Inventory Controller: Job Duties, Requirements and Career Information

Inventory control is a component of business operations that ensures an appropriate amount of supply without excess. Inventory control is often a component of logistics, supply chain, or production management and may be overseen by these managers. However, positions as inventory specialists and clerks are available with a range of organizations, from factories to hospitals.

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Inventory Control Specialist Job Duties

Inventory control specialists typically work in a warehouse. They collect data using a computerized system, which allows them to track various aspects of inventory. This data is used to calculate products and parts orders, to ensure that the proper amount of inventory is distributed at the right time. Additionally, specialists may track defective pieces of inventory, rates of return, rates of purchase, and rates of accuracy, in order to maintain and improve quality control. Inventory control specialists are also responsible for responding to sales inquiries, filing reports, managing employees, and providing creative solutions to discrepancies.


Many employers prefer to hire inventory control specialists who have a bachelor's degree in relevant areas, such as business or mathematics, though many positions are open to graduates with an associate's degree. Candidates are also required to be proficient in a computerized database or document system as well as office applications.

Career Information

According to, in July 2014, the salary for most inventory control supervisors was between $34,316 - $63,040 a year. also reported that inventory control managers earn between $35,586 - $74,965, as of July 2014. Individuals in these positions may advance to warehouse or operations managers as they accumulate experience.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that in 2013, there were 165,340 industrial production manager jobs in the country, including inventory control specialist positions, many of which were in manufacturing industries. The BLS expected that the employment of industrial production manager positions would decrease by two percent between 2012 and 2022.

Inventory Control Clerk Job Duties

Whereas internal control specialists have a hand in setting organizational procedures for inventory control, clerks are generally responsible for following them. Under the supervision of a manger, clerks record and maintain inventory lists, review paperwork and reports, check product codes, process shipping orders, and provide costumer service. Inventory control clerks also support their mangers by helping with administrative tasks, identifying discrepancies, and coming up solutions to problems.

Requirements reports that inventory control clerks are typically required to hold a high school diploma to qualify for most jobs. Some employers may prefer candidates with an associate's degree in business operations and at least a year of professional experience. Depending on the type of inventory being handled, inventory clerk positions may require good physical fitness and the ability to lift or stand for long periods of time. With experience, clerks have the opportunity to advance into higher positions, which allow for more creativity.

Career Information

As of July 2014, most basic inventory control clerks earned an annual salary of between $25,285 and $45,557, according to Some industries in which inventory control clerks may be employed include transportation and shipping, retail and wholesale, warehousing and logistics, and food manufacturing. The BLS projected that employment growth for stock clerks and order fillers would see little to no change from 2012-2022.

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