Glossary of Bachelor's Degree Programs

This glossary of degree programs contains information about nearly every type of bachelor degree program offered in the United States. In these articles you will find a thorough description of the degree program, an overview of the skills you will attain, as well career and expected salary information. Please select a field of study to narrow in on a bachelor degree program that matches your interests.

Agriculture ( View 7 Articles )
  • Animal Science Major Requirements: Info for Prospective Students

    While veterinary science discusses the provision of medical care to animals, animal science is a subject typically devoted to the research of fauna for food production purposes. The most common degree in this field is a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. Most of these programs are offered at schools located in the southern, midwestern and western regions of the United States.

  • Animal Studies Major: Information and Requirements

    An animal studies degree program can lead to careers in a variety of industries, including veterinary medicine, agribusiness, agriculture, animal biology and food science. The most common type of degree offered at the undergraduate level is a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science.

  • Bachelor of Science in Ag Business

    A Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business can help individuals prepare for careers in agriculture and includes training in areas of management, finance and sales. Agriculture production concerns and basic business principles are covered in these programs, and students acquire the knowledge they need to pursue entry-level positions on the business or management side of this industry.

  • Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies: Program Overview

    Learn about the requirements and course topics for a bachelor's degree program in equine studies. Find out about career options, employment outlook and some of the certifications available to professionals in the equine industry.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science: Program Overview

    Most bachelor's degree programs in animal science provide students with a basic understanding of agribusiness, livestock culture and the preparation of animals for food production purposes. These programs are most commonly offered at schools near agricultural centers in southern and western regions of the country.

Architecture ( View 8 Articles )
  • Architectural Technology Bachelors Degree Program Overviews

    While traditionally offered at the associate's degree level, bachelor's degree programs in architectural technology do exist. Graduates of this degree program can find employment opportunities as architects' assistants, estimators, building inspectors and more.

  • Bachelor of Architecture Salary Info: What Do Graduates Earn?

    The salaries of workers who have earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree vary based on a number of factors. Read ahead to learn about these variants, as well as sample jobs and salaries.

  • Bachelor of Architecture: Degree Overview

    The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) is the first professional degree in architecture and can be a step towards building a career as an architect. These programs will help prepare individuals to qualify for licensure.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Architecture Degree Overview

    With a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Architecture degree, individuals will be qualified for entry-level employment in the field. A B.A. in Architecture will also put students on track for the professional degree they'll need to qualify for licensure and certification as an architect.

  • Bachelor of Environmental Design: Degree Program Options

    Environmental design programs prepare students for careers in historical preservation, green technologies and ecological project planning, among other specialties, which may, in some cases, include architecture. Design theory and drafting skills are covered, along with primary principles and practices of environmental design and architecture.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences ( View 22 Articles )
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Informatics: Degree Overview

    Biomedical informatics combines computer science and medical biology, and those who work in the field collect and analyze data that is vital to biomedicine. Bachelor's degree programs in biomedical informatics may be difficult to locate, as programs are typically offered at the graduate level, but students can find bachelor's degree programs in bioinformatics that feature similar courses.

  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior: Degree Program Overview

    A Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior is a collaborative major between two different departments, biology and psychology. Some schools have an added emphasis in neuroscience. The animal behavior major is designed to delve into animal biology, evolution and society.

  • Bachelor of Science in Bio Medical Technology

    Biomedical technologists work in hospitals and laboratories, analyzing samples in the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Interested students can earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biomedical Technology and often can choose from specialization tracks.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Bio Technology

    Research bio technology bachelor's degree programs. Get information about courses, requirements and job options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science: Program Information

    Bachelor's degree programs in Biological Science examine many areas of life science, such as microbiology, ecology and biochemistry. Many specializations and pre-professional programs are offered to provide a highly customizable degree program geared towards the individual student's future education and occupational goals. A doctorate degree is required to become a biological scientist, but many entry-level and technical jobs are available to graduates of a bachelor's degree program.

Business ( View 204 Articles )
  • Administrative Office Assistant Bachelor Degree Program Info

    Bachelor's degrees in office administration do not exist. Instead, those wishing to work in this field can pursue an associate's degree in office administration. This degree qualifies students for a number of entry-level positions.

  • Applied Management Major: Information and Requirements

    As a field of study, applied management concerns itself with effective and ethical organizational behavior, as well as the philosophy of business management. Individuals who want to pursue leadership positions in business may want to consider a bachelor's degree in applied management.

