics. Questions about pricing make up approximately 12% of the Praxis II.

Product/Service Management

Another 12% or so of the exam focuses on product/service management, including product development and the life cycle of products. You also might face questions about product positioning and branding, as well as product-mix strategies.


The role of promotion is covered in this category, which comprises approximately 14% of the Praxis II Marketing Education test. Other topics addressed could include advertising and public relations, along with publicity and sales promotion. You're also likely to be asked about current trends in promotion.

Personal Selling

The final 10% of the Praxis II focuses on the role of personal selling. This could include questions on selling processes and current trends in personal selling. This category also might test your knowledge of sales force management.

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