Glossary of Associate's Degree Programs

This section contains original articles covering nearly every type of associate's degree program imaginable. In these articles you will find a description of the degree program, an overview of the required coursework, and relevant career information such as job outlook and salary information. Since there are several hundred articles in this section, please select a field of study you are interested in to find a more focused selection of associate degree articles.

Agriculture ( View 2 Articles )
  • Associate Degree in Animal Management

    Programs in animal management (also known as zoo animal technology) typically lead to associate degrees; however, the subject may receive coverage in an animal science bachelor's degree program. Through this program, students are prepared to provide care for, breed, manage and ensure proper housing environments for a wide array of animals.

  • Associate in Agribusiness: Degree Overview

    Agribusiness, which is also called agricultural business, deals with the operations of a farm as well as the processing and distribution of farm commodities. An associate's degree program in agribusiness is designed for students who want to work in agricultural production, farm management, agricultural equipment sales or a related field.

Architecture ( View 4 Articles )
  • Associate Degree in Landscaping Design

    An associate's degree program in landscaping design provides students with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge needed to enter a career in creating and executing landscape and horticulture designs. The program features courses on landscape equipment and gardening, and students learn to beautify outdoor spaces for businesses and residents.

  • Associate of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design: Degree Overview

    Those interested in interior architecture and design might consider a career in interior design. Interior designers strategize in designing inner places and areas of various structures, including airport stations, auditoriums, educational facilities, food establishments, lodging houses, residential dwellings, shopping centers, and workplaces. Aspirants may begin their career by pursuing a degree in interior design.

  • Associates Degree in Landscape Architecture: Program Information

    Landscape architects design outdoor spaces, such as parks, playgrounds and college campuses, as well as plan the restoration and conservation of natural areas like forests and wetlands. Landscape architects take advantage of local environmental conditions and create spaces that encourage common experiences.

  • Associates in Architecture: Degree Overview and Career Options

    Education in architecture at an associate degree level is commonly available through architectural engineering technology programs. Within architectural engineering technology associate degree programs, students learn numerous areas of construction, ethics in creating structures and computer-aided design (CAD) systems. Associate degree programs provide a foundation for those seeking education in the processes of architecture and for those who might wish to pursue their education.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences ( View 1 Articles )
  • Associate of Biotechnology: Degree Overview

    Biotechnology is a combination of biology and technology that uses cells and molecules to find solutions to human and environmental problems. An associate's degree program in biotechnology can prepare students for entry-level careers in laboratories.

Business ( View 172 Articles )
  • AAS in Administrative Support: Degree Overview

    Learn about associate's degree programs in administrative support technology. Get information on education prerequisites, course requirements and career options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • AAS in Business Administration - Finance: Degree Overview

    Learn about Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration programs with finance concentration options. Get information on courses, career options and continuing education programs in order to make an informed decision about your education.

  • AAS in Business Administration: Degree Overview

    Students can learn skills and gain knowledge in general business and accounting through earning an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration. Completing a program allows students to become prepared for careers in the business-management field.

  • AAS in Business Information Systems: Degree Overview

    Learn about Associate in Applied Science degree programs covering business information systems. Get information on degree types, coursework, advanced programs and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • AAS in Hospitality Management: Degree Overview

    Associate of Applied Science programs in hospitality management can give students the opportunity to learn skills in customer service, decision making and event planning. Graduates can typically find employment with restaurants, hotels or resorts.

Communications and Journalism ( View 39 Articles )
  • AAS in Digital Media Communications: Degree Overview

    The field of digital media communications uses various methods to produce a broad range of media, including entertainment, art and graphic design. An associate's degree in digital media communications can prepare a graduate for entry-level positions in the industry.

  • Associate Degree in Advertising: Program Information

    Associate's degree programs in advertising are rare. However, those who have an interest in the field of advertising should consider associate's degree programs in advertising art. Completion of these programs may lead to careers in advertising illustration. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Associate Degree in Digital Media: Program Information

    The growth of the Internet and new applications for video are creating an expanding set of employment opportunities in digital media. Associate's degree programs in digital media train students in digital video and Web editing technology. Creativity, a talent for visual composition and technical aptitude are desirable qualities for those entering the field.

  • Associate Degree in English: Program Information

    Those interested in English, literature and writing may consider earning an associate degree in English. English associate's degree programs are typically 2-year programs offered through community and junior colleges.

