Communications 103: Workplace Communications with Computers

Watch Communications 103: Workplace Communications with Computers video lessons. Learn about professional and effective communication in the workplace through this easy-to-use online format. 

About the Course

Learn effective communication processes and explore how cultural differences can affect workplace communication through Communications 103: Workplace Communications with Computers. The video lessons in this course, most of which can be watched in 5-10 minutes, can also teach you to communicate to groups, develop and deliver persuasive messages, and use technology in the workplace. These video presentations and self-assessment quizzes on workplace communications were developed by experienced, knowledgeable educators.

Course Topics

Communicating in the Workplace Learn why communication is so important in the workplace. Also study the elements of effective communication, the communication process and types of workplace communication.
Communication and Diversity Explore how diversity and cultural differences affect how you should communicate at work. Find out more about different types of cultures and communication standards in those cultures.
Communicating in Groups Examine group communication and see how groups and teams differ. Also take a look at how to be an effective listener in groups, how to contribute effectively in a group and how to use technology for group communications.
Messages in Business Communication Study messages in a business setting. Learn the three step writing process and strategies for delivering negative and persuasive messages.
Planning to Communicate in the Workplace Discover how to properly plan your communications to get your point across. Learn more about analyzing your audience and ensuring your message is properly received.
Developing Your Message Examine how to connect with an audience, use the proper tone in your message and select the best words to use. Additionally, learn how to write effectively and put together a carefully constructed written piece.
Completing Your Message Learn about proofreading, revision, follow up and using technology to compose a message. Also find out more about using constructive feedback.
Using Visuals Examine how visuals can help you get a message across. Take a look at how to craft, select and use them effectively.
Communicating with Technology in the Workplace Explore how to use technology in workplace communications. Find out more about using instant messaging, emails, blogs, podcasts, text messaging and social media for communicating.
Business Reports and Proposals Discover how to compose business reports and proposals that are effective and professional.
Resumes and Cover Letters Analyze what makes a good resume. Learn how to compose a strong cover letter.
Developing and Delivering Presentations in the Workplace Take a look at using presentations in a business setting. Study how to center a presentation around your audience and how to use technology to improve your presentation.

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