Beauty & Salon Product Distribution: Job Options & Career Requirements

Beauty and salon product distribution is a broad field that encompasses everything from customer service and store clerks to sales representatives and corporate management. Education requirements vary depending on the job title; however, a high school diploma is generally needed for entry-level positions.

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Job Options for Beauty and Salon Product Distribution

Job options for those interested in the distribution of beauty and salon products vary widely. Entry-level warehouse personnel include inventory stockers, forklift operators, order pullers and delivery drivers. Supervisory positions include brand management, sales management, retail management, product development or communications and product promotion.

Those in brand or sales management may be responsible for creating a successful marketing campaign - from the development of brand and image, to building a sales team, to successfully marketing and distributing a product to salons and cosmetologists. Typically, these positions involve supervisory duties and managing other employees. Retail beauty supply distribution centers may employ a range of employees, such as sales people, cashiers and product educators. From inventory management to customer service or accounts receivable, a variety of positions fall under the umbrella of beauty product distribution.

Product developers work with research and development teams, suppliers and testers to ensure that a beauty product is developed successfully and is competitive in the market for which it is designed. Communications and promotions jobs include advertising, sales, direct marketing and public relations. These sales representative jobs often involve communicating directly with stores and other customers, or working to get the company's products before the public by attending trade shows. Representatives may be responsible for marketing to a territory or district, and work on a commission-only basis.

To provide some salary perspective, materials recording clerks, who fill an entry-level role, are reported to earn a median of $24,810 per year and are expected to see little to no change in job growth during the 2012-2022 decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in May 2012. Conversely, those in sales management earn a median annual income of $105,260 and are projected by the BLS to see an eight percent increase in jobs over the same period (

Education Requirements for Beauty and Salon Product Distribution

Education requirements vary widely in the beauty and salon product distribution field. At entry level, a high school degree may be all that is needed for warehouse and retail positions. Sales representatives would benefit from courses in cosmetology, consumer behavior and product presentation. Management positions may necessitate a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration or marketing.

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