Teamwork Skills in the Workplace: Definition, Examples & Quiz

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Paul Mckinney

Paul has been in higher education for 17 years. He has a master's degree and is earning his PhD in Community College Leadership.

In today's modern corporate world, developing teamwork skills in the workplace has become a necessity. In order to survive such a competitive environment, companies need to promote a workplace that emphasizes teamwork.

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Definition and Example

People in the workplace perform teamwork when they combine their individual talents (skills) in pursuit of a goal. The goal is generally a product of the company's mission.

During the late 1990s, the Ford Motor Company built the Ford Taurus in its Atlanta, Georgia, assembly plant. It built the car on an assembly line using hundreds of workers. Each employee was referred to as a 'Team Member' because it was impossible for any one person to build the Taurus. It took a team of professionals, each with his or her own talents, to help the company achieve its goal of building a quality automobile that sold for a profit.

Teamwork Skills

What Is TEAM?

A widely understood and interesting concept in teamwork is:

T - Together

E - Everyone

A - Achieves

M - More

The concept of Together Everyone Achieves More itself conveys the importance of teamwork at the workplace. Company leaders have recognized the benefit that comes from having employees work in formal teams.

Good Teamwork Skills in the Workplace

In today's business world, companies are taking well-planned steps to increase their productivity and profitability. For doing so, they depend on their employees. However, for employees to meet the targets and deliverables, it is necessary that they work in a team and make as much use of teamwork skills as possible. Below are some of the core skills needed for anyone to be part of a workplace team:

  • Helping and guiding: The most significant skill required for teamwork is a willingness to help and guide other employees.
  • Persuading: If a team member does not agree with a decision, he or she would not be a 'team player' if he or she argued with others. The team member needs to explain to the others on the team why his or her decision is the correct one and persuade them to change their minds.
  • Sharing openly and willingly: Good team players share. They must be willing to share information, knowledge, and experience. They must take the initiative to keep other team members informed.
  • Functioning as an active participant: Good team players are active participants. They come prepared to work as a team member and do not sit passively on the sideline.
  • Exhibits flexibility: Teams deal with changing conditions and create changes themselves. Good team players 'roll with the punches' and they adapt to ever-changing situations.
  • Show commitment to the team: Strong team players care about their work, the team, and the team's work. They come to work every day with the care and commitment needed to support the team. They want to give a good effort, and they want other team members to do the same.

Lesson Summary:

It is a fact that if we work individually we are more likely to be ineffective as compared to when we work in a team. The success of any project or process in a company strongly depends on the teamwork strategies and programs that are adopted.

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