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Many students know what type of degree they want to earn, but have not thought about how they want to use it - or vice versa. This section includes a wide variety of career related articles- from agriculture to visual arts. Each career related article contains detailed information about the degree program as well as several career options for graduates.

Agriculture ( View 5 Articles )
  • Career Information for a Degree in Agriculture

    A degree in agriculture, sometimes called agricultural science, can lead to many diverse careers, depending on what educational track the student pursues. These degree programs prepare graduates for jobs related to the science and business of growing cash crops, raising farm animals and caring for natural resources.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Animal Health Sciences

    Animal lovers may want to consider a career in the animal health science field. With a degree in animal health science, individuals may find work as a veterinary technician. Some positions may require individuals to obtain additional certification or training in the field.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Animal Science

    A degree in animal science can lead to many careers with wide ranges in job duties and salaries. An animal science degree is offered on all levels, and many programs provide students the opportunity to work with animals.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Domestic Animal Services.

    Degrees in domestic animal services provide training for animal-related careers. Animal lovers who hold these degrees can enter into fields as diverse as journalism, law enforcement or animal care.

  • Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Animal Training.

    There are several careers within the animal training industry, but most involve training animals to complete such tasks as assisting the disabled, locating specific items or entertaining audiences. Animal trainers use positive reinforcement to reward animals for following instructions. Animal trainers also take care of animals by supervising dietary habits, maintaining clean animal habitats and by playing with the animals.

Architecture ( View 3 Articles )
  • Career Information for a Degree in Architectural Studies

    Research architectural studies career information. Learn about job options, job duties, education and training requirements and career prospects to make an informed decision about obtaining a career related to architectural studies.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Architecture

    Architectural programs prepare individuals for work as more than just architects. Possible alternatives include careers in industrial design or drafting. Each career field requires individuals to be creative and work with other professionals, such as engineers or construction managers.

  • Landscape Architect Vs. Civil Engineer: What's the Difference?

    Both landscape architects and civil engineers make designs and may even work together on certain projects; however, the type of work they do varies greatly. Continue reading below to learn the differences in job duties, training and salary between landscape architects and civil engineers.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences ( View 2 Articles )
Business ( View 47 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Degree in Business Support & Administrative Services

    Degree programs in business support or administrative services prepare people for careers in administrative and secretarial services, office management and educational administration. Earning professional certification in these fields can also enhance a worker's chances of employment as well as advancement within his or her field.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Clerical Professions

    Research career information for clerical professions. Learn about the job duties, education requirements and salary to make an informed decision about starting a career as an office clerk, administrative assistant or administrative support supervisor.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship or small business development degree programs provide students with a foundation in finance, management and business operations. They prepare individuals to work as a business consultant or analyst.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Information Systems Management

    Information systems management degree programs train students in the essentials of business administration, computers and the use of information technology to meet an organization's needs. Graduates might work as management information systems directors, network managers, computer systems analysts and more. Read about it below!

  • Career Info for a Degree in Logistics or Distribution

    Logistics, distribution and materials managers arrange the transportation of raw materials, supplies and finished goods through domestic and international transportation channels. Detail-oriented individuals with business knowledge and an interest in transportation can put their skills to use in logistics, distribution or materials management careers. Read on for more information on this career path.

Communications and Journalism ( View 25 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Broadcasting - Digital Communication Degree

    Degree programs in broadcasting or digital communication prepare enrollees to report, produce and deliver news. Students learn to gather information and broadcast it in television, radio or digital formats. With a degree in broadcasting or digital communication, you could work as a broadcast technician, news reporter or recording engineer, among various related occupations.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Communication Technology

    A degree or certificate program in communication technology teaches students the skills and knowledge to implement computer systems, networks and other tools for technological communication. Holders of a degree or certificate in communication technology might find work as network systems administrators, database administrators, computer support specialists or related workers.

  • Career Info for a Degree in General Technical & Business Writing

    Technical and business writing is a specialized type of writing that is typically geared for work in science, business and technology. A degree in general technical and business writing provides a foundation for careers that utilize communication, research and writing skills.

