Business 102: Principles of Marketing

This Business 102: Principles of Marketing course covers the same topics as a one-semester college class. Watch marketing video lessons to learn about selling strategy, advertising, public relations techniques, supply chain management and more. 

About the Course

Learn about the 4 Ps of marketing - product, place, price and promotion - through this online course. By watching this set of video lessons, you can explore the importance of strategic and global marketing and examine consumer behavior theory. The experienced, professional educators who teach this course also debunk common marketing myths and differentiate between relationship selling and traditional sales methods.

Marketing Philosophies and Ethics Study the applications of marketing, along with learning about market orientation and sales orientation, ethical behavior in the field and corporate social responsibility.
Competitive Advantage Learn about competitive advantage, business plans, SWOT, strategic alternatives and the marketing mix.
The Marketing Environment Take a look at external influences on marketing strategies, social factors in marketing, consumer and industry reactions, technology's impact and the political and legal side of marketing.
International Marketplace Find out about the importance of global marketing, international marketing concerns and marketing in foreign markets.
Consumer Decision Making Examine consumer behavior theory, the consumer decision-making process, consumer psychology and brand familiarity. Look at buying behaviors and influences on consumer purchases.
Business Marketing and Marketing Research Learn about the differences in business and consumer marketing and study marketing research.
Segmentation and Product Marketing Take a look at market segmentation. Learn about positioning and differentiation in consumer marketing, product development, specialty products and brand equity.
Managing a Product and Retailing Learn about new products, creating a marketing mix for a specific culture, product life cycles and retail segments.
Services Marketing, Marketing Channels & Supply Chain Management Study the difference between services and goods, non-profit and for-profit marketing and define the marketing channel. Learn about channel intermediaries, channel conflict and the supply chain.
Promotion, Advertising and Public Relations Find out about promotion goals and integrating promotions into a marketing mix. Study the effects of public relations, choices in advertising media and customer relationship management.
Selling and Pricing Strategy Look at relationship selling vs. traditional methods. Find out about personal selling, pricing decisions and objectives, pricing cost, price selection and economic factors that affect pricing.

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