Glossary of Career Education Programs

Many young adults have an idea of what type of career they would like, but they are unsure of the educational requirements needed to secure it. The Glossary of Career Education Programs includes information on the educational requirements for specific jobs and careers, including architects, biologists or a social worker.. Each article includes a detailed description of the career, required coursework and skills for obtaining that job, as well as an economic forecast, career outlook and salary information.

Agriculture ( View 337 Articles )
  • Ag Mechanics Career Options and Requirements

    As farming output increases so does the demand for new and improved farming technology and machinery. Accordingly, the field of agricultural or ag mechanics includes aspects of farm machinery engineering, sales and service. Below are three career options and corresponding requirements for prospective candidates considering a career in ag mechanics.

  • Agricultural Arts: Education and Career Information

    Careers in agriculture, sometimes called the agricultural arts, are varied. Workers may find entry-level positions as agricultural inspectors with a high school degree and relevant work experience. They may also obtain a bachelor's degree and become agricultural educators.

  • Agricultural Business Degree and Career Information

    Agricultural business programs teach students how to manage farms, nurseries and ranches. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available in the field. Students who complete these programs are prepared for careers in agricultural corporations, supply firms and government agencies.

  • Agricultural Consultant Education Requirements and Career Options

    Learn about a career as an agricultural consultant. Research the job duties as well as the education, training and certification requirements to make an informed decision about starting a career in agricultural consulting.

  • Agricultural Economist: Job Description, Duties and Salary

    Agricultural economists examine data and statistics to identify trends and make predictions for the agricultural market. These professionals can work in a variety of agricultural sectors and often perform their own research.

Architecture ( View 96 Articles )
  • Alternative Career Choices for Architects: An Overview of Options

    People trained as architects can choose another career path related to their skills. The training acquired through an architecture-based education can be applied to a number of different non-architecture based job titles. Some career choices include construction manager, urban planner and graphic designer.

  • Architect: Educational Requirements and Career Summary

    For individuals who look at a falling-down building and see possibilities, or dream of seeing their own designs soaring toward the sky, a career as an architect might be the right choice. Read on to learn about the degrees available and licensure requirements for individuals who want a career in architecture.

  • Architect: Educational Requirements for Architects

    Architects design buildings that are safe, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. State requirements mandate individuals wishing to become architects must complete a college degree program in architecture. The common educational paths include 5-year bachelor's programs and master's programs.

  • Architect: Overview for Starting a Career in Architecture

    Architects design places such as buildings, complexes and other structures. They must earn degrees, complete training periods and pass competency examinations in order to earn licenses to practice professionally.

  • Architectural Project Coordinator: Job Description, Duties and Outlook

    Architectural project coordinators review and prepare drawings and estimates for building or landscape designs. They must coordinate with engineers, planners, and architects to ensure that plans and designs adhere to federal and state regulations.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences ( View 394 Articles )
  • ASCP Analyst: Job Description, Duties and Outlook

    An Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) analyst is a business operations analyst with specific expertise in a series of Internet-based supply chain management platforms created exclusively by Oracle, an information technology company. Many entry-level analyst positions may require at least a bachelor's degree rich in quantitative courses such as math and computer science.

  • ASCP Certification Requirements and Information

    The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) offers over 20 professional certifications for pathologist's assistants, laboratory technicians and technologists. In California and New York, ASCP certification qualifies some technicians and technologists for state licensure. The certification requirements vary by category, but all include a combination of education, training and experience.

  • Anatomy and Physiology Coursework Overview

    Coursework in anatomy and physiology covers a broad spectrum of topics related to the composition, structure and function of living things. Classes can be found in programs ranging from undergraduate degrees through post-graduate studies.

  • Anatomy and Physiology Instructor: Job Description and Requirements

    Anatomy and physiology instructors guide college students in the study of the structure and function of the human body. Instructors typically earn a postgraduate degree in biological science and gain teaching experience prior to seeking a full-time or tenured professor position.

  • Anatomy Vs. Physiology: What's the Difference?

    Anatomy and physiology are often taught together in the same course or adjacently within a degree program. Although they are similar and related, the two fields are inherently different. Read below to find out more.