  • Average Starting Salary of a Finance Major

    Finance can be a lucrative and satisfying field for individuals who enjoy working with numbers and are interested in business management. Graduates of finance programs often find work in accounting, trading, and financial securities.

  • B.S. in Business with a Retail Management Concentration: Program Overview

    An individual seeking to open their own retail shop or manage an established retail business can benefit from a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business with a retail management concentration. In a retail management-centered B.S. in Business program, students learn strategies to maximize sales and effectively lead a retail business. Read on for a retail management degree program overview.

  • BA in Customer Service: Bachelors Degree Program Info

    Bachelor's degrees in customer service are rare. Instead, the most popular option for those wishing to work in customer service is an associate's degree, which can lead to bachelor's degrees in business or marketing.

Communications and Journalism ( View 69 Articles )
  • Advertising Vs. Marketing Majors: What's the Difference?

    Advertising and marketing are related majors with key differences. While advertising is a part of marketing, they are actually two distinct disciplines. The various majors available in marketing and advertising reflect these important differences.

  • Animation Major: Information and Requirements

    Completing a degree program in animation can prepare a student for an artistic career in television, film, print or electronic media. Some common degree programs offered in the field of animation include a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and Animation, and a Bachelor of Science in Animation and Visual Effects.

  • Audio Recording Major: Information and Requirements

    Audio recording refers to the various processes used to capture audio performances. Individuals with undergraduate degrees in audio recording can use their talents for the production of musical works and various other recordings. Bachelor's degrees in audio recording are primarily available through institutions with extensive music departments.

  • Bachelor in Organizational Management Communications: Program Info

    Programs at the undergraduate level focus on organizational communication - the change that communication has on structure and change - rather than on organizational management. While these programs don't specifically focus on management, they commonly include management courses as part of the curriculum.

  • Bachelor of Advertising: Degree Overview

    Students interested in careers where they'll promote and sell products, services or brands may pursue a bachelor's degree in advertising. Advertising programs typically prepare students for entry-level careers in advertising, marketing, public relations or related fields.

Computer Sciences ( View 89 Articles )
  • BBA in Telecommunications Management: Degree Overview

    Businesses today are dependent on the latest technology in order to be competitive in the market. An important part of companies may be telecommunications and information technology. Those who are interested in learning about business and computer systems may want to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • BS in Computer Networking & Security: Degree Overview

    Research computer networking and security bachelor's degrees. Get information about courses, certifications and job prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • BS in Electronics & Information Security: Degree Overview

    Research bachelor's degrees in information security and electronics technology. Learn about courses, career prospects and salary to make an informed decision about your education.

  • BS in Information Technology Management: Degree Overview

    A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management program provides students with the knowledge to excel in technology and business, anticipate emerging trends, lead organizations and transform innovation into success. Students learn how to align business management strategy with smart technology.

  • BS in Network Design & Administration: Degree Overview

    Bachelor's training in network design and administration provides students with the skills to plan, install, manage, troubleshoot technical projects in addition to being able to document usage. Network administrators hold vital positions in today's computer-driven economy.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services ( View 13 Articles )
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Culinary Arts Degree Overview

    A Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts program prepares individuals for work in food preparation and service. Graduates of this degree have an in-depth understanding of food service principles and culinary arts.

  • Bachelor of Baking & Pastry Arts: Degree Overview

    Students who have a knack for working in the kitchen and creating delicious desserts may be interested in a career in baking or pastry arts. A bachelor's degree program in baking and pastry arts can prepare students for work within a restaurant, grocery store or bakery.

  • Bachelor of Baking & Pastry Arts: Management Degree Overview

    Research bachelor's degrees in baking and pastry arts management. Learn about courses, career prospects and salary to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management: Degree Overview

    A bachelor's degree program in culinary arts management prepares individuals for supervisory positions in the food service industry. Graduates are trained to work as catering and events managers, kitchen managers and dining room managers; they may also run their own restaurants.

  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts: Degree Overview

    Bachelor's degree programs in culinary arts provide students with essential practice and knowledge in culinary methods and business skills. Individuals can obtain a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts. Students who acquire a bachelor's degree in culinary arts are prepared for a career in the restaurant business or in food research.

