History 101: Western Civilization I

Watch our western civilization video lessons that cover ancient history through 1648 and prepare you to earn real college credit. 

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Explore 'prehistory,' including the last Ice Age and population migrations, as you start History 101: Western Civilization I, an online course from Education Portal. Successive video lessons address the history of ancient civilizations, including Greece and Rome, and introduce numerous historical figures, from Homer and Plato to William the Conqueror and Henry the VIII. You'll examine various myths and religions and see how art and technology influenced different societies. With so much information to absorb, the self-assessment quizzes that accompany each video will prove a valuable way to measure your mastery of each topic. Our team of experienced, professional educators designed this course as a preparation tool for the Western Civilization I CLEP exam. Pass this exam, and you'll earn actual college credit.

Prehistory Study the last Ice Age, population migrations, how cities were invented and tools of empire creation. Also take a look at the definition of civilization.
History of the Ancient Near East Learn about the invention of writing, the history of money and rise of complex economies, how religion developed in the stone age and bronze age, Sumerian art and architecture, Assyrian art and architecture, Hammurabi's code, ancient Egypt in the Bronze Age and Zoroastrianism.
History of Ancient Greece Find out about the Minoans, the history of the alphabet, Homer's writings, Greek myth and the birth of philosophy. Also study the history of Sparta and slavery in ancient Greece.
Hellenism and the Athenian Achievement Examine Athenian democracy, Greek theatre, the Peloponnesian war and the birth of Hellenism. In addition, learn about Socrates, Plato and Alexander the Great.
The Rise of the Roman Republic Study Roman myths and religion, the legendary kings of Rome, Roman law, Stoicism and Atomism.
The Fall of the Roman Empire Find out about Christianity's roots, Augustus, the Julio-Claudian dynasty and the fall of Rome.
The Dark Ages Learn about Germanic tribes, insular art, the heirs of Rome, early church conflicts and the birth of Islam. In addition, find out about Byzantine art and Frankish history.
Early Middle Ages Study feudalism, Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire, monasticism, the history of the Vikings and the slow decline of the Byzantine empire.
The Medieval Warm Period Take a look at new agricultural technologies, William the Conqueror and the investiture conflict. Learn about important people, like Henry II, Phillip Augustus and Thomas Becket.
The High Middle Ages Study church reforms, the spread of ancient knowledge, the rise of universities and displacement of monasteries, political freedom, gothic architecture and yeomanry.
The Late Middle Ages Take a look at Christian anti-Semitism, the decline of papal authority, the growth of literature in the middle ages, the 100 Years War, Joan of Arc and the Black Death. Also learn why European peasants revolted in the fourteenth century.
The Renaissance Explore this period and learn about humanism, the House of Medici, the birth of parliament, the rise of banking, the formation of modern nation states, England's Wars of the Roses, the Tudors, Leonardo da Vinci and the invention of the printing press.
The Age of Exploration Learn about the history of gunpowder in the West, the great explorers of Spain and Portugal, Machiavelli, Michelangelo and Suleiman.
The Reformation Find out about the rise of the vernacular and the decline of Latin, Martin Luther, the reformation's impact on Germany, the spread of the protestant reformation across Europe and Henry VIII. Also study the Council of Trent and how life changed after the reformation.
The Elizabethan Era Study Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Also, take a look at Shakespeare, the Thirty Years' War and the Habsburg dynasty.
Colonialism Learn about colonialism across Europe, Francis Bacon, Cardinal Richelieu, Galileo and Renee Descartes. In addition, take a look at Jamestown, the gunpowder treason, the English Civil War and the economic impact of exploration and colonization on Europe.

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