  • Career Info for a Multimedia & Digital Communications Degree

    Degree programs in multimedia and digital communications prepare students to use communications technologies in a variety of careers and settings. Graduates might find employment as film and video editors, broadcast engineers or website designers - just to name a few opportunities.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Animation

    In the digital age, visual storytelling and communication are accomplished through the use of computers to create animated characters, interesting graphics and realistic special effects. Graduates of degree programs in animation, video graphics and special effects often go on create digital worlds and interactive media as animators, graphic designers or art directors.

Computer Sciences ( View 25 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Computer Networking or Telecommunications Degree

    Individuals with a degree in computer networking or telecommunications might find employment as network systems and data communication analysts, computer systems analysts, network administrators or telecommunications analysts. Jobs in the networking or telecommunications industries generally involve designing and overseeing computer networks or telecommunications systems.

  • Career Info for a Computer Programming Degree

    Computer programming is generally a hands-on field. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Computer & Information Support Services

    Degrees in computer and information support services typically cover programming fundamentals, networking and computer information systems topics. Find out about career options, job growth and salary statistics for computer and information support program graduates.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Database Administration

    Degree and certificate programs relevant to database administration are designed to train students to maintain, analyze and market large electronic warehouses of data. Although database administrators are typically required to hold a bachelor's degree, some positions may only require an associate's degree if candidates can demonstrate sufficient work experience.

  • Career Info for a Degree in General Computer & Information Sciences

    The field of computer and information science encompasses computer design, use and function. A degree in this area can lead to a career as a computer scientist, computer software engineer, computer hardware engineer or computer programmer. Read on to learn more about these careers and available degree programs in computer and information science.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services ( View 11 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Baking & Pastry Arts Degree

    Baking and pastry arts is generally offered as a culinary school program with hands-on training. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career outlook and salary information for graduates.

  • Career Info for a Certification in Cosmetology or Related Services

    A license is a required credential for cosmetology and barbering professionals. Continue reading for an overview of the training and testing necessary for licensing, as well as job growth and salary info for a few career options for certified professionals.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Cosmetology

    Learn about careers in cosmetology, hair styling and manicuring. Research the job duties and the education and licensing requirements to make an informed decision about starting a cosmetology, hair styling or manicure career.

  • Career Info for a Degree in General Cooking & Culinary Arts

    Cooking can be a fun hobby or a rewarding profession. A degree in general cooking or culinary arts can provide the necessary skills to prepare food in a professional setting, whether working as a cook, pastry chef or baker.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Skin Care & Aesthetics

    Skin care and aesthetics are generally available as hands-on training programs. Continue reading for an overview of the training, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

Education ( View 26 Articles )
  • Beyond Teaching: New Ways for Teachers to Get Paid

    It's often suggested that those in the teaching profession don't receive fair financial compensation for all their hard work. New York City educator Dimity Kirwan has come up with a pretty unique solution to that problem: Beyond Teaching, an organization that connects teachers looking for extra work with parents who need qualified tutors and caregivers. Though her site just launched earlier this year, it's already started to help frustrated New York City educators and parents alike.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Educational Administration

    Educational administration or supervision programs prepare leaders to manage schools and school programs. A degree program in educational administration or supervision can offer people with proven experience in the educational industry a chance to work as instructional coordinators, principals or assistant principals.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Educational and Curriculum Supervision

    A master's degree program in educational and curriculum supervision prepares students to enter leadership and administrative positions in elementary, secondary and postsecondary academic institutions. A graduate of an educational and curriculum supervision degree program can consider career options such as instructional coordination or education administration.

  • Career Info for a Degree in General Special Education

    Special education teachers work with students who have unique needs and disabilities. A degree program in general special education can prepare future educators to work as special education teachers in primary or secondary schools.