  • Associate Degree in Journalism: Program Information

    An Associate of Arts in Journalism program provides guidance to individuals wanting to pursue a career in journalism, media and communications. Students gain knowledge of the media market and learn communication skills, as well as journalistic approaches. Graduates have several career paths to choose from such as editor, reporter, news anchor or writer.

Computer Sciences ( View 147 Articles )
  • AA in Computer Information Systems: Degree Overview

    An individual interested in working in information technology (IT) may choose to purse an Associate in Arts in Computer Information Systems, which can lead to entry-level positions in the field. These programs can cover basic concepts in both the software and hardware of computers.

  • AAS in Computer Information Systems: Degree Overview

    An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Computer Information Systems degree program can prepare students for entry-level employment within the information technology (IT) field. Graduates of such degree programs may go on to earn certification or pursue continuing education options at the bachelor's degree level and, eventually, the graduate level.

  • AAS in Computer Network Operations: Degree Overview

    Learn about Associate of Applied Science in Computer Network Operations degree programs. Get information on courses, career options and continuing education information to make an informed decision about your education.

  • AAS in Computer Web Development: Degree Overview

    The associate's degree program in computer Web development is available to individuals seeking careers in Web page design and network development. Graduates may apply the training they receive in this program to many areas of business, such as e-commerce, Web maintenance and Internet programming.

  • AAS in Computer Wireless Networking: Degree Overview

    Wireless networking is almost everywhere in the world; therefore, technicians are needed to install and maintain networking infrastructures. An Associate in Applied Science in Computer Wireless Networking program trains students in network servers, operating systems, network media installation and troubleshooting.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services ( View 13 Articles )
  • AAS in Accelerated Culinary Arts: Degree Overview

    Associate of Applied Science programs in accelerated culinary arts give students the opportunity to complete associate's degree programs in a shorter period of time. Students develop skills in the art and science of cooking, while acquiring basic business management knowledge.

  • Associate Degree in Cosmetology Business: Program Information

    Cosmetology business is the study of managing organizations and outfits that specialize in professional care for the hair, skin and nails. Business training is usually integrated into cosmetology programs that award either the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree.

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS): Baking and Pastry Degree Overview

    Students enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts program can learn techniques in bread making, cake decorating, pastry design and sugar art. Upon completion of the program, graduates are typically qualified for entry-level employment at bakeries, restaurants, hotels or food production companies.

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS): Culinary Arts Degree Overview

    An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts program incorporates training in cooking techniques and food safety with business and management training. These programs are offered through community colleges and technical or vocational schools.

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS): Culinary Arts Degree Program Overview

    Learn about Associate of Applied Science degree programs in culinary arts. Get information about course topics, career options and continuing education opportunities to make an informed decision about your education.

Education ( View 12 Articles )
  • Associate Degree Programs for Aspiring Preschool Teachers

    Preschool teachers instruct children until the age of five. Using play-based activities, they teach the beginning skills needed for reading, writing, science and social studies. Some preschool teachers find work with only a high school diploma, but associate degree programs in early childhood education are commonly available; some teaching positions require completion of such a program.

  • Associate Degree in Early Childhood Special Education

    An associate's degree program in early childhood special education can be a first step toward a career teaching children with disabilities. The Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education program allows graduates to become teacher's assistants for special needs preschoolers.

  • Associate Degree in Elementary Education: Program Overview

    People who are interested in teaching elementary school students but lack the resources to pursue a bachelor's degree can consider an associate's degree instead. Many schools offer associate's degree programs in education that allow learners to focus on the elementary school level.

  • Associate Degree in Library Science: Program Overview

    Most librarians are required to have a master's degree in library science before they can find employment in the field. However, some schools do offer associate's degree programs in library science to provide students with an introduction to the field and prepare them for further academic study or entry-level positions as library technicians.

  • Associate of Early Childhood Education (AECE): Degree Overview

    An Associate of Early Childhood Education degree program teaches students how children develop and how they can positively influence and aid the children's growth. Get information on the requirements, courses, and career prospects associated with this field to make an informed decision about your education.

Engineering ( View 60 Articles )
  • AAS in Electronic Engineering: Degree Overview

    At the associate's degree level, electronic engineering training is typically offered as part of an electronics engineering technology program. This program prepares students to join the workforce immediately upon graduating, in positions like electronics engineering technicians, or pursue further education in a related field.

