Business 111: Principles of Supervision

The video lessons in this course cover the roles, functions, strategies and leadership skills necessary for today's business managers. Each lesson concludes with a multiple-choice quiz for immediate feedback. 

About the Course

This course explores management styles, problem solving, communication, functional planning and employee oversight in local, regional and global business. Each video lesson gives you a brief overview of the components of supervising subordinates, operations and business strategies. Use these lessons to learn about ethical, effective and strategic management practices. Each video topic breaks down the concepts of the chapters into engaging and interesting lessons with original examples, helpful definitions and applicable theories. You'll also have the opportunity to assess your understanding of the concepts with the corresponding quizzes.

Instructors keep the lessons relevant with real-life situations and issues you might encounter in a supervisory position. You'll be able to learn from these experienced experts, since they use common language that makes the information easy to understand and remember.

Course Topics

Roles and Responsibilities of the SupervisorLearn about methods of employee intervention and when they're employed. The lessons specifically address the role of employee counseling, and actions to take for suspected unethical conduct.
Function of ManagementDiscover the four functions of management, the seven steps of decision making, and the types of problem-solving methods in management and supervision.
Planning and Controls as Management FunctionsThis chapter explains what constitutes sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, how global organizations should deal with discrimination, and the benefits of diversity training. Lessons also define communication in the workplace, growth development and expansion, outsourcing and goal setting.
Organizing as a Management FunctionUse this chapter to investigate why companies compare their goals to actual results, and what they do when there are differences. You can also learn about business standards, structure, hierarchy, and centralized & decentralized organizations.
Leadership in ManagementLearn about the role of a leader in an organization, the difference between a leader and a manager, and how leaders delegate while maintaining unity. Explore Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory, The Needs Theory, Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Employee Motivation, and the Equity Theory of Motivation, and how they can be applied by company leadership.
Staffing and Labor Management in OrganizationsThese lessons explain how decisions are made regarding the amount of control and number of staff a supervisor should have. Lessons also cover affirmative action; HR management; hiring and termination; employee training, motivation and evaluation; and compensation strategies; as well as collective bargaining and conflict resolution.
Managing Diversity and Global OrganizationsUnderstand what's necessary to manage a diverse workforce in a global marketplace and the functions of organizational culture. Review the types of discrimination you could encounter in an international organization, and how to combat it with proper employee and leadership training.
Communication as a SupervisorThis chapter explains the types and processes of communication, and how to effectively communicate as a supervisor.

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