Entry-Level Jobs for a Marketing Major: Career Information

Marketing is the process of researching and identifying a market and positioning a product for success. New graduates in this field might join a team on a marketing or advertising campaign or work with a sales force. Internships completed along with a bachelor's degree are a key component of landing a first job in this profession.

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Common Entry-Level Jobs

As described by James H. Donnelly Jr. and J. Paul Peter in their textbook Marketing Management, some examples of positions a new marketing graduate might fill are as group members in an advertising or marketing campaign. Most early jobs in this career are conducted under the supervision of managers who develop a strategy or plan for the new employee to implement.

Examples of entry-level marketing jobs on include a marketing specialist who would become well-versed in a company's products and then work with salespeople to train, support and improve their approach and materials. A graduate could be hired in an administrative assistant capacity in a marketing or advertising department to position him or herself for advancement. Market research, customer service and sales roles also work to gain a foothold in this field.

Marketing Team Member

These individuals usually work under a marketing manager as part of a group assigned to the job of marketing a product or brand. Though sometimes marketing and advertising are mistaken as being the same thing, they are not. A marketing team works with product developers and upper-level management in a firm to discover a target market, set a price for, or think up the ideas which later go into advertising the product or brand name. Marketing managers and their teams work with various types of sales, promotions and advertising techniques to create a thriving product or brand.

Advertising Team Member

Advertising teams create catchy promotional campaigns via advertisement. These individuals have little to do with product developers or brand name creators and instead take the ideas of the marketing team and the target market data of the sales team to create memorable advertisements. Entry-level advertising positions listed on included assistant account coordinator, junior marketing and sales associate or event worker.

Nature of the Job

Marketing majors can expect odd hours, strict goals, and high stress throughout their careers, but especially during the entry-level phase. The marketing profession is very performance-oriented, and individuals just beginning their careers will need to prove themselves. Very stringent goals and high expectations are the norm, and the flexibility to adjust and correct problems under a deadline is needed.

Entry-Level Marketing Salary and Career Outlook

The pay rates of marketing professionals vary quite a bit depending upon such factors as level of education, experience, demonstrated performance and industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that market research analysts and marketing specialists earned annual median wages of $60,800 as of 2013. In the decade from 2012-2022, the BLS also predicts a 32% job growth for all market research analysts and marketing specialists. This is considered to be much faster than average employment growth compared to other occupations.

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