Education ( View 16 Articles )
  • BS in Elementary Education: Degree Overview

    A bachelor's degree program in elementary education provides students with the basic knowledge and pedagogy skills to teach young children. Students take liberal arts courses, examine teaching techniques and complete an internship to qualify for licensure.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Coaching: Program Information

    Bachelor's degree programs in athletic coaching education primarily teach students about various coaching methods and theories, along with the significant role coaches tend to play in the community and the science involved in coaching. Students considering this degree program are typically passionate about sports and have a desire to develop school athletic programs.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education: Program Information

    Bachelor's degree programs in early childhood education train students in the pedagogical techniques and broad knowledge used in early childhood education instruction. Graduates of the program are prepared for professional careers in day care centers, elementary schools, recreational centers and national Head Start educational programs.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Instructional Design: Program Overview

    Learn about bachelor's degrees in instructional design. Get information on requirements, courses and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor's Degree in K-12 Education: Program Summaries

    Bachelor's degree programs in education are available for those interested in teaching students in kindergarten through high school. These programs are usually broken down into three categories, including elementary, middle and secondary school. To begin a teaching career, graduates of bachelor's degree programs in education must attain state certification or licensure.

Engineering ( View 69 Articles )
  • Architectural Building Engineering Technology Bachelor Degree

    Architectural building engineering technology programs combine aesthetics with technical aspects of building design. Bachelor's degree programs in this field can prepare students for careers as architectural or building engineering technicians.

  • Architectural Design Major: Information and Requirements

    A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design can help prepare students for a career as an architect, urban planner or interior designer. In this program, students learn the technical skills needed to design buildings as well as the history of architecture. Graduates will need additional schooling and training before becoming licensed architects.

  • BA in Avionic Engineering: Bachelors Program Overviews

    There are no Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in avionic engineering; however, engineering programs in avionics and related fields award Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. Those earning a degree in avionics learn how to test, troubleshoot and repair flight systems used in aircraft. Some programs also cover spacecraft.

  • BA in Component Engineering: Bachelors Degree Program Info

    While Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Component Engineering are not typically available, aspiring component engineers have several educational options. Because component engineering is focused on machines, the study of other engineering fields, like electrical engineering, can be appropriate preparation for careers in this field.

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology: Degree Overview

    Mechanical engineering technology may be of interest to individuals who are mechanically inclined and enjoy working with robots, engines or machines. Earning a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology could lead students to design and manufacturing positions in the field, or it could prepare them for graduate studies.

Legal ( View 48 Articles )
  • BS in Criminology & Criminal Justice: Degree Overview

    Criminology and criminal justice programs offer studies in criminal and deviant behavior, as well as government response to such behavior. A Bachelor of Science in Criminology or Criminal Justice can lead to careers in law enforcement, security and human services.

  • BS in Homeland Security & Public Safety: Degree Overview

    Individuals interested in a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety degree will learn how to protect the public from terrorist attacks, restore and manage public safety and handle large scale crisis situations such as natural disasters. This degree may allow individuals to seek careers in public safety and security, law enforcement or emergency management.

  • BSLS Degree Program: Info for Aspiring Legal Studies Students

    A Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (BSLS) program offers a solid foundation for individuals interested in the law, legal system or government. Students who successfully complete this education are prepared for careers as legal assistants and may also go on to become lawyers.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Criminal Justice Degree Overview

    Bachelor of Arts degree programs in criminal justice enable students to explore the judicial process, theories of criminology and aspects of law enforcement. Graduates can begin careers in corrections departments, legal offices or community organizations.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Legal Studies Degree Overview

    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree programs in legal studies are geared toward the business student who desires an increased understanding of the principles of law related to the business environment. A degree in legal studies can assist students in obtaining an entry-level business job or it can serve as a pre-law program for those wishing to pursue a law school degree in the future.

Liberal Arts and Humanities ( View 58 Articles )
  • Archaeology Major: Information and Requirements

    Archaeology is the study of ancient human civilizations and cultures. Although archaeology degrees are generally offered at the graduate level, baccalaureate programs are available and include a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology degree program.

  • BS in Business - Public Administration: Degree Overview

    Public administration specializations are available through Bachelor of Science in Business and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs. A public administration specialization provides students with a background in public bureaucracy and administration processes.

