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In addition to continuing education programs offered through colleges and universities, adult education programs are offered throughout Michigan by regional community school districts. Many districts offer adult education programs in basic literacy and English as a Second Language. A few also offer adult personal enrichment courses, such as arts and crafts or financial planning.

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Hesperia Community Schools' Adult Programs

Hesperia Community School District is located in the west central region of Michigan and includes elementary, middle and high schools in the region as well as community education (CE) department. The CE department provides high school completion programs for adult students and leisure programs for the community.

Adult Basic Education Program

Basic education courses are offered for those who wish to improve basic reading, writing, spelling, math and computer skills. High school completion programs are offered to individuals with some high school credits.

General Educational Development (GED) Program

Courses are offered to prepare students for the GED high school equivalency exam. The exam is administered through Hesperia Community Education. The GED tests students in five areas: language arts and writing, language arts and reading, mathematics, science and social studies.

Leisure Programs

Leisure and life-long learning programs are also offered. These programs include arts and crafts, introduction to computers, personal finance and physical fitness.

Contact Information

  • Address: 232 S. Cook, Hesperia, Michigan 49441
  • Phone Number: (231) 854-1044

Holt Public Schools' Adult Programs

The Holt Public School District is located in central Michigan. Holt Community Education offers enrichment programs for adults in the community in a variety of areas, including arts and crafts, physical fitness, financial planning and music.

Arts and Crafts Courses

Courses are offered in stamping, painting and sewing. Three digital photography courses are offered ranging from beginning to advanced skill sets. A step-by-step cartoon drawing course is led by a Michigan cartoonist and is open to beginners.

Physical Fitness Courses

Adult students can choose from courses in karate, yoga, tai chi or weight lifting. Dance classes are offered in ballroom and square dancing as well as Latin-fusion Zumba. Several courses in chiropractic health are taught by a local physician.

Financial Courses

Students can learn about financial planning through a series of courses on that topic. Several courses are also offered educating individuals on the intricacies of wills and trusts.

Music Courses

Group lessons are offered in guitar playing. Lessons cover techniques, instrument care, chords, music reading and musicianship. Busy individuals can take a crash course in guitar basics.

Contact Information

  • Address: 5885 W. Holt Rd., Holt, MI 48842
  • Phone Number: (517) 694-3411
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