  • AAS in Telecommunications Technology: Degree Overview

    To prepare for work in the growing field of telecommunications technology, individuals can earn an associate degree in this area. An Associate of Applied Science in Telecommunications Technology provides individuals with basic skills in the field and can prepare individuals for work in many areas of a telecommunications industry.

  • AS in Electronics Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

    Research Associate in Science in Electronics Engineering Technology programs. Get information about courses, career options and continuing education to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Architectural Building Engineering Technology Associate Degree

    Research associate degrees in architectural building engineering technology. Get information on requirements, courses and career options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Associate Degree in Applied Electrical Technology

    The A.A.S. in Electrical Technology program is designed for students seeking skills in electronic systems, circuitry and wiring. Graduates may acquire entry-level positions in industries such as automation, aerospace technology and robotics.

Legal ( View 55 Articles )
  • AAS in Civil Justice - Law Enforcement: Degree Overview

    Research associate's degrees in civil justice with an emphasis in law enforcement. Get information on requirements, courses and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • AAS in Legal Office E-ministration: Degree Overview

    Associate of Applied Science programs in legal office administration or office technology can provide students with the communication and technical skills they need to manage a law office. These programs are usually found at community colleges and emphasize computer literacy, administrative procedures and introductory legal studies.

  • AOS in Legal Office Administration: Degree Overview

    Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Legal Office Administration degree programs may not be readily available, but students can pursue an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Science in Legal Office Administration. These degree programs can offer office and law training designed to prepare students to carry out clerical work in professional legal settings.

  • AS in Corrections, Probation, & Parole: Degree Overview

    Research associate's degrees in corrections, probations and parole. Get information on requirements, courses and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Administration of Justice Associates Degree Program Overviews

    An Associate of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program provides students with a broad overview of the criminal justice and legal systems in place in the United States. It can prepare students for further study or for entry-level positions in the law enforcement or legal field.

Liberal Arts and Humanities ( View 27 Articles )
  • Associate Degree in Child Development: Program Summary

    Child development education programs include the study of the physical, emotional, language and behavioral development of infants, toddlers and school-aged children. Designed for future child care workers and educators, this 2-year degree program includes a practicum where students gain hands-on experience working with children of a variety of ages and educational needs.

  • Associate Degree in Christian Ministry: Program Information

    A student with an interest in ministry who would like to work in a church or a related setting might consider an associate degree program in Christian ministry. As a result of the program, students can develop a foundational understanding of what it means to lead a Christian life and provide Christian-centered service to others.

  • Associate Degree in History: Program Overview and Information

    History is a broad field that encompasses the holistic study of civilizations and how they evolve and influence each other. It's usually interwoven with analogous disciplines such as geography, political science and economics. Students may attain an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in History in two years at a community college.

  • Associate Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Program Information

    An associate degree program in interdisciplinary studies can allow a student to create a degree plan that meets their future educational and career plans. Through such a degree program, students could have the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the arts and sciences.

  • Associate Degree in International Relations: Program Information

    Research associate degrees in international relations. Get information on requirements, courses and job options to make an informed decision about your education.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies ( View 26 Articles )
  • Associate Degree in Automotive Maintenance Technology

    For people who enjoy cars, working with their hands and solving problems, a career as an automotive technician may be a good fit. The first step on the career path is to get formal training in the field. An associate's degree in automotive maintenance technology can provide the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the automotive field.

  • Associate Degree in Aviation Mechanics

    Research aviation mechanics associate degree programs. Get information about courses, licensing options, requirements and job prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Associate Degree in Boat Mechanics

    Learn about associate degree programs that are designed for aspiring boat mechanics. Get information about types of degree programs, coursework, salary prospects and employment outlook to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Associate Degree in Boat Repair and Maintenance

    Associate's degree programs covering boat repair and maintenance may be available as programs in marine systems or marine technology. Students can prepare to install and service the mechanical components and electronic systems of commercial and recreational watercraft. Graduates may be employed as marine technicians, and may earn voluntary certifications to validate their skills.

  • Associate Degree in Cabinet Design Technology

    Individuals interested in learning to use hand and machine tools to build custom cabinets or architectural millwork might want to consider enrolling in a cabinet design technology associate's degree program. Graduates are equipped with the basic carpentry skills needed to take on entry-level careers in the woodworking field.

Medical and Health Professions ( View 155 Articles )
  • AAS in Clinical Medical Assisting: Degree Overview

    Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree programs in clinical medical assisting provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to work as qualified assistants in medical facilities. They also prepare students for professional certification. This article includes relevant career, education and salary information for those interested in becoming medical assistants.

