Data Center Manager: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Data center managers supervise teams of employees in data centers that contain large amounts of computer hardware. Data center managers oversee maintenance, customer service and employee management, and may require training in several specific areas.

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Job Description for a Data Center Manager

Data center managers maintain and operate facilities that contain large numbers of computer systems, usually specifically including servers and networking appliances. Data center managers are often in a position of authority over other employees, and may perform some administrative and customer service tasks. They may also be responsible for maintaining and keeping an inventory of equipment.

Job Duties for a Data Center Manager

Data center managers are responsible for equipment maintenance tasks such as managing and installing custom upgrades for customers; replacing cables, components and accessories; maintaining records and drawing schematics of the center to detail what equipment is installed. Their customer support responsibilities might include escorting customers through the center on tours, responding to customer inquiries and coordinating with other organizations. Administrative duties might include scheduling employee shifts, planning for capacity changes, maintaining corporate databases and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Data Center Manager Education and Career Requirements

There is no industry-standard education requirement for data center managers. However, many employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor's degree in an area relating to computer science, Internet technology or facility management. Some employers prefer to hire applicants who have experience with specific types of computing or networking hardware and software. Training in areas such as Microsoft applications, Linux or Unix may be helpful for data center managers. Familiarity with HVAC systems or other physical infrastructure may also be required, depending on the employer.

Many employers prefer to hire data center managers who already have several years of experience working in large data centers. In lieu of this, some employers may hire those with significant experience with communication technology or with electrical and HVAC systems in general. Employers may also look for those with previous management experience.

Career Outlook and Salary Info

As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer and information systems managers are projected to see a 15% growth in employment from 2012-2022 ( An expected increase in the demand for wireless and mobile networks, cloud computing and cybersecurity will fuel this growth. The BLS further reports that computer and information systems managers were paid a median annual salary of $120,950 as of May 2012.

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