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This category includes everything you need to know about the General Equivalency Development (GED) test. If you did not graduate from high school, this exam opens a world of career and education opportunities. The articles about the GED include an overview of the test, information on how to prepare for it, how to find a local testing center, what subjects are included on the test and how to earn your GED online.

A High School Diploma v. the GED

Passing the General Educational Development (GED) tests can result in a credential that's commonly considered equivalent to a high school diploma. However, the requirements are very different for receiving a GED credential and earning a high...

An Introduction to the GED

Adults who do not have a high school diploma may choose to pursue a GED. The GED Test is a series of exams used to assess knowledge and skills that are equivalent to a high school-level course of study. The GED credential is considered by many...

GED Algebra Exam: Training and Preparation Information

Algebra, the method of performing mathematical computation using variables, is a part of the general educational development (GED) exam. Read this article to find out more about the algebra component of the GED exam.

GED at Home: Home Study GED Options

Adults who did not graduate from high school may want to consider earning the General Educational Development (GED) credential, which is generally considered an equivalent to a high school diploma. There are home study options available for this...

GED Classes: Is taking a GED Prep Class Necessary?

If you're planning to take the General Educational Development (GED) tests, you'll need to study five subject areas: science, mathematics, reading, writing and social studies. While your state may not require you to take a formal GED class, the...

GED en Espanol: Tips for Spanish Speakers Taking the GED Test.

Pursuing the GED credential can be intimidating if English isn't your first language. Luckily the exams are offered in multiple other languages, including Spanish. Taking the GED in Spanish can lead to improved job opportunities and may open the...

GED FAQs: How is the GED Scored?

Passing the General Educational Development exam (GED) qualifies someone without a high school diploma for an equivalent credential. In most states and jurisdictions, test takers must score at least 410 on each of its five tests, and must earn a...

GED FAQs: How Is the GED Structured?

The basis of any good test preparation strategy is a comprehensive understanding of the test's structure. This article outlines how the GED is formatted and how much time you will have to complete each section.

GED FAQs: What if I Fail the GED?

Those who choose to take the GED typically do so because of the new personal and professional opportunities it will create, but what happens if you don't pass? Will your future plans be trumped right there and then? Read on to find out!

GED FAQs: What if I'm Not Happy With My GED Score?

You took the GED and passed, but aren't happy with your performance. While GED guidelines for retaking the exam are strict, it is not impossible! Read this article to learn what you must do to qualify for a retake!

GED FAQs: What Should I Expect On Test Day?

The day one takes the GED is stressful enough without worrying about what to expect. This article outlines a few test center procedures and discusses what you need to bring with you.

GED FAQs: Can I Take the GED from Home?

If you didn't finish high school, passing the General Educational Development (GED) test can allow you to obtain a credential that's equivalent to a high school diploma. It's not possible to take the official GED test at home or on the Internet;...

GED FAQs: How Do I Register for the GED?

The General Educational Development (GED) Test allows persons without a high school diploma to earn an equivalent credential, but each state set its own process, fees and requirements for registering for the exam. For example, Maine does not have...

GED Geometry Test Information

Geometry is a standard requirement for high school graduation. Those who do not earn a diploma but take the General Educational Development (GED) test instead must also demonstrate a knowledge of geometry. Continue reading below to learn more...

GED Literature Test: Information and Requirements

The General Educational Development exam gives individuals who have not graduated from high school the opportunity to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma. One of the four modules in the GED exam is Reasoning Through Language Arts, which...

GED Practice Test: Easy Ways to Practice the GED Test

Considering the General Educational Development (GED) exam? Be prepared! Read on to learn more about study materials for the GED test, including books, online resources and GED prep courses.

GED Preparation: Studying for the Math Section; The 5 R's

Preparing for the Math portion of the GED can be quite difficult; you must, after all, answer a number of different types or problems, each requiring different technique. While there is no standardized method for solving each problem, there is...