Business ( View 754 Articles )
  • Accident Prevention Education and Training Programs

    All types of industries and work activities, even our homes, are sites of accidents. As such, there are many degree programs available that specialize in accident prevention education. Many offer industry-specific safety training.

  • Account Management Training and Education Options

    Account executives typically manage and evaluate the public relations, sales, marketing and advertising needs of a business's personal and corporate accounts. Training and education programs can be found at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels. Typically, the most useful field of study is business administration and marketing.

  • Accounting Auditor: Education Requirements and Career Info

    Auditors are accountants who specialize in the process of evaluating financial statements on the part of a business, government or individual to ensure the statements are accurate and the correct accounting methods are being utilized. Some auditors work for government agencies, while others work for various companies. Generally, a bachelor's degree in accounting is required to work as an auditor, and certifications within the specialty can benefit job-seekers.

  • Accounting Executive: Job Description and Education Requirements

    Accounting executives manage accounting and financial departments, assign special projects and report budgetary issues to top-level executive committees. Completion of a bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement to become an accounting executive; however, many accounting executives at more prestigious firms possess a Master of Business Administration.

  • Accounting Information Systems Degree Program Info

    Degree programs that combine the subjects of accounting and information systems are primarily designed for students who wish to study and develop advanced technological systems to store accounting information. One such degree is a Master of Accounting and Information Systems.

Communications and Journalism ( View 517 Articles )
  • 3D Animation Degree and Course Information

    A bachelor's degree program in animation equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on a career in the expanding field of animation and 3D animation. Online programs are a great resource for students interested in distance learning.

  • Academic Editor: Career Description and Education Requirements

    From college papers to professional books and journals, an academic editor polishes an author's work, correcting typographical errors and grammatical mistakes as well as content errors that hinder the flow of the reading. He or she may also be responsible for editing a collection of writing as for a journal or book.

  • Accent Reduction Coaching: Training Program Information

    Accent reduction programs are available through colleges and universities. They may be offered through extension programs, language centers, communication disorder centers, speech and hearing departments or similar departments. These programs are typically non-credit but may result in conferral of a certificate of completion.

  • Ad Trafficker: Job Description, Duties and Salary

    Ad traffickers submit and upload advertisements to broadcast, print, or Internet advertising venues. They also track the progress of advertising campaigns from conception to delivery by monitoring deadlines, billing, and advertisement scheduling and placement. Many ad traffic careers are Web-based and require specialized knowledge of Internet marketing techniques and technology.

  • Adult School Programs for Becoming a Media Reporter

    Media and News Reporters follow leads and write stories for newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. Good reporters must be persistent, resourceful, and willing to take risks to get the story.

Computer Sciences ( View 325 Articles )
  • Adobe Photoshop Training and Education Program Options

    Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program which is useful for professionals in multiple career fields that work with digital images, including graphic design, illustration, photography and photojournalism. While some training is available through Adobe certification programs, training in Adobe Photoshop can also be found through courses within degree programs in photography, photojournalism and graphic design.

  • Analyst and Application Designer: Job Description and Requirements

    With computers powering everything from the space program to the cell phone, there's an ongoing need for people who can create the software programs that run them. Analyst and application designers create all kinds of software, from massive business systems that manage all the functions of a corporation, to mobile phone applications, or 'apps'. Read on for more about this job and its requirements.

  • Application Developer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Application developers use programming languages and source code to create software that meets client requirements. Developers may work with multiple programming languages and operating systems. Requirements and duties vary for developers depending on employer or client needs.

  • Application Development Education and Training Program Info

    Application developers design and create software for computers, mobile devices and the Web. Education programs are available in application development at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as both degree and certificate programs.

  • Applied Computer Science Degree Program Overviews

    A degree program in computer science provides students with a foundational background in computer systems, hardware and software. However, a degree program in applied computer science teaches students how to apply this background to a specific computer-related career, such as software engineering or game design. Bachelor's and master's degrees are available in the field.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services ( View 227 Articles )
  • Aesthetician: How to Become an Aesthetician

    Learn how to become an aesthetician. Research the education requirements, licensure information and experience required for starting a career in aesthetics.