  • AAS in Emergency Medical Services: Degree Overview

    An Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services prepares graduates to recognize and react to a broad spectrum of medical emergencies and to take the national certification exam as a paramedic. An associate degree also opens opportunities for career advancement.

  • AAS in Health Care Management: Degree Overview

    An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Health Care Management degree program is designed to help students prepare to work in entry-level office positions within the medical field. Students will typically learn basic office, technical and professional skills that are relevant to working in a medical setting.

  • AAS in Health Information Management: Degree Overview

    An Associate in Applied Science in Health Information Management program can explore topics such as ambulatory coding, medical terminology and technical report writing. Graduates of an Associate in Applied Science in Health Information Management program are prepared to maintain medical records within physician's offices, nursing facilities and outpatient care centers.

  • AAS in Healthcare Administration: Degree Overview

    Those who work in healthcare administration can find employment at numerous medical settings, including hospitals, clinics and home healthcare agencies. The Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration prepares students for jobs as health service managers or administrators so that they can support the business side of those medical facilities.

Other ( View 2 Articles )
  • ABS in Individualized Studies: Degree Overview

    Learn about degree programs in individualized studies, which might include business-focused courses or cover a wide range of other possible topics. Get information on courses and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Difference Between an Associate Degree and Bachelors Degree

    A bachelor's degree program is often an extension of an associate's degree program. A bachelor's degree program typically takes twice as long to complete and opens the graduate up to more possible career opportunities. This article details further differences between associate's and bachelor's degrees.

Physical Sciences ( View 3 Articles )
  • Associates Degree in Environmental Science: Program Overview

    An associate's degree in environmental science prepares students for entry-level positions or provides a foundation for further educational programs. Graduates may continue their studies in environmental policy or environmental science.

  • Associates in Wildlife Management: Degree Program Overview

    For people interested in maintenance, cultivation and protection of wildlife and natural resources, earning an associate's degree in wildlife management can open the doors to an entry-level career. Potential jobs include natural resource technician and conservationist.

  • Environmental Studies Associate Degree Program Information

    An associate's degree program in environmental studies explores the role of humans, animals, plant life and organisms on ecosystems and the environment. The curriculum examines wildlife conservation, botany, ecology and biology, and includes outdoor experiences where students work in watersheds, wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries. Graduates qualify for jobs in government agencies, environmental firms and a variety of other agencies.

Psychology ( View 3 Articles )
  • Associate of Arts (AA): Psychology Degree Overview

    An Associate of Arts in Psychology is typically an entry-level degree program. Students can use this degree as a stepping stone toward long-term goals in advanced education, or they can seek out entry-level employment working under the supervision of licensed psychologists. While completing the program, students can gain fundamental knowledge in behavior theories and explore the causes of abnormal and normal thought processes.

  • Associate's Degree in General Psychology: Program Overview

    Students with an interest in general psychology, which includes the study of abnormal behavior and concepts behind human development, can enroll in an associate's degree program in psychology. Students in these programs can learn to use both creative and critical thinking to apply theories of psychology to daily life.

  • Associates Degree in Behavioral Science: Program Overview

    Behavioral science is an academic study that examines human and animal behavior, as well as aspects of anthropology, psychology and other sciences. The Associate of Science is available in this field and can prepare graduates for entry-level social or behavioral science careers, as well as undergraduate degree programs in related areas.

Visual and Performing Arts ( View 45 Articles )
  • AS in Interactive & Graphic Art: Degree Overview

    Graphic and interactive art programs train students in traditional layout and publication design theories, as well as current technologies used in interactive designs, motion graphics and website design. An associate's degree prepares graduates for entry-level careers in Web design, digital publishing and graphic art.

  • Associate Degree in Art: Program Information

    Associate's degree programs in art provide a broad survey of the history and theories used in the creation of art in a variety of mediums. For more information about an associate's degree in art, read on.

  • Associate Degree in Music: Program Information

    Students interested in obtaining an associate's degree in the field of music have several options. Common areas of specialization include music performance and music business.

  • Associate in Advertising Design: Degree Overview

    Research advertising design associate's degree programs. Get information about courses, skills learned and career options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Associate in Applied Arts (AAA): Digital Graphic Arts Degree Overview

    Learn about degrees in digital graphic arts. Get information on associate's degrees, course requirements and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

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