  • Career Info for a Degree in School Counseling

    School counselor and guidance programs prepare graduates to advocate for students in a variety of educational settings, from elementary school through the secondary level. A school counselor works with teachers, administrators and parents to help children succeed academically, as well as develop emotionally and socially. Experienced counselors may further their education to the doctoral level in order to teach aspiring counselors at the college or university level.

Engineering ( View 52 Articles )
  • Architect Vs. Draftsman: What's the Difference?

    Architects and draftsmen can both work on construction projects and may work together. However, the two positions have different responsibilities, and they require different skills and educational backgrounds. Read on to find out how these jobs vary in duties, education and salary.

  • CAD Vs. AutoCAD: What's the Difference?

    CAD, or computer-aided design, uses computer technology to produce 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) images of architectural or industrial designs. AutoCAD is a brand name of CAD software. For more information about CAD and AutoCAD, read on.

  • Career Info for a Construction Engineering Technologies Degree

    Construction engineering technology degree programs focus on teaching students the technical and management skills used in construction projects. Individuals with a degree in this field can work as construction managers or cost estimators.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Computer Software & Media Applications

    Computer software and computer media application degree programs focus on developing products and improving processes to increase computer user productivity. A degree in either of these fields can lead to a career as a computer software applications developer or systems software developer. Continue reading to learn more about these careers and information about degree programs in the field.

  • Career Info for a Degree in General Surveying Engineering

    General surveying engineering, commonly known simply as surveying, refers to the applied science of measuring and mapping the Earth's surface. It is a traditional discipline that has evolved with advances in technology. A number of careers are available in this broad field, including surveying technician, surveyor and mapping technician, though the requirements vary according to position.

Legal ( View 14 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Degree in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

    For those interested in preventing crime and promoting public safety, a degree program in criminal justice, law enforcement or corrections can provide the necessary education and training. Graduates may pursue careers in probation or parole, law enforcement or corrections.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Legal Administrative Assisting

    Degrees in legal administrative assisting typically cover legal vocabulary, administrative support skills and communication skills. Find out about the curricula of these programs, and learn about career options, job growth and salary info for legal administrative assisting graduates.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Legal Research

    Legal research and professional studies degree programs can prepare individuals for careers in a number of settings, such as law offices, businesses and libraries. Some programs offer general training in subjects like legal systems, technology, homeland security or business law, while others provide career-specific instruction, such as paralegal studies, human resources management or library science.

  • Career Info for a Legal Administration & Law Enforcement Degree

    People interested in working as legal assistants, police officers or other jobs related to justice may wish to pursue a degree in legal administration or law enforcement. In legal administration and law enforcement degree programs, students may learn the foundations of law ethics, criminology, psychology and more.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Corrections, Probation and Parole

    A degree program in corrections, probation and parole teaches you about working with police and other security officers, practicing crowd control and learning how to prevent crime. People who have earned this degree can work as probation and parole officers, correctional services officers and bailiffs, among other options.

Liberal Arts and Humanities ( View 31 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

    English, psychology, political science and business, these are just some of the different majors that students can combine into a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary studies degree program. These programs allow self-directed students to mix and match subjects to create a customized course of study preparing students for careers in fields as varied as counseling, journalism or advertising, depending on their selected areas of study, work experience and level of educational attainment.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Theological or Religious Studies

    Theological, religious and ministerial studies degree programs offer both broad and concentrated teaching in different types of belief systems, cultural traditions and congregational or group leadership. People who've earned degrees in these topics can work in a number of professions, such as clergy members, professors of religion or news analysts. Read on for details about degree options and the possible careers available for graduates.

  • Career Info for a Liberal Arts Degree

    Degree programs in the liberal arts, humanities and general studies cover a wide range of topics, including literature, math, science and philosophy. Graduates of these degree programs may be prepared for careers in business, science, sales or management.

  • Career Info for a Pre-Theology & Pre-Ministerial Studies Degree

    Bachelor's programs that emphasize pre-theology or pre-ministerial topics can prepare students for graduate or seminary education. Students who go on to advanced studies in theology or the ministry can eventually find work as clergy members, religious activities directors or even professors of religion.

