Health Services Administration Job Options, Salary and Requirements

Health services administration refers to the process of directing, supervising and planning the delivery of medical treatment to patients. Individuals working in health services administration must be comfortable with a range of professional duties that include government regulations, healthcare management and business administration.

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Job Options in Health Services Administration

Positions in health services administration have many different titles such as healthcare executive, health services manager and medical administrator. The overall responsibilities of a health services administrator vary based on the needs of individual employers. A health services administrator working in a private physician's practice might be in charge of clerical employees and billing issues. Larger healthcare facilities generally have many assistant administrators that oversee clinical departments, including surgery and nursing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that recent federal regulations requiring the electronic filing of patient records has led health services providers to hire health information management professionals (

Health Services Administration Salary Information

The wage expectations of health services managers exceed the national average for other occupations. Data from the BLS shows that medical and health services managers earned a mean annual wage worth $98,460 in May 2012. Pay rates vary substantially for health services administrators based on experience and responsibilities. In May 2012, medical and health services managers supervising general hospitals received a mean annual salary of $104,680, while pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturing firms paid these managers an annual mean wage of $142,210.

Earnings for medical and health services managers can also vary between geographic locations. The BLS reported that health services facilities in New York, California and Connecticut paid managers the highest mean annual wage in May 2012. Total employment in medical and health services management is expected to increase 22% from 2010-2020, according to the BLS.

Education Requirements for Health Services Administrators

Employers tend to seek health services managers with graduate education in areas related to medicine, such as public health and health sciences. In addition to knowledge of science and health, desirable candidates for health services administration jobs will also have formal education in management and finance.

Private and public universities offer master's and doctoral degree programs in health administration for prospective health service managers. Advanced education in health administration includes courses in organizational behavior, financial management and information systems. Students in graduate health administration programs often focus on specific areas including health demographics or gerontology.

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