Spanish 101: Beginning Spanish

Watch video lessons and learn about the basic aspects of Spanish to help develop your skills in the Spanish language. The engaging graphics and animations bring essential Spanish concepts to life. 

About this Course

Learn about the relationship between nouns and gender in the Spanish language, as well as how to count in Spanish, through this course. You also can boost your vocabulary - including learning to talk about the weather, your likes and dislikes, and your family - through our brief yet engaging video presentations. Our experienced, knowledgeable Spanish instructors will teach you to recite the days of the week and months of the year as well as to tell time. You can gauge what you've learned by completing the short, multiple-choice quizzes that accompany each video.

Course Topics

Greeting & Introductions in Spanish Study the formal and informal ways to greet and introduce people in the Spanish language. Includes a lesson where you listen to real conversations that focus on greetings and introductions.
Spanish Interrogatives Discover the different words used to form questions. Also find out how to ask a question in Spanish.
Nouns and Gender in Spanish Explore how nouns and gender are related in Spanish, and find out how to make nouns plural. Also, learn vocabulary for body parts and household items.
Weather and Seasons in Spanish Study the different vocabulary words associated with the weather and seasons. In addition, learn about idioms.
Days and Dates in Spanish Take a look at vocabulary for the days of the week, months, holidays and special events. Study how to talk about what day it is.
Likes and Dislikes in Spanish Discover how to express likes and dislikes in Spanish. Also find out vocabulary for activities, hobbies, fruits and vegetables. The verb 'gustar' is also covered.
Describing People in Spanish Explore how to describe personalities and physical traits. Also learn about the verb 'ser' and adjective agreement.
Spanish Numbers Learn to count in Spanish. Learn the number and correct pronunciations.
Telling Time in Spanish Examine the vocabulary words associated with telling time and study the proper why to say different times in Spanish.
AR Verbs in Spanish: Present Tense Conjugation and Vocabulary List Take a look at common 'ar' verbs and the associated grammar.
Locations in Spanish: Vocabulary and Grammar Examine how to communicate locations in Spanish. Study vocabulary including town locations and locational prepositions. The verb 'estar' will be covered, too.
ER and IR Verbs in Spanish: present Tense Analyze the common 'er' and 'ir' verbs. Learn vocabulary for breakfast, lunch and dinner foods and drinks.
Pastimes in Spanish Discover the vocabulary for fun places to go. Also study 'ir' verbs.
Talking About Family Members in Spanish Learn the vocabulary for family members and also study the irregular verbs 'tener' and 'venir'. Possessive adjectives will also be covered.
Describing a House in Spanish Find out how to say the words for rooms in the house. Analyze stem change verbs and reflexive verbs.
Chores in Spanish Learn related vocabulary, affirmative commands and negative commands.
Shopping in Spanish Explore the vocabulary words covering clothing and stores. Also learn about demonstrative adjectives and the present progressive tense.
Discussing the Past in Spanish Discover how to say times in the past. Study the preterite tense, including 'ar,' 'er' and 'ir verbs.
Talking About Vacations in Spanish Find out how to talk about travel. Comparative and superlative terms are also covered.
Discussing Community in Spanish Take a look at vocabulary related to volunteer work. In addition, study the verbs 'decir' and 'dar/hacer' in preterite tense.
TV, Movies & Media in Spanish Examine vocabulary for movies and TV. Learn how to use verbs like 'gustar' and 'acabar' in the infinitive.
Technology in Spanish Study computer and technology terms. In addition, take a look at the irregular verbs 'saber' and 'conocer,' direct and indirect object pronouns and double object pronouns.
As a Child in Spanish Learn to say the words related to toys and childhood activities. Study the imperfect tense.
Spanish Fables Dig into vocabulary for animals, and take a look at imperfect vs. preterite tenses.
Discussing Natural Disasters/Emergencies in Spanish Be prepared by learning how to use 'tener,' '!que!' and 'se'. Also learn the conjugations of 'oir,' 'leer,' 'creer' and 'destruir.'
Health and Safety Terms in Spanish Examine vocabulary for health and hospitals. Find out the conjugation in preterite tense of 'venir,' 'poner,' 'decir' and 'traer' in the imperfect progressive tense.
At Work: Job Terms in Spanish Study vocabulary related to jobs, office and business. Also take a look at the preterite tense of the verb 'ir.'
Describing Future Plans in Spanish Discover the vocabulary for education, and learn the future tense with regular and irregular verbs.
Giving Advice in Spanish Explore how to give advice in Spanish. In addition, find out about the conditional tense.
Politics/Government Terms in Spanish Examine the subjunctive tense and present tense of the subjunctive with regular verbs. Also look at impersonal expressions.
Discussing International Politics in Spanish Learn about the present subjunctive conjugation for stem-change verbs and the present subjunctive with doubt/negation.
Reading Terms in Spanish Study the words for types of books and things to read, and learn about irregular verbs in the present subjunctive and other uses of the present subjunctive.
Advertising in Spanish Analyze how to use present perfect subjunctive.
If I Were... Professions in Spanish Find out the vocabulary for professions. Also study imperfect subjunctive and imperfect subjunctive with conditional.
Social Life in Spanish Take a look at gossip in Spanish. Past perfect subjunctive and organizing the subjunctive tenses are also covered.

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