  • Air Brush Make-up Artist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Once used only by models, actors, and television personalities who wanted to look flawless on film, airbrush makeup has become more widely available and accessible to those outside of the entertainment and fashion industries. Airbrush makeup makes the skin look smooth and nearly flawless and has grown in popularity among brides and others who want to look their best. Although at-home airbrush makeup tools are available, many people turn to professionals to ensure proper application.

  • Assistant Banquet Manager: Job Duties, Salary and Requirements

    An assistant banquet manager can work in restaurants, country clubs, hotels, universities, convention centers, or catering companies. In this supervisory position, you may be in charge of leading kitchen workers and servers. An affinity for customer service combined with managerial skills and food preparation knowledge can lead to a career in banquet management.

  • Bakery Department Manager: Duties, Outlook and Salary

    Bakery department managers oversee a supermarket's bakery section and help staff the store's team of professional bakers. The manager is responsible for directing the entire department, from managing all staff members to coordinating the preparation of food items for sale.

  • Baking and Pastry Arts Degree Program Information

    Baking and pastry chefs are responsible for making cakes, pies, breads and desserts for restaurants, catering companies, bakeries and similar institutions. Aspiring chefs who seek a degree in the field may enroll in an associate's or a bachelor's degree in baking and pastry arts.

Education ( View 359 Articles )
  • Academic Advisor: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Academic advisors help students to recognize and achieve their educational goals, primarily at the postsecondary level. They help students to examine school programs, recognize their academic strengths and select a major. They also work closely with professors and other university administrators and stay up-to-date on program changes.

  • Accessibility Coordinator: Job Description, Duties and Outlook

    Learn how to become an accessibility coordinator. Research education requirements and training you will need to start a career in the accessibility field.

  • Adapted PE Certificates: Information for PE Teachers

    Adapted physical education (PE) teachers design and teach games, sports and activities to those developmentally challenged students who cannot take part in regular physical education courses. Those individuals who hold a bachelor's degree in physical education as well as a teaching license can enroll in an adapted PE certificate program to learn the skills necessary excel in the role.

  • Adjunct Professor: Job Description and Education Requirements

    Adjunct professors are part-time, non-salaried faculty members of a college, university or other postsecondary school. While most adjunct faculty typically have earned a graduate degree, some community colleges or technical schools accept candidates with a bachelor's degree and several years of postsecondary teaching experience.

  • Admission Officer: Job Duties, Career Requirements and Salary

    Admission officers typically work for postsecondary educational institutions; however, they may work for any school or group that has an admission process. Their job duties include serving as a source of information for potential applicants and helping them with the admissions process.

Engineering ( View 509 Articles )
  • Accounting System Analysis Education and Training Program Info

    An accounting system analyst develops and designs accounting systems for a client's business or personal needs. In order to design and program accounting systems, most accounting system analysts pursue bachelor's degrees or higher in accounting information systems.

  • Advanced Process Control Engineer: Job Description and Requirements

    Making an industrial production process as efficient and standardized as possible is the goal of an advanced process control engineer. These engineers work in all manufacturing sectors, using sophisticated software and chemical-engineering techniques to optimize production processes. They may also be known as industrial engineers or process engineers.

  • Aeronautical Engineer: Educational Requirements

    A division of aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering focuses on applying physics, mathematics and other disciplines to build aircraft. Aspiring aeronautical engineers may consider majoring in aeronautical or aerospace engineering. Read on to learn more about the educational programs, courses and requirements.

  • Aeronautical Engineering Degree Program Information

    Students aspiring to study aerospace engineering can do so at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. The majority of programs are intensively hands-on, campus-based endeavors that prepare students for careers in aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineers use principles of mathematics, physics, science and engineering to design, construct and test various types of aircraft.

  • Aerospace Engineer: Job Description, Duties and Outlook

    Aerospace engineers can develop control systems for jet fighters, analyze new materials for spacecraft construction and research propulsion methods for missiles. These experts in mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics and aerodynamics are involved in creating and producing helicopters, military and commercial aircraft, rockets and space exploration craft. The outlook is good for aerospace engineers with collaborative engineering tool knowledge.