  • Career Info for a Social Services or Public Administration Degree

    A degree program in social services or public administration instructs students in a variety of subjects that prepare them for careers that serve the public good. Graduates of social services or public administration degree programs might enter social work or nonprofit management.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies ( View 24 Articles )
  • Cabinetmaking Career Information: Becoming a Cabinetmaker

    Research the requirements to become a cabinetmaker. Learn about the job description, and read the step-by-step process to start a career in cabinetmaking.

  • Career Info for a Construction Management Degree

    With a degree or certificate in construction management, carpentry or inspection, construction professionals are prepared to direct construction activities in jobs like cost estimator, construction manager or carpenter.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Avionics Repair & Maintenance

    Avionics repair and maintenance technicians play key roles in the safe operation of aircraft. They are responsible for the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of an aircraft's electronic equipment and systems. Employment in this field generally requires a combination of training, experience and certification.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Computer Installation & Repair

    Individuals who like computers and enjoy solving complex, intricate problems may consider a career in computer installation and repair. To gain training in this field, candidates may consider certificate or degree programs. Upon graduating, they can pursue a variety of professions, including computer repair, IT (information technology) support and computer systems administrator. Read on to learn career information for this field.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Electrical Repair & Maintenance

    Individuals interested in electronics may want to consider a career in electrical repair and maintenance. A degree or certificate in the field can open up a wide range of career opportunities.

Medical and Health Professions ( View 66 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Cardiovascular Technologies Degree

    Graduates of degree programs in cardiovascular technologies should be ready to work in career fields such as cardiovascular technology, vascular technology or cardiac sonography, among others. Most employers also require certification from a professional organization.

  • Career Info for a Clinical Laboratory Science Degree

    Clinical laboratory scientists learn about a patient's health from a blood, saliva or other bodily tissue samples. They use a wide variety of lab equipment and procedures to detect the presence of parasites, chemical buildup, foreign fluids or other abnormalities.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Alternative Medical Support Services

    Healthcare support workers who are interested in alternative medicine often benefit from receiving additional training in complementary and holistic therapies. These workers have the option of completing standard training in their field and then pursuing continuing education in alternative healthcare modalities.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Anesthesiologist Assisting

    Anesthesiologist assisting programs prepare individuals to work with anesthesiologists as part of a surgical team providing care to patients in clinical or surgery settings. Anesthesiologist assistants need to earn a degree and certification.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Clinical Laboratory Assisting

    Those who wish to pursue a health care job but prefer to remain in a lab rather than interact with patients may wish to pursue a degree or certificate in clinical lab assisting, sometimes referred to as clinical lab technology. Certification is not necessary to work as a clinical lab technician or technologist, but some states require these professionals to get licensed.

Other ( View 11 Articles )
  • Career Information for Non-Degree Programs, General

    If you are looking for a career that doesn't require a degree, there are various jobs available for those who complete certificate programs or pursue industry-specific certification. Some job titles you might hold include sales representative, childcare worker, manager or medical assistant. Read more about these career options and their requirements.

  • Career Information for a Bachelor Degree Program

    A Bachelor's degree is a four-year undergraduate academic degree, generally awarded for completion of a course of study at a college or university. In many careers, a bachelor's degree is the primary educational qualification demanded by employers.

  • Career Information for a Certificate Program

    If you're not interested in pursuing a degree but want to pursue a new career, an alternative is to enroll in a certificate program. People can complete certificate programs for careers such as caterer, hotel receptionist, network design engineer assistant and dental assistant. Read about these career options to see if one is right for you.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Curriculum or Instruction

    Degree programs in curriculum or instruction help prepare education professionals to use and evaluate curriculum and instruction tools for a range of students. In this degree program, individuals can learn about teaching materials, different students' educational needs and various educational subjects.

  • Career Information for a Degree or Certification in Basic Skills

    Learn how completing a basic skills program that leads to a GED or high school diploma can help you find a job in several fields, including, but not limited to, health care, the culinary arts or general maintenance for buildings, properties and businesses.

