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Hotel Front Desk Supervisor: Job Description, Requirements & Career Info

Front desk supervisors typically serve as the face of a hotel. They provide customers with a first and last impression as both greeters of new guests and well-wishers to departing ones. Hotel front desk supervisors must be friendly and outgoing and possess excellent communication skills.

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Job Description for a Hotel Front Desk Supervisor

These hotel employees oversee that guests are welcomed, registered into a hotel's computer system and assigned an appropriate room or suite. They also perform or delegate various tasks, such as making or confirming reservations, verifying and collecting guests' payments, issuing room keys and contacting housekeeping or maintenance when guests report a problem. Front desk supervisors must be resourceful, take ownership of problems and issues that arise and have excellent problem-solving skills.

In addition to managing the daily operations of the front desk, these supervisors provide hotel clerks with necessary training and support. They maintain all essential front desk equipment and supplies, as well as controlling guests' access to safe deposit boxes. Other responsibilities might include tracking and posting appropriate food, liquor or telephone charges to guests' accounts; completing bookkeeping duties, like balancing accounts and conducting nightly financial audits; and recording and referring patron comments and complaints to the appropriate hotel manager.

Education Information for Hotel Front Desk Supervisors

Although employees can prove their worth and rise through a hotel's management training program, most large, full-service hotel chains prefer to hire front desk supervisor applicants with a bachelor's degree in hotel or hospitality management, business or a related field. However, smaller hotel chains that offer fewer amenities might provide good employment prospects for applicants with ample relevant experience and a certificate or associate's degree in hotel, hospitality or restaurant management.

Helpful College Coursework

Useful courses for aspiring front desk supervisors include hotel administration, accounting, economics, housekeeping, food service management and hotel maintenance. Computer training is also vital due to the widespread use of computers to make reservations, track and prepare guest billing and maintain meticulous housekeeping and maintenance records. Colleges often offer undergraduate students internships or work-study opportunities as seasonal hotel help, which can lead to practical experience and useful connections within a hotel chain.

Salary and Career Information for Hotel Front Desk Supervisors

Although the size and location of a hotel or other lodging facility can affect the pay scale, lodging mangers could expect to make a median annual wage of $46,810 as of May 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Job opportunities in lodging management were expected to grow slower than average, at a rate of around eight percent, over the period 2010-2020, based on BLS statistics (www.bls.gov). For those seeking employment with prestigious luxury hotels, competition was expected to be intense. However, with the growth of tourism, the BLS forecast that many smaller, limited-service hotel chains would open, providing potential supervisors with new job opportunities.

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