Legal ( View 551 Articles )
  • 911 Operator: Career Information and Requirements

    Individuals responsible for handling incoming calls for police, fire and ambulance assistance and assessing the caller's needs are called 911 operators or emergency dispatchers. Dispatchers work in a high-energy environment and must be able to make quick decisions while communicating with callers who are in an emergency.

  • Adjudications Officer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Adjudications officers, also known as administrative law judges, hearing officers or simply adjudicators, are legal professionals who work for government agencies, including the U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security and Agriculture. Adjudicators may also work for other levels of government, including state and local agencies.

  • Adjudicator Training and Degree Program Information

    Research adjudicator training and degree programs. Get information about courses, requirements and job prospects to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Adjudicator: Job Description, Duties and Salary

    Adjudicators preside over, judge and help arbitrate legal disputes pertaining to government issues and program eligibility. They determine the appropriate course of action for claims and settlements. Many adjudicators have advanced degrees and experience working as a lawyer.

  • Administration of Justice Career Options and Requirements

    Administration of justice careers are found in all components of the criminal legal system including law enforcement, the courts, corrections and forensic science. Requirements vary by job. A high school diploma may be sufficient for one career path while a college degree in addition to many years of relevant work experience may be required for another.

Liberal Arts and Humanities ( View 367 Articles )
  • Activities Coordinator Certification and Degree Program Information

    Activities coordinators, also known as activities directors, implement, oversee and conduct recreational, physical and individual activities programs for individuals in assisted-living facilities, such as nursing homes or adult day care centers. Coordinators initiate protocols, utilize community resources and organize individual or group events. Others pursue restorative and therapeutic occupations as recreational therapists.

  • Adoption Caseworker: Job Description and Education Requirements

    Adoption caseworkers make arrangements to place children with parents who want to permanently adopt them. Caseworkers assess the needs of both the adoptive parents and children through consultations, home studies, and post-placement visits. Individuals interested in this career must complete bachelor's and master's degree programs before becoming licensed.

  • Adoption Social Worker: Job Description, Outlook and Duties

    Some social workers specialize in adoption, which is the process of placing children who have been legally separated from their birth parents with a new family. Adoption social workers may facilitate a domestic or international adoption, which requires an understanding of the legal requirements for each case they handle.

  • Adult Education in Early Childhood Development: Program Summary

    Early childhood development teachers, or pre-school teachers, work to help children start their academic careers with the right mindset. If you want to learn more about adult education child development programs, this article is an excellent starting point.

  • African American History Degree Program Overviews

    African American history, also known as black history, is a major component of the academic field of African American studies. It is the part of American history dealing specifically with the American descendants of the African continent. While there are very few degree programs devoted specifically to African American history, students may choose to earn a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree in African American studies with a focus on history.

Mechanic and Repair Technologies ( View 465 Articles )
  • Adult Education Programs in Audio & Sound System Technology

    If you are interested in a career in the recording industry, the Audio and Sound System Technology program may be for you. Sound technicians learn to use technology and equipment to produce high quality recordings.

  • Aerospace Machining Education and Training Program Information

    In the career industry of aerospace machining, professional technicians develop, repair and model aircraft components. They work to maintain, inspect, calibrate and control aircrafts for optimum performance in flight. Degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels offer classroom instruction and job training in aviation science and aerospace engineering.

  • Aerospace Technology Degree Program Information

    Aerospace technology is a field that concerns itself with the technical side of aerospace missions as opposed to flight training or maintenance management. Degrees in aerospace technology are found at the associate degree and bachelor's degree levels.

  • Aerospace Welder: Salary, Duties and Outlook

    Aerospace welders work on equipment and technology found in airplanes, space shuttles and similar structures. The job requires skilled workers and, as such, pays a little more than average welding tasks. This can also lead to more favorable job opportunities for aerospace welders.

  • Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic: Job Description and Requirements

    Air conditioning equipment mechanics are a part of the group of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technicians that install, maintain and repair air conditioning systems. This profession requires a lot of hands-on work and some manual labor.

