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How Our Courses Work

  • Select one of our 215 courses
  • Learn at your own pace with fun & engaging video lessons
  • Create an account to track your progress
  • Pass a credit-granting exam to earn credit you can transfer to thousands of schools

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Our Mission

Due to skyrocketing tuition costs, the dream of a college degree is becoming out of reach for millions of students. We're building the solution —the fastest and most inexpensive way to earn college credit.

Lowest-Cost Path to Credit

Each of our courses is self-paced and paired with a "challenge exam" that yields transferable credit accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities. Credit-granting exams, such as the College Board's CLEP and Excelsior exams, are available in over 50 subjects and typically cost less than $100. These exams have been around for decades, but their impact has been handcuffed due to a lack of easily accessible study material. Our courses are unlocking their potential and bringing affordable college credit to millions. See the full, step-by-step credit-by-exam process here.

Innovative Instruction

We're completely re-imagining online education as a fun, engaging and visually stimulating experience. Over 200 world-class educators and video editors are building our courses from the ground up using a 10-minute micro lecture format that is tailored for Web learners.

High School and College Courses

Our courses reached more than two million visitors in 2012, and our reach continues to grow virally as we expand our offerings. Soon our courses will cover all the material taught from high school up through the first two years of college, and we don't plan to stop there. We already have several courses completed, so we invite you to explore our course catalog and start learning now. Once you've mastered the material, sign up for your exam and earn credit that transfers.


  • Who's taking Education Portal's courses?

    College students, high school students, middle school students, and lifelong learners are all taking our courses. Students use them to earn college credit they can transfer and to supplement what they're learning in class. Homeschoolers and lifelong learners use our growing library of 7,000+ lessons to explore topics from Romeo and Juliet to the periodic table. Instructors also use the courses;they play our video lessons in the classroom, assign them for homework, and share them with students who need extra help.Our courses are also being widely used within correctional institutions to bring much needed education to incarcerated populations.

  • Any student success stories? What feedback are you receiving?

    We've been overwhelmed by the thousands of heartfelt responses that have poured in from students and instructors across the globe. The most common feedback we hear is that our lessons are engaging, simple, and concise. We've been amazed at how quickly students have been able to complete our courses and earn credit, with several reporting that the whole credit-by-exam process took less than two weeks. Read their stories here.

  • Who teaches your courses?

    Our team of over 200 instructors comes from diverse backgrounds, but all of our instructors have one thing in common: a passion for empowering students through education. Click here to see our instructors and their most popular lessons.

  • How are you different from Khan Academy?

    We are fans of Khan Academy, and we share several things in common;however, we've designed our courses with a few key differences:

    1. We offer a clear path to college credit. Our courses are paired with credit-granting exams to help students earn transferable college credit by testing out of their general education requirements.
    2. Our lessons are more engaging. By using professional animators and video editors our lessons are brought to life with fun cartoons and engaging graphics.
    3. Each course is taught by a team of talented subject matter experts, which allows us to deliver world-class lessons covering topics from the invention of writing to the sense of smell.
    4. Each video lesson includes a full written transcript so learners can choose to watch or read each lesson..
    5. Each lesson includes a quiz. Incorrect answers link the student back to the exact point of the video where the question was covered.
    6. Our courses have an intended sequence of lessons, but students can easily skip lessons and move around the courses as they desire. Each lesson stands alone, and the courses are completely self navigable.
  • How are you different from Coursera?