Physical Sciences ( View 9 Articles )
  • Career Info for a Degree in General Science & Technology

    Learn how a degree or certification in general science or technology can help you enter a career as a teacher, writer, reporter or HVAC technician. You can also research information on job opportunities and salary expectations in these career fields.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Radiological Science & Technologies

    Many workers earn a degree in radiological science and technologies to become radiologic technologists, although this degree program may prepare workers for careers in related radiological fields. Radiologic technologists use radiation imaging technology to take internal images of the body. Technologists prepare images in accordance with orders from physicians. Read on for career and degree information about this field.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Environmental Studies

    Environmental studies encompasses several academic disciplines in order to address environmental issues from multiple perspectives. A degree in environmental studies prepares workers for many career fields, including ecological studies, policy reform and conservationism. Some positions will be more available to those who hold graduate degrees within specific subfields.

  • Career Information for a Degree in General Physics

    Physicists study the fundamental laws of physical reality, usually engaging in laboratory research and experimentation or teaching the subject to high school or college students. A career in general physics entails extensive postsecondary education. Read on for more information about a career in this growing field

  • Career Information for a Degree in Natural Resource Management

    Natural resource management professionals create, plan, monitor, direct and evaluate programs that preserve the environment. Degree programs train students to work in the fields of resource conservation and environmental management.

Psychology ( View 5 Articles )
  • Career Information for a Degree in Behavioral Sciences

    Behavioral science is generally an interdisciplinary undergraduate major. Continue reading for an overview of the programs, as well as career and salary info for some career options for graduates.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Child Psychiatry

    Child psychiatrists are mental health professionals who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents. Like all psychiatrists, they are licensed physicians and can dispense medication and diagnose illnesses. They can work in outpatient or inpatient settings as well as behind the scenes in research capacities.

  • Career Information for a Degree in General Psychology

    Research general psychology career information. Learn about job options, duties, education and training requirements, and career prospects to make an informed decision about a career in general psychology.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Psychology

    Psychology students study human mental states, behaviors, motivations, learning patterns and emotional development. Graduates of a degree program in psychology might use their education to find employment in career fields such as counseling, psychology or social work.

  • Career Information for a Degree in Psychology and Human Behavior

    Research careers in psychology and human behavior. Learn about job duties, education and training requirements and career prospects to make an informed decision about a career in psychology and human behavior.

Transportation and Distribution ( View 2 Articles )
  • Career Information for a Degree in Transportation and Distribution

    Degree programs in Transportation and Distribution are for people who are interested in transportation, shipping and related systems. Graduates of a degree program in Transportation and Distribution are prepared to begin a variety of transportation related careers, including as transportation specialists, distribution managers or logistics managers. Read more here!

  • Career Information for an Aeronautics or Aviation Degree

    Aeronautics is the science of flight and of the design and manufacture of airplanes and helicopters. People interested in this field might be interested in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in aeronautics, aviation or aerospace science.

Visual and Performing Arts ( View 20 Articles )
  • Acting Career Information: Becoming an Actor or Actress

    Learn the steps for becoming an actor. Research the various education requirements, training information and experience required for starting a career in acting.

  • Artist Vs. Illustrator: What's the Difference?

    Technically, an illustrator is an artist. But there are many different types of artists, including illustrators. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of artists and illustrators that exist.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Cinematography & Film Production

    Cinematography and film production are two important aspects of a successful TV show or film. Individuals who are interested in the visual aspects of filmmaking may benefit from a degree or certificate program in cinematography or film production.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Interior Design

    Interior designers and decorators are responsible for the indoor appearance of a home or building's interior. Degree programs can help individuals stand out in the competitive fields of interior design and decorating, as well as prepare them for certification.

  • Career Info for a Degree in Musical Merchandising & Management

    Research career information for those who hold a degree in musical merchandising or management. Learn about requirements, as well as salary information, to make an informed decision about finding a career in musical merchandising and management.

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