Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology

Watch sociology video lessons and learn about culture, crime, gender roles and more. Use the self-assessment quizzes to check your understanding of the material. 

About this Course

Learn about the importance of sociology and examine basic sociological theories through this online course. Our short, engaging video lessons will introduce you to prominent sociologists and teach you about common methods used for sociological research. You also can explore the roles of sex and gender and race and ethnicity and come to understand the function of various social institutions, including schools and churches. In addition to the video lessons, this course includes written transcripts and self-assessment quizzes for a well-rounded learning experience. All materials were developed by experienced, professional educators.

Course Topics

Category Objectives
Introduction to Sociology Learn the definition of sociology and why it is important. Research some basic theories and perspectives related to sociology.
Key Sociology Theorists Study the main theories associated with sociology from individuals, including Mark, Weber, Durkheim and DuBois.
Sociology Research Methods Find out what types of research methods are used in sociology. See how research is interpreted and used.
Foundations of Society Discover what culture is and identify social roles in a culture. Find out the elements that make up a culture and why diversity in culture is important.
Theories of Individual Social Development Look at theories of how individuals develop socially through perspectives from Freud, Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Mead and Erikson.
Social Groups & Organizations Examine how social groups form and the characteristics of these groups. Also discover how people fit into such groups.
Diversity in Society Look at why diversity is important to a society, but also explore how it may sometimes be harmful to a society.
Sex and Gender in Society See how big of a role gender plays in defining individuals and learn about the role of sex in society.
Race and Ethnicity in Society Examine the different ways race and ethnicity influence and shape a society.
Aging in Society Define the effects that aging has on society and individuals. Learn about the effects, challenges and theories associated with aging.
Economics and Politics Discover the links between the economy, politics and society through studying topics that include the evolution of the economy, political parties, labor unions and social power.
Social Institutions Study a range of social institutions, such as family units, religious groups, schooling and healthcare systems, to see how these groups play a role in society.
Social Change Over Time Examine how a society changes over time. Discover the role of collective behavior, social movements and population growth.

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