Medical and Health Professions ( View 1375 Articles )
  • 911 Emergency Dispatcher: Required Skills, Duties and Responsibilities

    911 emergency dispatchers often are the first people contacted when emergency assistance is needed. They might work at call centers, police stations, fire stations or hospitals.

  • A.L.F. Administration Training Programs and Requirements

    Assisted living facility (ALF) administrators manage the daily operations of residential care homes. Training programs intended to prepare individuals for certification in the field are available in some states, and study in assisted living administration topics is also available through various certificate and degree programs in long-term care, some of which are discussed in this article.

  • Accelerated CNA Program Information and Requirements

    Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work under the direct supervision of registered nurses or other medical professionals to provide care to patients in healthcare facilities. Individuals who have experience working as a nursing assistant, but who still need to complete additional training in order to gain licensure, can enroll in an accelerated CNA certificate program.

  • Accelerated LPN to RN Nursing Program Overviews

    LPN to RN nursing programs are designed to provide licensed practicing nurses (LPNs) with the educational credentials necessary to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and gain licensure as registered nurses (RNs). An accelerated LPN to RN degree program can be completed in fewer semesters than a traditional LPN to RN program.

  • Accredited Massage Schools and Colleges: How to Choose

    Massage schools teach students how to rub and knead patients' muscles and skin to increase relaxation and flexibility. Before selecting a massage school, prospective students should research each school's program accreditation, curriculum, time investment and cost.

Other ( View 22 Articles )
  • A&P Mechanic Training and Education Program Overviews

    Airframe and powerplant mechanics, also called A&P mechanics, study aviation maintenance technology to work for airlines, contractors and aeronautics manufacturers. Training for A&P mechanics ranges from landing gear to communication systems. Programs prepare students for the Federal Aviation Administration certification and are available at certificate to bachelor's degree levels.

  • A&P Mechanic: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    An airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanic is an airplane mechanic who repairs and services every part and system in an airplane except the instruments. An A&P mechanic must meet the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) standards and comply with FAA regulations to be authorized to work on airplanes.

  • Applied Science Degree Program Information by Specialization

    Applied science degree programs are available in many different fields. Read on for information about specific specializations, courses, and career information to make an informed decision about your education.

  • Atmospheric Scientist: Job Duties, Outlook and Salary

    Atmospheric scientists work for private companies, universities, television stations, and government agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Depending on what they do, atmospheric scientists may work as climatologists, environmental meteorologists, physical meteorologists, or operational meteorologists.

  • Be a Substation Technician's Apprentice: Training Info and Requirements

    A substation technician apprentice assists substation technicians in maintaining, repairing and installing substations, circuit breakers and related electrical equipment. While no specific academic degree is required, an apprentice applicant may need electrical experience.

Physical Sciences ( View 138 Articles )
  • Acoustic Science Degree and Certificate Program Information

    Acoustic science is the study of the production, distribution and effects of sound waves on the human ear and hearing; it can be applied to several different areas of science and design. Most programs that teach acoustic science are at the graduate level; a student interested in the field may want to pursue a master's degree in a related subject, such as music technology, architectural acoustics or mechanical engineering.

  • Analytical Chemist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Analytical chemists examine chemical compounds to determine their construction. Their services are employed by pharmaceutical and environmental companies, among others. The job requires at least a bachelor's degree in chemistry. A master's degree or Ph.D. can improve an analytical chemist's job prospects.

  • Arborist Degree and Training Program Information

    There are few traditional academic degree or certificate programs for arborists. Most arborists receive training on-the-job from tree care companies or other employers in programs that last as little as a month or up to three years. However, independent training is available from a number of schools for arborists who are planning to earn a professional certification.

  • Arborist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Arborists specialize in raising, maintaining and removing trees. Those interested in this vocation may consider an apprenticeship under a licensed arborist prior to attaining their own license. Prospective arborists may also choose voluntary certification or bachelor's degree programs. Learn more about these options below.

  • Astrophysics Degree Program Information by Level

    Read about astrophysics degree programs. Learn about course topics, career choices, employment outlook and continuing education for those interested in teaching.