GED Preparation: Studying for the Reading Section; The SQ3r Method

It may be tempting not to prepare for the GED's reading portion. You are, after all, literate. Shouldn't that be enough? Unfortunately, there is a distinct difference between being able to read a passage and being able to truly understand what it...

GED Preparation: How to Study for the Essay Portion of the GED

While study techniques are relatively clear-cut for a subject such as math, preparing to take the essay portion of the GED requires a bit more consideration.

GED Preparation: Top 10 Study Tips!

One way someone without a high school diploma can obtain a secondary-school credential is to pass the General Educational Development (GED) examination. This comprehensive five-part exam tests skills in math, science, reading, writing and social...

GED Study Methods By Test Section

The GED was designed to let you demonstrate that you know enough to earn a high school equivalency diploma, so it is no big surprise that it's an incredibly diverse exam! Each of the five standard sections requires completely different studying...

GED Testing Centers: How do I find a GED Test Center Near Me?

Individuals without a high-school diploma may earn a high-school equivalency credential by taking the General Educational Development (GED) Exam. While this test must be taken at an official GED testing center, there are more than 3,400 testing...

GED Testing: What is the GED Test?

Taking the GED test can be beneficial to individuals who are looking to advance their careers or continue their schooling. If you're interested in seeking a college education and haven't completed high school, passing the GED test can provide a...

General Educational Development (G.E.D.): What is it?

Many Americans who did not earn a high school diploma may choose to take the General Educational Development (GED) test to improve their post-secondary and employment opportunities. The GED test is available in every state, and it is usually...

General Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.): An Overview

The General Educational Development credential, often referred to as the GED, is not a degree but an alternative to a high school diploma. It certifies that you have exemplified an academic knowledge equivalent to a recent high school graduate....

Good Enough Diploma (G.E.D.): What is this?

Although you may have heard the GED referred to as the Good Enough Diploma, the abbreviation actually stands for General Educational Development. If you pass the GED test, which is composed of five separate sections, you can receive your high...

High School GED: Online Options for the High School GED

The future holds many opportunities for individuals who have a GED. Some of the perks include a more fulfilling job, wage increase and future advancement. Read over this article to learn how to prepare for and even earn your GED online.

How Do I Get My GED?

Passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam leads to a high school equivalency credential that can open up opportunities for both employment and postsecondary study. Read on to learn how you can earn your GED.

How to get a GED: a Step-by-Step Process to Earn a GED

Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) exam leads to a high school equivalency credential for adult learners without a high school diploma. This GED credential can be used to pursue a college education or career...

How to Relieve GED Test Anxiety

A little nervous energy on the day of the GED exam is normal, but too much can be disasterous. Test anxiety forces some people to completely shut down, forgetting everything they studied and forcing them to accept a low or failing score. These...

Life After the GED: I Passed! Now What?

Congratulations on passing the GED! The high school equivalency credential that you've just earned can open up many professional and educational opportunities. Read on for ideas on where to go from here.

Online GED Classes vs. Traditional GED Classes

Can't decide on how to prepare for the General Educational Development exam? You have a choice of taking study courses online or preparing in a classroom setting.

Online Resources for Getting Your GED

The General Educational Development (GED) credential can be an important step to advancing in your career. An increasing number of employers require candidates to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Please read on to learn more about...

Online Test Prep Options for the GED Test

The General Educational Development (GED) test must be taken in person at an official testing center. While the GED test itself can't be taken online, there are several GED test prep materials, study guides and classes available on the Internet.

Should I Get My High School Diploma or GED?

Although passing the General Educational Development (GED) exam results in a high school equivalency credential, it doesn't always offer the same opportunities as a high school diploma. This article explores some of the differences between the...

Study for the GED Online: Bringing the Classroom Home!

Are you interested in taking the General Educational Development (GED) exam but can't attend in-person preparatory classes? Do you want to study at your own pace? If so, you may consider an online GED study program to prepare for this five-part...

Top 10 Things NOT to Do When Taking the GED!

The Internet is filled with page after page describing precisely what you should or should not do when taking or preparing for the GED. With so many tips and rules to abide by, it's easy to become overwhelmed and overlook something important....

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