Psychology 105: Research Methods in Psychology

Watch psychology video lessons, and learn more about research methods used in psychology. Each lesson is followed by a brief, multiple-choice quiz for self-assessment. 

About the Course

Discover various types of psychological research, including experimental, non-experimental and quasi-experimental, through Psychology 105: Research Methods in Psychology. Designed by professional educators, this course also explores ethics in research and guides you through the process of setting up a research study. Complete all the video lessons and self-assessment quizzes in this course, or just pick and choose certain areas for your study.

Course Topics

Introduction to Research Methods Examine why research is done and what makes high-quality research. Also take a look at different types of research.
Principles of Ethical Research Find out about the concerns involved when using human participants in research, such as informed consent, protection from harm and maintaining privacy. In addition, look at federal regulations.
Setting Up the Research Study Learn about how to structure a research project, from selecting the right problem to research to figuring out the right data collection technique.
Data Collection Techniques Study experiments, surveys, content analysis, statistics and field research.
Non-Experimental Research Explore non-experimental research to learn about its purpose, survey research, correlational research and the relationship between variables.
Qualitative Research Methods and Design Learn about sources for qualitative research. Find out about types of qualitative research design, such as case study, ethnographic, historical research, grounded theory and phenomenological.
Quasi-Experimental Research Study developmental research to learn about ex post facto, longitudinal, cross-sectional, and pretest-posttest design.
Sampling and Generalization Take a look at the importance of good sampling and different sampling methods. Learn about sampling issues and how to get the right size sample.
Measurement Find out about the importance of measurement. Examine the difference in types of measurement, and take a look at variables, like continuous and discrete.
Internal Validity Discover what internal validity is, including variables that can affect it.
External Validity Find out about external validity and the factors affecting it.
Experimental Design Study experimental design to learn about random assignment, control groups and factorial design.
Descriptive Statistics Take a look at frequency distributions, measure of central tendency and measure of variability.
Inferential Statistics Find out about inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, chi-squared test and ANOVA.
Evaluating Research Findings Learn about drawing conclusions based on internal validity, limits to generalization of a research study and interpreting a non-significant outcome.

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