    1. Earning credit is not an afterthought;it is at the core of our course offerings. All of our courses are paired with credit-granting exams yielding credit that can be transferred to over 2,900 colleges and universities. The vast majority of Coursera courses do not yield credit. Those that do yield credit have limited transferability.
    2. Our courses are completely self-paced and self-navigable —or asynchronous. Courses are built with an intended sequence in mind, but each lesson essentially stands alone so students can skip lessons and move around the course as they desire. This enables students to learn independently and on their own schedules. Highly motivated students can be prepared for a credit-granting exam in as little as two weeks. Coursera courses are typically 6-10 weeks long, have designated start and end dates, and follow a more rigid, predetermined sequence.
    3. We develop our own content using a 10-minute micro-lecture format. Taking full advantage of the Web video medium, our lessons are packed with engaging graphics and animations. Coursera outsources their content to their university partners. Their courses generally follow a more traditional recorded lecture format of an instructor teaching in front of a camera.
    4. Our courses do not require any kind of login or registration to access the lessons. They are available without barriers or restrictions to anyone with an Internet connection. Coursera courses are behind a firewall that requires registration and enrollment before access is permitted.
    5. Each of our video lessons include a full written transcript so learners can choose to watch or read each lesson.
    6. Each of our lessons has an accompanying quiz. Incorrect answers link the student back to the exact point of the video where the question was covered.
  • I found a mistake in one of the videos. How can I report it?

    We're committed to providing you with high-quality content, and our instructors and reviewers strive to make each lesson complete and accurate. However, some mistakes do slip through. If you see an error in one of our videos, click the Thumbs Down button that appears above the video to let us know. We really appreciate your help and feedback.

  • How can I earn college credit?

    Our courses prepare you to earn real college credit by passing a subject specific challenge exam such as the College Board's CLEP and Excelsior exams. Here's how to earn credit that transfers:

    1. Find out if your school accepts credit-by-exam by asking your advisor.
    2. Choose a course and watch the video lessons.
    3. When you finish the course, sign up for a test date.

    Read more about earning real college credit.

  • What is the CLEP exam?

    The CLEP exam, or College Level Examination Program, is the most popular credit-by-exam program in the United States. It is offered by the The College Board, the same non-profit organization that runs the AP and SAT exams. In 2012, 98,000 students took CLEP exams with a 77% pass rate. CLEP exams are offered in 33 subject areas and cost just $80 per exam. They lead to 3-12 college credits that are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities in the U.S., including top public schools such as Arizona State University, University of Texas - Austin, and the Ohio State University. Learn more about the CLEP exam and how you can test out of up to two years of college.

  • Can I share your lessons?

    Yes. You have our permission to share our lessons with students, instructors, and anyone else who might enjoy them. Some of the most popular ways to share our lessons include:

    • Sharing them on Facebook or Twitter
    • Sharing them over email
    • Linking from a blog or website
    • Showing them in your classroom
    • Using them in a learning management system
  • How can instructors use your lessons in their classrooms?

    Teachers use our 5-10 minute lessons to support instruction and help struggling learners. They often assign lessons as a supplemental resource for students who need a refresher or for gifted students who are ahead of the regular curriculum. Instructors also play our videos in their classroom to illustrate concepts in a sticky and engaging way. Looking for more ideas? Read our top tips for how to use our videos in your classroom.

  • How can I teach for Education Portal?

    We're looking for subject matter experts who share our passion for making education accessible. If you're interested in teaching lessons, apply here.

  • What is next for Education Portal?

    Our primary focus remains on building college courses paired with CLEP, Excelsior, and DSST exams. We're producing hundreds of new lessons each month, but we still have a lot of ground to cover before our college course offerings are complete. In parallel, we're also building a full series of high school level courses that follow the Common Core standards initiative as well as courses that prepare students for the GED and AP exams. In addition to course development, our engineering team is building new features that will enhance the learning experience.

    The other thing we need to do is generate more publicity so students everywhere know that this resource exists. Hundreds of thousands of students use our courses each month, but there is no reason it can't be millions. We need your help spreading the word so people will find us. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please share us. If you know any members of the media, please write them. Word of mouth is great too!

  • I'm a member of the media and would like to learn more about Education Portal. How do I get in touch?

    We love talking to reporters, bloggers, and other members of the media! Just email , and we'll be in touch!

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