History 102: Western Civilization II

History 102: Western Civilization II is a college-level course of study and similar to what you might find in a lower-level survey of Western civilization. Watch history video lessons and learn about history from the mid-1600s to the mid-1900s. Study topics that include the Holy Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution, World War I and more. 

About the Course

Explore the history of Western civilization from the days of the Holy Roman Empire through post-War War II Europe and Asia. Topics include world economies of the 1700s, industrialization, and the scientific revolution. This course also examines major events, such as the French Revolution and World Wars I and II, and prominent figures, like Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin. Our experienced, knowledgeable educators make the learning process fun and easy through the combination of brief videos, written transcripts and short quizzes in this course.

Course Topics

Absolutism and Constitutionalism in Western Europe, 1648-1715 Examine the Thirty Years' War, the Holy Roman Empire and the Dutch Republic Golden Age. Also, take a look at the creation of Great Britain and Louis XIV's France.
Power Shifts in Eastern Europe, 1648-1740 Discover the old empires in Rome, Germany, Poland and Russia. See how Austria rose to power, Prussia was created and Poland was partitioned.
Empire and Expansion in the 18th Century Explore world economies in the 1700s and society and culture of the 18th century. Find out more about the Peace of Utrecht, the war of Austrian succession and the Seven Years' War.
The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, 1500-1790 Analyze leaders of the scientific revolution, breakthroughs in medicine and chemistry during this time and the effects all this had on societies. Learn about new political theories, enlightenment thinkers and major leaders of this period.
The French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte Examine the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon. Study his reign of terror and the fall of his empire.
Industrialization Find out about the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution and the British Reform movement. See the effects these things had on the Western world.
Political Developments, 1760-1848 Explore political developments, such as liberalism, radicalism, republicanism and socialism. Learn more about European revolutions and revolts from 1815-1832, Latin American revolutions, the French revolution of 1848 and the Central European revolutions of 1848.
The Age of Nationalism, 1850-1914 Analyze this period including the Crimean war, unification of Italy, unification of Germany, creation of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary and reform in Russia. Also, learn about the America Civil War, the separation of Canada from England, the opening of Japan and the second industrial revolution. Look into the 19th century developments in political, science, art, religion and philosophy.
European Life and Trends, 1850-1914 Take a look at the second industrial revolution, the 19th century world economy, political developments and what was happening in science, art, religion and philosophy.
Imperialism in the 19th and 20th Centuries Study this new era with developments in the Americas, trouble in the Ottoman Empire and the scramble for Africa. Additionally, find out about Dutch, British and Russian colonies in Asia.
World War I: Causes, Battles and Consequences, 1914-1919 Examine the main causes of WWI and study the famous battles. In addition, take a look at America's entry and Russia's exit, the Peace of Paris and consequences of the war.
Between the World Wars, 1919-1939 Dig into what happened during this time, including gains of democracy after 1919, the Weimar Republic, resistance in Turkey and India and the Great Depression. Learn more about interwar conflict in Asia, the rise of Italian fascism, the Soviet Union under Stalin, Hitler's Third Reich and the Spanish civil war.
World War II: Causes, Battles and Consequences, 1939-1945 Discover what caused WWII and why and how America entered the fight. Explore important aspects of this war, such as the Holocaust, the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb.
Western Civilization Since 1945 Explore the world following WWII and learn about economic and political reconstruction in Europe, the Chinese revolution and the creation of Taiwan. Also study the Cold War, the space race and the fall of the Soviet Union. Take a look at religion, philosophy, science, technology, political developments, art and culture since 1945.

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