Architecture Bachelor Degree Online with Course Descriptions

An online degree program in architecture may lead to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. Usually, these degree programs take five years to complete, although online formatting may allow room for scheduling flexibility. Completing a distance-learning architecture degree program allows students to take classes at a time that's convenient without losing the opportunity to interact with other students and professors.

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Overview of Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Architecture

Typically, distance-learning programs in architecture combine online learning with supplemental learning in a campus-based classroom. On-campus portions take place in stints of two or three weeks. Through virtual classroom set-ups such as Blackboard, students can access video lectures and online assignments. Some programs evaluate students' abilities and previous education to create a curriculum based solely on that individual and his or her career goals. Students can take the courses when their schedules allow, and generally have access to lessons for as long as they need them so that they can go back to review old topics.

Program Requirements

Architecture programs are academically rigid and also heavily comprised of hands-on elements. Most programs contain 132 credits, which usually take five years to complete. Online Bachelor of Architecture programs are professional in nature and require an internship experience in addition to classwork. This is usually arranged by students in their local area and approved by their professor. Internships can take one semester or a specified number of work hours to complete. Online architecture courses may include:


This course teaches students to draft architectural designs for residential and commercial buildings using pencil and paper. Students learn to read blueprints and apply basic design principles.


Students explore computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) techniques and practices in this course. Individuals see how their completed designs look so they can make necessary design changes and achieve precision for building construction.

Green Building

Students study strategies for integrating eco-friendly technology into building designs. Classes cover techniques for designing buildings that conserve energy and use light naturally.

Building Materials

Students discuss the use of wood, stone and steel in buildings. They study construction procedures and practical techniques to determine if a design can be completed with various materials.

Career Opportunities

Although a bachelor's degree does not directly qualify candidates for careers as a professional architect, it's a step in the right direction. With an online bachelor's degree in architecture, students can prepare for a wide variety of design and planning careers; they may also work as assistants to architects. Or they can continue their education to earn a master's degree in architecture in order to qualify for licensure. Career options open to bachelor's students include:

  • Surveyor
  • Architectural drafter
  • Landscape architect
  • Interior architect
  • Regional planner
  • Building contractor
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