Psychology ( View 152 Articles )
  • Abnormal Psychology Degree Program Overviews

    While there aren't any degree programs in abnormal psychology, it's a usually part of the psychology curricula at the bachelor's and master's degree levels; doctoral students may focus their research on abnormal psychology as well. While a Master of Science in Psychology is sufficient for some job opportunities, individuals interested in clinical and private practice must earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology or Doctor of Psychology.

  • Adolescent Counseling Degree Program Information

    Adolescent counselors provide support services to children who have problems with mental health disorders, school issues, trauma or addiction. In order to become a licensed professional counselor, a master's degree in counseling or psychology is generally required.

  • Adolescent Psychology Degree Program Overviews

    Adolescent psychology is a concentration area offered in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in psychology. Bachelor's programs offer students the basic skills needed in adolescent counseling. Master's degree programs in psychology prepare students to work with a diverse population of adolescents in a variety of settings. A doctoral degree program in psychology prepares students to take state examinations for clinical psychologist licensure and board certification.

  • Adolescent Psychology Training and Education Program Overviews

    Adolescent psychology training and education are found within programs in child and adolescent psychology, which is a specialty area of psychology. While coursework in this specialty is readily available in undergraduate and graduate psychology programs, specific training and certification in this area occurs at the doctorate degree level.

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Certification and Testing Requirements

    Certification is not required of all applied behavior analysis professionals. However, some individuals, such as teachers of autistic children, might be required to seek behavior analysis certification. Continue reading to learn about testing and requirements applied behavior analysis certification.

Transportation and Distribution ( View 148 Articles )
  • Aeronautical Management Education and Training Program Information

    Students with flight experience who are interested in aeronautical management can pursue a degree in aeronautical management or aviation management at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Programs typically stress management concepts related to both airline and airport management.

  • Aerospace Science Degree Program Information

    Students interested in studying aerospace science can obtain a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree in aerospace science and engineering. Aerospace engineers look at aircraft and flight from a practical, scientific, mathematical and physical standpoint. They employ scientific and engineering principles in design, construction and testing of aircraft.

  • Air Cargo Handler: Job Description and Education Requirements

    Air cargo handlers place luggage and other items on airplanes. Along with heavy lifting, this profession requires understanding the balance of a plane as it pertains to cargo.

  • Air Force Careers: Options and Requirements

    The United States Air Force (USAF) offers a multitude of career options for all types of candidates, from those who have only a high school education to doctors and attorneys. Positions are divided into three groups: enlisted persons, officers and healthcare workers.

  • Air Force Fighter Pilot: Duties, Requirements and Salary

    Air Force fighter pilots are highly specialized military officers and must be trained and educated to perform the complex duties of the job. They must be able to operate their aircraft effectively in order to complete tactical maneuvers.

Visual and Performing Arts ( View 389 Articles )
  • 3D Design Careers: Job Duties, Salary and Training Information

    3-D design is a broad artistic field used for a variety of projects. Possible careers include 3-D animator, 3-D graphic designer and Web designer. 3-D design is used by many industries, and employment demand is expected to increase.

  • 3D Graphic Design: Training Requirements and Career Information

    3D graphic designers are digital artists who create visual images to communicate messages to target audiences. These images may be in the form of illustrations, animation, photographs or text. 3D graphic designers are involved in the entire creative process from conceptualization and layout design through final development. They are employed in many industries.

  • Accessory Design Education and Training Program Information

    Designing belts, handbags, shoes and jewelry requires the skills of a specialized fashion designer called an accessory designer. Accessory designers need at the minimum an associate's degree and can pursue a bachelor's and even a master's degree.

  • Accessory Designer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

    Accessory designers create fashion additions, including bags, shoes and eyewear. They create sketches, choose materials and see items through the design and production process. This career often requires a postsecondary education and portfolio.

  • Acting Degree and Certificate Program Information

    Actors perform in stage, television and motion picture productions, as well as in a variety of audio and visual presentations. They may also work in cabarets and theme parks. Working as an actor requires reading scripts, memorizing lines, auditioning and rehearsing. Actors use their voice, body movements, facial expressions and timing to portray characters and communicate ideas. Certificates and undergraduate and graduate degrees are available. Read on to learn more.

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