  • Bachelor Degrees in the Humanities

    Research humanities bachelor's degree programs. Get information about courses, concentrations and job prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor Degrees in the Social Sciences

    Learn about bachelor's degrees in social sciences. Get information about course requirements and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor in Sports and Recreation Management: Degree Overview

    Sports and recreation management is the comprehensive study of athletics in collegiate, professional, business and recreational contexts. Interested students can obtain either a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sports and Recreation Management at a university.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies ( View 14 Articles )
  • Bachelor of Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration: Degree Overview

    Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration programs teach students the practical applications of these technical systems. Those who graduate from bachelor's degree programs in this area become adept at installing, maintaining and repairing related climate-control technology and can pursue any necessary licensure.

  • Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Technology

    Learn about the curriculum and training for a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace technology. Find out about the employment outlook, career choices and continuing education options for professionals in this field.

  • Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering: Program Info

    The field of welding engineering is an emerging subdiscipline of engineering focused on design, manufacturing and joining processes. Though rarely available, several colleges throughout the United States offer a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering program.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Airplane Mechanics

    Learn about degrees in airplane mechanics. Get information on associate's and bachelor's degrees, course requirements and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Automobile Maintenance Technology

    A bachelor's degree in automobile maintenance technology prepares students to work in several automotive industries while showing them how to work on modern, high-tech automobiles. While enrolled, students may learn about both the technical and the management aspects of the industry. While there are several undergraduate options for formal training, a bachelor's degree may prove to be a necessary advantage when it comes to looking for a job.

Medical and Health Professions ( View 123 Articles )
  • Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Majors: What's the Difference?

    Athletic training and sports medicine majors differ in the degree level in which they're offered and other aspects. Students can major in athletic training at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. However, many athletic trainers are required to have a master's degree to qualify for some positions. The National Athletic Trainers' Association says that almost 70% of trainers hold a master's degree.

  • BA in Medical Office Management: Bachelors Degree Information

    Those with bachelor's degrees in medical administration are eligible for mid-level office management positions in hospitals, clinics and private practices. Technological competency, insurance processing familiarity and general medical knowledge are key for succeeding in this profession. A few degree types are available; read on to learn more about all baccalaureate options.

  • BBA in Healthcare Administration: Degree Overview

    Research Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in healthcare administration. Get information on courses and career options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • BBA in Healthcare Management: Degree Overview

    Research bachelor's degrees in healthcare management. Get information on requirements, courses and career options to make an informed decision about available education options.

  • BS in Business - Health Care Management: Degree Overview

    Earning a BSBA with a focus in health care management prepares workers for supervisory positions within health care organizations and medical facilities. The degree program examines how management, marketing and finance principles are used in the medical industry. Students learn about health care administrative practices, government regulations and medical care procedures.

Other ( View 9 Articles )
  • Average Salary With A Bachelor's Degree

    It is difficult to be precise in stating what a graduate with a bachelor's degree may expect concerning salary. Salaries depend upon the discipline of the bachelor's degree, the job position and years of experience.

  • Bachelor Degree Completion Programs

    Individuals wishing to make a career change or finish a bachelor's degree may enroll in a bachelor's degree completion program. Programs are offered in many fields of study.

  • Best Bachelor's Degrees for an Entry-Level Job

    Your degree matters - there are a few fields that lead to a disproportionate number of entry-level jobs. We crunched the numbers and identified the fields with the largest number of jobs for recent grads.

  • How Many Years Does IT Take to Finish a Bachelors Degree?

    Bachelor's degrees are structured so students taking a full course load can complete the degree requirements in four years, though some professional bachelor's degrees in accounting and architecture may add a fifth year of study. A few programs are structured for shorter completion.

  • Post-Bachelor Certificate Program Information

    Post-bachelor's certificates are pursued by a variety of professionals who do not want to devote two to three years to earning a graduate degree. Many graduate schools offer post-bachelor's certificate programs.

Physical Sciences ( View 16 Articles )
  • Bachelor of Science (BS): Math and Physics Degree Overview

    Individuals interested in both mathematics and physics can study both topics in interdisciplinary programs like a Bachelor of Science in Math and Physics. Students may pursue bachelor's degrees in math or in physics as separate options, but combination programs are also available.

