Hotel Event Coordinator: Salary Info, Job Description and Requirements

Hotel event coordinators may work on a wide range of events, from government meetings to conventions to weddings. They have a great deal of responsibility and must be able to multi-task and handle stress.

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Hotel Event Coordinator Salary Information

According to, the salary range for an event coordinator as of November 2013 was typically between $24,589 and $51,309. For special event coordinators, the salary range was $25,809 to $53,375. During the same time, directors of events made between $38,377 and $100,696 per year. Because salaries are often based on commission, they vary greatly depending on the hotel the coordinator works for.

Hotel Event Coordinator Job Description

Hotel event coordinators oversee all the logistics of an event. They are responsible for ensuring that vendors perform their jobs adequately. Some such vendors include florists, caterers, musicians, videographers, photographers, cleaning professionals, landscapers and disc jockeys. Creating and managing a detailed budget is often a key component of event planning. When the client is a government organization, the coordinator must be aware of all applicable laws and ethics concerns.

Job Duties

Hotel event coordinators are responsible for producing an outline of the event's needs. This outline includes such details as meeting space, lodging for guests, food and drink accommodations, telecommunications, audio-visual needs and transportation. Event coordinators also draw up a contract for the client to sign, spelling out all of the details agreed upon.

When the event is over, the event coordinator may be responsible for measuring the success of the event, especially in the case of commercial or marketing events. One way to do this is to have attendees fill out surveys as they leave.

Hotel Event Coordinator Requirements

Educational Requirements

Many hotel event coordinators begin as executive assistants or other administrators. Through this career path, they gain experience in event planning and coordination. Others major in programs such as communications, business administration, marketing or hospitality management and hold bachelor's degrees. Some colleges offer bachelor's degree programs or master's degree programs in meetings management.


Certification in event coordinating is voluntary. The Convention Industry Council offers Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification. It requires a full-time position in the industry, a minimum of three years of experience and an examination.

The Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) offers certification to those who plan government meetings, with emphasis on cost-effectiveness. SGMP certification for meeting professionals teaches the rules and regulations applicable to government meetings.

Other Skills

Hotel event coordinators must have above average written and verbal communication skills, the ability to work well with people and organizational skills. Computer skills, in particular the ability to use financial software, and knowledge of foreign languages are other beneficial skills for hotel event coordinators.

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