Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology

This Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology course prepares you to take either the Psychology CLEP or Psychology Excelsior exam and earn real college credit. Watch psychology video lessons and learn about psychological treatments, biological bases of behavior, human development and more. These lessons are a part of Education Portal's video lessons. 

About this Course

Learn about famous psychologists and explore different types of psychology, including behavioral, cognitive, and clinical, through this Education Portal course. Designed to prepare you to earn real college credit by passing the Psychology CLEP and Psychology Excelsior exams, this course features video lessons ranging in topic from the importance of psychology to operant conditioning and from memory distortion to reasons we sleep and dream. Our psychology instructors are experienced and knowledgeable educators, and they've designed the videos for this course to be brief yet comprehensive and entertaining. You'll also have access to self-assessment quizzes, which will allow you to gauge how much you've learned.

History and Approaches Study the basics of psychology to understand what it is and what it encompasses. Take a look at early approaches and later approaches in the field, along with the ethics of psychological experiments.
Biological Bases of Behavior Take a look at this area of psychology and study concepts that include neurons, neurotransmitters, the nervous system, parts of the brain, neuroplasticity and the endocrine system.
Sensation and Perception Discover the ideas of sensation and perception through looking at how vision works, what depth perception is and the mechanics of hearing. Also take a look at taste, touch and smell.
States of Consciousness Look at the states of consciousness and discover why we sleep and dream. Find out about hypnosis and meditation and psychoactive drugs, as well.
Learning Explore classical and operant conditioning through looking at experiments, like Little Albert and the Prisoner's Dilemma. Also study shaping, scheduling reinforcement and biological limits on conditioning.
Cognition Examine intelligence, the history of intelligence testing, biological bases of intelligence and multiple intelligences. Additionally, learn about creativity, divergent thinking, language acquisition, information processing, memory and heuristics.
Motivation and Emotion Take a look at emotions, how they are categorized and related theories. Also learn about flight or fight response, stress, positive psychology, motivation, hunger and Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Developmental Psychology Dive into developmental psychology to look at the stages of development and studies by researchers that include Harlow, Piaget, Kohlberg and Erikson. Learn about cognitive and moral development, along with parenting styles.
Personality Find out about behavioral genetics, Freudian defense mechanisms, psychosexual development according to Freud, humanistic psychology and trait assessment testing.
Social Psychology Look at topics in social psychology, including stereotypes, attitudes, attraction, attribution, persuasion, conformity, obedience, authority, group behavior, aggression and altruism.
Psychological Disorders and Health Study psychology disorder classification and diagnosis. Look at different categories of disorders, such as anxiety, mood, dissociative, somatoform, substance related, schizophrenia, eating related and personality.
Psychological Treatments Learn about psychological treatments, including individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric drugs and biological therapy, and also look at treatment effectiveness.
Statistics, Tests and Measurement Explore how statistics, tests and measurements are used. Find out about research design types, reliability and validity assessment and statistical analysis.

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