Math 103: Precalculus

This Math 103: Precalculus course presents college-level precalculus topics through informative video lessons with self-assessment quizzes. Watch precalculus video lessons and learn about vectors, limits, matrices and more. 

About This Course

This course covers topics such as functions, exponentials, linear equations and parabolas. The math instructors are experienced and knowledgeable educators who have put together comprehensive video lessons in categories ranging from how to use FOIL to factors to trigonometry.

Each category is broken down into smaller chapters that will cover topics more in-depth. These video lessons make learning fun and interesting. You get the aid of self-graded quizzes and practice tests to allow you to gauge how much you have learned.

Course Topics

Functions Learn about transformations, domain, range and inverse functions. Also learn how to compose functions, evaluate composite functions and manipulate functions.
Evaluating Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Learn about exponential functions and logarithms. Take a look at graphing, evaluating and solving equations with exponential functions and logarithms.
Inequalities Explore set notation, compound inequalities, systems of inequalities and absolute value inequality. Learn how to graph 1- and 2-variable inequalities and absolute value inequalities.
Foundations and Linear Equations Find out about the different types of numbers, parts of a graph, linear equations and system of equations. Study intercepts, standard form and graphing.
Graphing and Rational Equations Learn how to graph reflections across axes, the origin and line Y=X. Practice solving rational equations and finding the least common denominator.
Factoring and Graphing Quadratic Equations Study parabolas and learn to multiply binomials and factor quadratic equations using FOIL. Also take a look at completing the square.
Exponents and Polynomials Study exponent properties and discover how to define a zero and negative exponent, simplify expressions and use rational exponents. Additionally, learn about working with polynomials, graphing cubics and using long and synthetic division on polynomials.
Piecewise and Composite Functions Examine piecewise functions and learn how to graph them.
Geometry and Trigonometry Learn how to solve visualizing geometry problems, calculate the volumes of basic shapes and use the Pythagorean Theorem.
Using Scientific Calculators Explore how to use a scientific calculator to work with radians, degrees, trigonometry functions and graphs.
Trigonometry Learn to graph sine, cosine and transformations. Also, study right triangles and the double angle formula and learn to solve trigonometry equations.

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