  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource MGMT

    Learn about the curriculum of a bachelor's degree program in natural resource management, as well as some of the available specializations, such as fisheries biology. Find out about popular career choices and continuing education at the graduate level.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Conservationism

    Research bachelor's degrees in conservationism. Learn about courses, potential careers and certification options to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Protection and Conservation

    Bachelor's degree programs specifically titled environmental protection and conservation are not likely to exist, but many schools offer relevant degree programs that cover these areas, under different naming conventions. These programs train students to lessen the impact human civilization has on the environment and to restore ecosystems. Graduates might enter careers in environmental health science, resource management or forestry, or pursue one of many available advanced degrees in the field.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Forest Sciences: Program Summaries

    Learn about the requirements and courses for a bachelor's degree in the forest sciences. Find out about career choices, continuing education and certification options.

Psychology ( View 17 Articles )
  • Abnormal Psychology Major: Information and Requirements

    Abnormal psychology concerns the study of mental and emotional disorders that affect behavior and moods. While colleges and universities typically do not offer an abnormal psychology major, courses in abnormal psychology are common in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in psychology. However, some Ph.D. programs allow students to concentrate in abnormal psychology.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Behavioral Science Degree Overview

    Research Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science programs. Get information about requirements, courses and career prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Psychology Degree Overview

    Individuals in the field of psychology study human behavior and the mind. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology educates students in the fundamental areas of the field while exposing them to basic principles in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. A bachelor's degree can lead to careers in social services, counseling, human services or community relations.

  • Bachelor of Clinical Psychology: Degree Program Overview

    Practice as a clinical psychologist requires a doctoral degree; however, most Bachelor of Arts in Psychology programs offer concentrations or coursework in clinical psychology. Undergraduate clinical psychology degrees and coursework focus on development and mental health.

  • Bachelor of Science (BS): Behavioral Science Degree Overview

    A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Behavioral Science program can prepare students for a multitude of careers in educational, industrial and social industries. Behavioral science is a broad major that comprises many disciplines and focuses, such as psychology and sociology.

Transportation and Distribution ( View 6 Articles )
  • Aeronautics Major: Information and Requirements

    Aeronautics majors are intended for students interested in the field of aviation. While enrolled in an aeronautics program, students learn skills relevant to careers ranging from designing aeronautic equipment to ground support and flying aircrafts.

  • Air Transportation Major: Information and Requirements

    Several schools offer bachelor's degree majors in air transportation management and administration for students aspiring to enter a career in air traffic control, air transportation logistics or airline management. Some programs concentrate studies on physics and engineering principles, while others may focus on management in the air transportation industry.

  • Aviation Technology Bachelor's Degree Program Overview

    Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology may become professional airline pilots, aircraft maintenance specialists or air traffic controllers. Many graduates go on to careers in the military or certification programs for career advancement.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautic Science

    Bachelor's degree programs in aeronautic science can prepare students for careers as pilots. These 4-year programs include classroom instruction as well as time spent flying aircraft.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Transportation: Program Overview

    Students earning a bachelor's degree can focus their studies on airline, freight or maritime transportation. Many undergraduate programs provide an overview of logistics, shipping regulations, security, terminal management and admiralty law. In the workforce, transportation majors can apply their skills as managers, consultants or administrative specialists.

Visual and Performing Arts ( View 66 Articles )
  • Advertising Design Bachelor's Degree Program Information

    Advertising design programs at the bachelor's degree level may vary in their key concentrations. Although there are some differences, several principles are similar among all advertising design programs.

  • Art & Design Bachelors Degree Program Information

    There are two major types of bachelor's degree programs in art and design. The most common is the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design. This degree may have a number of different focuses. A much less common program is the Bachelor of Science in Art and Design. This degree focuses on architecture.

  • Art History Major: Information and Requirements

    Art history majors study how such things as history, culture and politics affect the producing of art. Earning a bachelor's degree in art history positions one to work in a number of art-related jobs. Graduates can also advance their opportunities for research and study abroad by going on to graduate school.

  • Associate Degree in Fine Arts: Program Overview and Information

    Students who have an interest in art can pursue an associate degree program in fine arts. Students may use their creative talent and imagination to expand their skills and express their thoughts and feelings by creating both traditional and non-traditional works of art. This article profiles the topics covered in a fine arts associate degree program.

  • Associate Degree in Music Business: Program Information

    Music business is the study of how music is produced, published, marketed and consumed. Musicians with an interest in this aspect of their field may attain an Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) at an accredited music college in two years.

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